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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Got some inspiration from a previous story I wrote, Seed Painter. This is a bit more sci-fi, I guess. Anyway. Hope you enjoy!

Far away from the rest of the universe, past the newborn galaxies and even further away from the extension of expansion, foolish explorers found themselves among the corpses of immense beings. These beings were now only husks of their long-ago forgotten selves. Grey and shrivelled skin, hard tacky strings of hair, humanoid in form but actually something entirely different. The explorers and their tiny starship gazed upon one specific titan. This one reminded them of an art piece back at Sector IV, Leguni. The body had various holes they could pass through, but to the squad, the hollow eye sockets were the most appealing. As if they were shrunk and moving into a human body, so did they move through the eye socket, barely noticeable in front of the dark looming abyss reaching out from it. 
Inside they found a strange platform, with even stranger structures. The architecture of an alien empire. "This should be impossible," their captain thought, "No one could have travelled here so long ago." And it was true. Only when the universe's expansion reached a certain point could 
Space-rippers travel to this location. They clicked on their dark vision helmets, examining the pointy draconic spikes. Holes were scraped into it and blues and greens and reds were splashed all over.

The skull of the beast was huge, dark and seemingly empty. Where the brain should have been, only air was left, so they decided to explore the alien structure instead.
Jessie, the captain, told one of her crewmates, John, to stay in the ship to keep the engine warm, but also the Space-ripper core. "We might need a quick escape," she spoke seriously. The four remaining, including the captain, cautiously approached the spire. They powered up their pulse blasters and energy armour. Space demons were a common occurrence in uninhabited places.
The squad walked underneath the coloured arch into the large structure where more platforms spiralled up to the top and stairs flew down. Alexander queried, "This doesn't feel right Captain. We're inside a monster, inside a building that could contain more monsters, this could be a nest!"
"As long as we don't split up Lieutenant. We are more than capable of dealing with alien scum. Stay close." She took the lead and made way to the top of the spiral, keeping her blaster in front of her at all times. Nothing to find, living or inanimate. She then took them down. 
The roof was so high up, anything could be hiding there, but they pushed onward. 

Along the walls and stairs were red paint and slashes of sharp weapons. The building also had blaster scars, so much that even the captain thought it would be impossible for any singular demon to survive such an attack. This could potentially be cleared already. Deeper down, they witnessed ashes. Being destroyed by a blaster left ashy remains, but no blaster could disintegrate living matter wholly. What happened here inside the skull of a titan? Their heartbeat calmed a little for a long while they discovered nothing again.
When they reached the catacombs, things didn't become clearer. One thought they heard slinking across the walls and another across the roof. The captain urged the continuation of exploring. This was for the human race!
But from the monster's perspective, they were cruel and a menace to be dealt with. It followed them silently.

The squad found some kind of sanctum with an altar to something destroyed. They looked around, touched the surfaces, trying to understand why the aliens used all these different paints in their construction. 
Whispers could be heard inside their minds. Guttural and sloshy verbal sounds of an otherworldly language, "Gahth sosh glullen la gal. Minosh ug igenegosh ag binar..." It continued so long that they hadn't realized its dazing effect upon them. Visions appeared in the squad's mind. Visions of a masterful creation, full of expression and meaning. A divine man with his brush moulded reality. From the language, they could feel and experience the innermost workings of the being. They felt the sentimental value, the happiness and suddenly were grieved and utterly disappointed, heartbroken. The vision would have continued if not for the sudden crushing of Alexander's skull next to Jessie. The blood splashed nowhere but was absorbed but a large claw-like hand. Jessie screamed, releasing the others from the trance. She ran, but still aiming backwards, tried to shoot the huge muscular winged demon, multicoloured and dripping, melting almost. The thing tossed Alexander's body elsewhere and fixed its gaze upon the fleeing targets. The eyes were glowing red as the rest of the colours on it's painted body shifted between greens and reds and blues. It had unfinished legs, but the rest was perfectly created. With its wings, it dashed at the humans with impeccable speeds. It caught another, slicing him in half, absorbing the blood for the red pigment. The painted demon screeched in its divine tongue. Jessie shot one more laser, threw her blaster on the ground and pushed her hands against her ears. She ordered Kreia to do the same. They could not be hypnotised now. The duo managed to reach the top of the stairs, the monster vanished. Left them alone. When they wanted to get through the arch to the outside, it showed up right in front of them, slashing. Jessie ducked, but Kreia didn't expect the incoming slice and was annihilated. Jessie had enough time to get under through the monster's oozy unreal legs, being covered in paint. She ran to the starship, screaming, "John! John! Open up!" The starship's door opened and John heard the rage-speak. Inside his mind, he saw and felt violence and pain. It was horrible. His heartbeat increased and if not for Jessie, would have gotten a heart attack. She slapped him as she got in. Smashed the button to close the door and rushed to the cockpit. The painted demon bashed against the shuttle but the engines were too quick. The ship roared and zoomed off before it could break open the door.

The Space-ripper activated and charged a purple aura around the ship. In an instant, all matter was inversed and space itself tore passed the nothingness and rejoined in Sector XVII. They escaped.

Years passed and the unremovable paint on their starship is a grim reminder of the follies of man and their urge to explore the works of gods.

Submitted: May 24, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Dreaming Mango. All rights reserved.

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