The Cleaner

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

In a darkness of the night, a peculiar person roams the street. Wearing gasmask and backpack full of cleaning equipments, he provide a rather peculiar service that includes killing and cleaning. But tonight, a client requested something unusual.

Gasmask, box of disposable gloves, silenced handgun, and backpack full of equipments. The Cleaner roams the street for potential client, but he also take a job from calls too. As he starts to walk the route he often takes, an ordinary salaryman sits beside the dumpster. When he sees him, the salaryman stand up and quickly yet stumbly approach him.

"Are you the rumored Cleaner?" He asked, grabbing Cleaner by the arms and with a desperate look.

"Yes, how can i help you?" The Cleaner replied while removing the salaryman hands from his arms.

The salaryman properly stand up and begged "Please, please help me!"

"Of course, but it won't be free. Are you alright with that?"

"Yes, i don't mind. Please help me!"

After a few minutes walking to a proper conversation place, Cleaner begin asking "What do you need help with?"
"I need your help to kill two person. Can you do that?"
"No worries. Just provide their names, describe their appearance or if you have a picture you can show it to me. I can arrange their death without getting your name dirty and--" The salaryman interrupted Cleaner.
"No i mean. I need you to help me kill that two person."
"... Beg your pardon?"
"I'll give you their details. Then i need you to capture them so i can kill them myself." The salaryman said with intense look in his eyes.
"I see. This is a first for me. But i can easily arrange that."

The salaryman gave Cleaner the pictures. One is a female while the other is male. The female looks like she's around the same age of the salaryman, while the male is a fat man in mid 40s.
"I rarely ask my clients of what is their motive, because professionalism. But you're rather unusual with your commission, do you mind if you tell me why?"

"Oh, okay i don't mind. But please keep it a secret."

"Worry not, i respect my client's secrecy and whatnot."

"Thank you. You see, my wife... That woman on one of the picture, has been cheating on me behind my back for a year and never met her since. And the man on the other picture is my boss. He's the man that my wife been cheating with. And painfully, i'm also close to him. But it doesn't matter, i want them to die. And then i heard rumour of you while i'm drinking alone."

"I see. That's tough. I appreciate that you want to tell me your story. I rarely ask or get an insight of what my clients motives are. With that out of the way, i can arrange their kidnapping at the very least... 4 days from now."

"4 days? Okay, and how much is the payment?"

"This is a rather unusual commission, so i'm very much an alien to pricing this. But i'm willing to negotiate, 8 grands sounds good?"

"8 thousands?" The man contemplating, "Deal. 8 thousands is small matter to me in this state."

"I'm surprised you didn't negotiate for lower price. But i like clients like you. I'll be keeping these pictures, i will meet you accordingly once i've done the deed. You may go."

"You didn't ask me to pay upfront?"

"I tend to give my clients a prove first, then the payment. I learnt it makes my clients happier that way."

"Oh, okay. Thank you." Said the man as he took his leave.

"No, thank you." Cleaner mumbled. He then walked out of the alleyway, exhaled his breath then said "What a weird person, though it is undeniably interesting." And make his move.

4 days have passed, and The Cleaner has located his targets. Fortunately both targets are in the same place, they just finished from watching a movie. The wife is pregnant, which means it'll be an easier job for him to do. Though he still needs to be careful, he dislike having his targets damaged before their execution. After tailing them for a while, they walked into an alleyway. Perfect timing for him to get a jump on them.

He emerged from the shadow with sedative syringe in hand. In swift succession he injected the syringe on the man, the wife's surprised and decided to run for it. Though Cleaner did inject it on the man's neck, he still struggled and eventually pushed Cleaner back to leg it. Cleaner didn't mind it, instead he stood up, he patted his clothing and continued his merry way to them. A brief running after, the couple stumbled unto a police officer.

"Oh thank god! Please, sir! Help us!" Said the wife.

"Yes, what can i help you with?" The officer replied.

"There's... A person injected me with a syringe..." Said the man sluggishly explained.

"Are they chasing you two?" Said the officer.

"Yes! He's chasing us, please help us!" The wife still alarmed.

"Then come, i'll drive you to safety." Said the officer.

As they got inside the car, Cleaner walked out from the alleyway. He stared the officer with his gasmask as they drove off. The Cleaner then disapppeared into the shadows again. While on the road, the man slowly dozed off but the wife is still alarmed. The officer drove pass the police station, the wife dizzyingly asked "But the police station, you drove past it." But the officer stayed silent. They drove out from the city, the wife started banging on the bar that separated them, then hitting the window while screaming.

"Don't thrash too much, you need to stay calm." Said the officer while hearing her screaming and rebelling off from the backside. The wife tried to wake up the man but to no avail. They headed to the outskirts of the city, where forest looms on the side.

Cleaner stood alone near a ruin of bus station, now covered in vegetation of the forest. They stopped by him, and menacingly Cleaner walked over to the backside. The officer unlocked the door and swiftly Cleaner reached his hand inside to sedate the wife. Now with both sleeping, Cleaner led the way to an abandoned shack with metal door. The officer helped Cleaner on moving the body inside.

"So, how much this contract paid you?" The officer casually asked.

"More than what you can earn in 3 months." Cleaner scoffed.

"No need to rub it in twat. I can arrest you whenever y'know?"

"Then why don't you?"

"Well because you often helped me."

"That's a roundabout way to say that you're powerless against me."

"Dude shut up. I want half a grand for this."

"Yeah, yeah. Just move it."

They strapped the couple on flat tables. Cleaner turned on the lights and revealed collection of tools he used in his job. "Huh, are these new?" The officer asked and Cleaner replied by nodding. Cleaner checked the clock, then walked outside followed by the officer.

"So when is your client coming?" The officer asked.

