Forever Without Fear

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A poem about being a parent yet losing yours and how life will evolve from that moment.

Once upon a time 
Days were in our hands
All despair and heartache
Live in distant lands
King Lion played with the cub
The jungle was our land
That reality, all I yearned
To walk hand in hand
Tears were my waterfall
Through the sunshine and the rain
Your arms were my protection
In happiness and pain
Just like the words you said to me
As the parent said to child
“Go forth to the world, my child”
Winked to me and smiled
As I now grow older 
There is an ever-growing pain
Times I cannot bring back to me
This ever numbing pain
The nights I ignored you
Now I wish to feel
A longing memory of love
That I yearn to heal
“Fly amongst the stars tonight”
Is what you always said
The older that I get in life
They're louder in my head
Though you’re gone, you guide me
Just like when I was young
Your love is now an aura
My hero, that’s unsung
I gaze into my child’s eyes
Those that you briefly saw
Now I live your life through them
Forever and for more
You carved your name into my heart
And everyone that you knew
Your name whispers in the wind
It’s like you always knew
My age catches up with yours
One day I’ll leave this life behind
Yet for now, I’ll live life for us all
You’re always on my mind
I close my eyes and go to sleep
Knowing you are here
Maybe not to touch my hand
I’m forever without fear

Submitted: May 25, 2020

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