You Are Here: How To Get Unstuck When Life Throws You A Curve

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Health and Fitness  |  House: Booksie Classic

Tired of feeling depressed? Angry? Or just plain stuck?

If you’ve lost your joy and feel like you're treading water with no real direction or purpose, you're stranded somewhere within the stages of change and don't recognize it!

Based on the original five stages of grief, the cycle of change explores our experiences of loss and grief that happens periodically throughout our lives.

We grieve the loss of relationships, changes in employment, loss of opportunity, and threats to our comfort zones.

And while this cycle can be downright ugly, it is possible to move forward, reclaim your happiness, and build something new - maybe even (dare I say) better.

Understanding this cycle is the key to a future better than you could possibly imagine!

You Are Here will help you:

- Pinpoint the root of your unhappiness
- Uncover the denial that keeps you in an uncomfortable comfort zone
- Stop complaining like it's conversation and learn to vent in a productive way
- Use your anger as a geiger counter that locates the toxic areas of your life
- Set boundaries that keep you from compromising yourself and your values
- Advocate on behalf of your own happiness
- Face any addiction to food, drugs or alcohol with optimism and positivity
- Shed your sadness, a little more each day
- Silence that inner voice that says 'you can't, you'll fail, you're not enough'
- Set achievable goals to build the future you dream about
- Create lasting change that will support your ongoing happiness

With its conversational tone and easy-to-follow actionable advice, this short but actionable book will help you figure out where you are, see where you're stuck, and prepare to write a new chapter.

We'll walk through each stage together, discussing common pitfalls and actual exercises that will help you create positive change and a better life!

Table of Contents

A Little History

Written in 1969 by Swiss psychiatrist Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, the stages of grief originally referred to terminally ill patients and... Read Chapter

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