"Anytime now. Relax, you'll get your payment. No need to be so rushy." Cleaner replied.

"Psh shut up, i'm being patience."

After waiting for half an hour, the client arrived. Before he can react to the officer, Cleaner explained to him that the officer is his ally and the client is safe. "I have prepared the targets inside this shack. In the room, i have prepared all the necessary tools for you to utilize. I have also prepared a protective suit to protects you from the blood splatter and whatnot. Do enjoy yourself." The Cleaner opened the door and his client walked inside.

The Cleaner pulled out a thermos bottle from his little backpack hidden behind him. "You want a coffee?" He offered to the officer.
"Oh thank you," He replied while Cleaner pouring him the coffee, "Damn, your coffee taste good!"
"Of course, i spent my money wisely you know?"
"Psh, you're only 16 and you already have a taste of an old man."
"A good taste knows no age, old man."
"Whatever youngster."

They heard muffled scream and the likes from the shed. Though they pay no heed towards it and instead enjoying their coffee even more. The moon shines bright above the dense forest they're in, a beautiful sight for a coffee break. After a few more thumps and screams, the client gets out from the shed with a clean clothing.

"Welcome back. Have you done with your biddings? If yes, you can sit here and enjoy a coffee before you pay." The Cleaner politely offered and the client took it. He sit beside Cleaner, 3 men of different jobs and level enjoying a cup of coffee.

"Can i... Talk about something to you two?" The client asked.

"Yeah sure, go ahead. I don't mind a good talk." The officer replied followed by Cleaner nodded.

"This feeling... Is it wrong?" The client asked.

"Undeniably, yeah. That's a stupid question honestly." The officer answered then get smacked by Cleaner.

"While it is considered wrong, it doesn't really matter in the end. You've done the deed, the past is in the past. No need to think of it again. Why did you ask that in the first place, seeking justification?" Cleaner counter-asked.

"I'm very ashamed of it... But yes, it feels good but at the same time, wrong." The client answered, sipping his coffee.

"Hm. Because this is also a part of my job, then allow me to answer. But i am afraid doing such task is quite difficult for me, nonetheless i'll try my best." Cleaner put down his coffee and get up from the bench, "Does it feels good? Knowing your pent-up anger for them to finally deflate?"

"Yes, it feels good."

"Then isn't that enough reason? All of us deserve a break once in a while, is it not? And even the nicest person of this earth can lash out at any moment. Your wife cheats on you with your boss and bestfriend, it makes you livid, enough to order a peculiar contract to kidnap them and do the deed yourself. There is all to it, your desire for revenge drives you to do this."

"But revenge is wrong... And killing..." The client stuttered.

"Killing, revenge, it's all wrong in the eyes of society or morals or whatever. Then again, they're all man-made. They only bring it up in their conveniences or to feel superior or even job. It is why you must commit all the way when you're going against the morals. You can even twist it around to make it justified."

"Like what you're doing right now init?" The officer scoffed, Cleaner stood still for few second before continuing.

"Right... But like our eyes, morals can also be closed. And when it's closed, everything is acceptable. There's also those who care not of what morals deemed good or bad, like us for example. Morals have no effect on us, which is why we kept doing it."

"Hell yeah! I care not, and so i am immortal." The officer added.

"Yes. But of course, we have our persona in real life and job. We... I atleast, take no joy in what i did in my job. I keep it professional. And in real life, i'm known for a calm-mannered, well-behaved student. What i'm saying is, it's alright for doing what you just did. As long as no one else that want to judge you saw it. Be normal in the face of society, and when they turned away from you, you can do whatever. So relax, pay no mind towards that 'wrong' feeling in your head. They're just a bug."

"Yep, like that saying. Think it was from a game. Nothing is true, everything is permitted." Added the officer.

"Yes and no. Everything is permitted, but that doesn't mean you can do anything willy-nilly. You still have to face the consequences. I think that's more leaning to do whatever you want as long as it didn't bother the others."

"You said you're 16 right? Feels like you're much older." In which the Cleaner replied by shrugging.

"I see. Okay, i think i feel a little bit better now. Still a downer but better. Mr. Cleaner, Officer, thank you for taking your time for this talk." The client stood up, grabbing a paper package from his briefcase and hand it to Cleaner, "8 grands, as promised."

Cleaner took the package, then gestured to stay here for a bit and he obeyed. Cleaner took out 500$ and gave it to the officer. Then he took out 2,5 grands and handed it to the client. "There's a great red light district near the junction south of the train station. Get yourself a hooker to lighten up that sour mood of yours." Cleaner said, forcing the client to took the money and officer put on a confused look.

"Oh, is it alright? Okay, thank you." The client replied, after he took the money the officer offered "You want a lift to get there?", in which the Client replied with a no. The client then bids his farewell and go off somewhere.

"Hold it Cleaner." The officer grabbed him by the shoulder before he gets inside the shack, "How the fuck do you know where 'great red light district' are in this city? Aren't you like 16?"

"Yes, i'm 16. And of course, i'm still a virgin." Cleaner replied with a smug look.

"Ah whatever. Thanks for the easy money."

"No problem. You're going now?"

"Yeah, got place to shoot up."

"Hm. Aren't your job suppose to protect and serve?"

"This city is a shitshow dude, not like i give a fuck on those or anything."

"Right... Well go along now. I need to do a clean up."

The officer walked off and gave Cleaner the middle finger. Cleaner shook his head then gaze upon the moon, "An eye for an eye will make the world blind. Hm, the world doesn't have eyes in the first place anyway."

As he walked into the gate, his phone rang. "A new job...?" He contemplates a little then take a glance at the date, "Saturday night. Night's off for me." He declined the offer, then slammed the metal gate.

Submitted: May 25, 2020

© Copyright 2021 bloodr1v3r. All rights reserved.

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