Your Network is your Net Worth: The Irony - Lesson 2

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Every network connection is a transaction. No one determines to network with you any thing to gain from it.

Topic: Your Network is your Net worth: The Irony - Lesson 2
Let's continue from where we stopped last week.
You might have a lot of big names on your contact, in fact, you might not even be able to chat with them or communicate well with them, do you know why?
There is no meeting point between.
Most times we want to connect with every big names so we get the contact, but when we have it, we are either disappointed by their responses or we cannot even flow with them.
The real fact is this, nobody can decide to make you a friend without you making them as a friend. You choose your friends and not that your friends choose you.
Now my assignment for you today: 
Look at the list of all your friends and think through what made you become friends
Now the bottom line of this is that. For every of your friend, there is what is called a transaction
You are together because you are either adding up to them or they are adding up to you.
Every Connection is a transaction if not in kind, it could be to repay something or to gain something
When you see people networking with you then you have something they need.
So when you want to successfully network, you must possess what is needed by those you intend networking with.
Your self worth determines the frequency of your network.
So it's hard to communicate with those people even when you have their contact because your self worth is not sending enough frequency to tap into them.
You are stock of idea on what to discuss
People don't respond to your problems because you have the problems but because they see a value of communication in you.
I just hope am breaking this down well for you to comprehend
Your network will translate to zero if you are not on the same frequency.
So what brings your net worth is the value you posess that attracts your network.
I will end this next week, when I shall explain the basic principles of networking.
Note: it can take you 20 years just to build a self what that will attract the network to announce you in a single day.
You cannot substitute self development for networking
Process development cannot replace network frequency.
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Submitted: May 24, 2020

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