The dark truth of makeup

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Have you ever wondered what the truth is behind makeup? Do you love makeup? Then, read this.

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Wizard of Oz

The Tin man was essentially poisoned by the makeup that was made of simply pure aluminium dust. When he was not getting better fast enoug... Read Chapter

Child labor

Let’s take as an example the sourcing of a famous makeup ingredient, mica.Though contractors are willing to give compensation for the d... Read Chapter

Not cruelty free pt.1

They never said it was cruelty free to own species
Read Chapter

Not cruelty free pt.2

Mica is linked to illegal mines where child labour and debt bondage are widespread, largely in India, according to this Grace&Able ar... Read Chapter

Magic, witches and makeup

This depends if you think magic and witches are bad. I'm not against any modern-day witches out there or people who want to be ones but I'm not against anyone who doesn't like witches either.
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More about Mica and Child labor

The children sift the mica through as it’s mixed with gravel. The estimated death of families and/or children is 10 to 20 a month. Lots... Read Chapter

The effects of Health from Mica

In some people, mica can have the immediate effect of irritating the eyes and skin, causing redness and itching. The carcinogenic effects... Read Chapter


If you suffer from dry skin, especially in the winter, lipstick may not be your friend. The chemicals in many lipsticks pull moisture fro... Read Chapter

Toxic Beauty

There have been so many studies about health issues linked to toxic chemicals in the bodies, and according to a 2004 survey undertak... Read Chapter


Please talk about this or share this book. Most people don't know about this and it could end bad for you or anyone you know that loves m... Read Chapter

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