Tangled Love

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

'In this story, love is a mess.....people are tangled in love and want to untangle it.....
Let's untangle the mess together as we will find out the surprises and unexpected things that await us........'
I hope you like it........
fingers crossed!!!!

Table of Contents

Chapter - 1

It was about six in the morning when Kayna turned her alarm off. The bright sunshine crept in from the window. She had been awake last ni... Read Chapter

Chapter - 2

Rohan was running way too fast and Kayna sadly lagged behind. When she was completely drenched in sweat she didn't wait to tell him that ... Read Chapter

Chapter - 3

Kayna was mostly seen outside, peeping into classes, bullying kids, collecting the trending topics in school and what not. She was a perf... Read Chapter

Chapter - 4

- After a few months - . . . . . "You know what guys....I have a secret to tell you!!!" Darshan said nervously. "Of course... Read Chapter

Chapter - 5

"Haan toh?? Kaha tha meine and when did I say ki I don't want to try love it's just that I hate the thought of love and one cannot deny K... Read Chapter

Chapter - 6

And it was after that day, the entire group urged to bring Ria and Darshan together. They were trying all possible methods. Rohan was con... Read Chapter

Chapter - 7

-The next day – -Ria's side of the story- It was morning when I got up and was way too excited for my school. I had never even ... Read Chapter

Chapter - 8

The next period, he did sit with RIA. He didn't even think of doing it but because he had no other choice so he had to. Darshan's POV... Read Chapter

Chapter - 9

Lately, Darshan had been noticing changes in RIA's behavior. Like she would talk to him but most of the times kept quiet and kept herself... Read Chapter

Chapter - 10

In about fifteen minutes, Darshan and Kritika were standing right in front of the Malhotra Mansion. They rang the bell twice, which went ... Read Chapter

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