Your Network is your Net Worth: The Irony - Lesson 3

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No one will want to network with you without having a guarantee of your self worth. You disgrace your network without good self worth

*Moment Of Liberation*
*Topic- Your Network is your Net Worth: The Irony - Lesson 3*
Do you know that every one either directly or indirectly has their self esteem and worth to protect
So every network you think you have also have a self worth they are preserving.
No network will link you without certainty of the fact that you won't bring disrepute to their self worth
So, why you look at the array of connections of those you know, they look out for the credibility of your self worth.
When you don't have a self worth, you disgrace your network.
People at the top are afraid to network with people below. This is not because they cannot network with them, but they are protecting their self worth to avoid it bring tarnished by people below.
The way to tarnish self worth is when your network has no self worth and get disgraced.
Have you ever recommended someone for something before and the person fumbled? How do you feel? You know people no longer see the network, but the self worth of you that recommended the person. That is how it is.
Also, people below find it difficult to network with people at the top because, it takes time to build the quality that can make you be on the same frequency with those at the top. And most times, people below cannot go through the stages.
Hence people below network with people below and people at the top network with people at the top.
So network is indirectly a value chain of self worth.
Your value determines your network chain and then improves your net worth.
What is called net worth most times is not in cash or substance but in value and brand.
Your net worth is actually how much you worth outside your material and cash possession.
*I Teach Purpose*
*Living Legend*

Submitted: May 24, 2020

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