Wake and Bake

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Two young university students spend their days abusing marijuana; one morning, leading to an inevitable fate.

Wake and Bake


A broken pixel flickered unobtrusively in the top right corner of the TV screen. Ellery’s sullen eyes watched it idly as he laid across the bed, completely relaxed and shirtless. He had a young face with chocolate brown hair and a tall, slim frame. Dom sat opposite him on a chair, grinding up the last nugget of weed they had left. He was on the shorter side but looked older in the face, sort of what you would expect a tired, hard working person to look like. But he was not that. Neither of them were. They were usually short of weed on account of the amount they smoked and the budget they were working with. Ellery began to watch Dom as he sprinkled the weed into the paper. The early morning sun seeped through the blinds and caught it, as if it worshipped it as they did.

“Is there enough for two?” Ellery asked.

“Na” said Dom.

He took a piece of card and rolled a roach, squeezing it between his fingers before letting it expand. He placed it at the end of the paper and picked the whole thing up, rolling it with a casual precision. He ran his tongue along the edge of the paper and stuck it with one smooth brush of his fingers. He started to pack it down with the end of a pencil.

“Don’t pack it too much” Ellery said in a sulky manner.

“I won’t, fucking hell.”

“Yeah, well you did last time and you couldn’t even toke it properly.”

“Fucking chill out, it’s fine.”

“You should have just let me roll it.”

“I paid for more of it.”


Dom put the joint in his mouth and asked Ellery for a lighter. Ellery had one in his pocket but felt like kidding Dom. “Thought you had it.”

“Just give it.”

“Rock paper scissors for who gets to light it.”

“I rolled it.”

“You didn’t ask if I wanted to.”


A knock at Dom’s bedroom door prompts Ellery to sit up slightly. The door swings open and Dom’s housemate, Rebecca, is standing there.

“Hey, can you please not smoke in the house today? I’ve got someone coming to look at my room later.”

“Yeah. Why? Are you leaving?”

“Yeah. I got an offer for a paid internship from our second unit projects.”

“Oh. That’s sick.”


“Yeah, we’ll smoke outside.”

“Okay, they’ll be here at two, just so you know.”


She turned and closed the door behind her. They both stayed silent for a moment. All of a sudden, Dom felt entirely regretful. Ellery took the lighter out of his pocket and threw it to him.

“Should we go outside then?” Ellery asked.

Dom took a moment to respond. He felt an emptiness that he had long anticipated but somehow never expected to acknowledge.

“Yeah.” he replied.


Dom and Ellery stood outside in the morning sun. Dom took especially long tokes, trying to get as much of it into his lungs as he could. The sight of Ellery’s face began make him feel resentment. He couldn’t enjoy the usually euphoric, numbness that he was feeling. The birds outside started to sing.

Submitted: May 24, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Shay Kelly. All rights reserved.

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