Gone Fishing Pt 1

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Valerie, Trey, Keith, and Mackenzie had already graduated and now are ready to plan their senior trip. Well at least Valerie is. She gives her friends choices. Their choices are Los Vegas, California, or Paris. The four of them choose fishing. All of them well except Valerie brings their girlfriends. Valerie always had a crush on Trey. She almost accidentally shows her feelings. Trey actually knows that she had a crush on him for like ever. Will the two of them end up together?


“So where do you guys want to go on our senior trip?” Valerie asked her friends. “I don’t know Val. You’re the brains in this joint,” Trey said as he was playing his guitar. “Well there’s only the three of us so,” Mackenzie said.

“What does that have to do with anything?” Valerie asked Mackenzie. “I don’t know,” Mackenzie said. “Maybe she’s thinking that the three of us could split the cost of the trip?” Trey said defending Mackenzie.

“Actually what I was really trying to say was there’s going to be the four of us Madison is also coming,”

“Make that five,” Trey said.

“Listen you two Mackenzie I know you are in a good relationship with Madison. And Trey you’re in a good relationship with Sarah but,” Valerie was about to say however when she looked at the two of her friends, the two of them were giving her the puppy eyes. “You guys,”

Luckily Keith came bursting into the room all excited. It scared the crap out of Trey. “Trey you’re too easy to scare,” Keith said. “Yeah and you’re too east to beat the crap out of,” Trey said putting his guitar to the side. He then ran up to Keith. The two of them started wrestling each other to the ground. “You guys please stop,” Valerie asked. “Why? We’re not doing anything wrong,” Keith said.

“You ready?” Trey asked Keith. “For what?” Keith wondered what Trey was going to do. “This,” Trey said as he finished Keith off. “Champion!” Trey said doing a dance. Mackenzie was laughing at Trey’s dance moves.

“What are you laughing at? You wanna piece of this?” Trey asked. “Yeah I would,” Mackenzie said ramming into Trey’s stomach. “Oh it’s on,” Trey said as the two of them started wrestling. “I’m quicker than you,” Mackenzie said. “Oh yeah well I’m stronger,” Trey stated a fact.

“You guys could you please stop,” Valerie said. Valerie gets finicky when people cramp her style. Trey’s known that forever. He thinks that she should loosen up. “Come on you two, would you please stop,” Valerie asked once again. “Alright Kenz let’s stop. We’re making Valerie nervous,” Trey said easing up.

“So what are the choices Val?” Trey asked his friend.

Sometimes when Trey looks at Valerie in a serious way it makes Valerie blush. Valerie always had a little crush on Trey. Mackenzie knew that she did because Valerie told her. Mackenzie promised not to tell Trey. But she did tell Keith. She did tell Keith not to tell Trey. In a way Trey knew. However he wanted to wait to let Valerie have a chance to tell him in person. That is instead of doing the whole high school thing. He thought it was childish of Valerie. He just didn’t understand why girls couldn’t just come out and say what was on their minds. That’s why he went out with Sarah Arnold. Sarah was the kind of girl that was very straight up to the point.

“Val?” Trey called her by her nick name. “What?” She asked snapping back into reality. “Our options?” Trey asked. “Oh right. So there are three options. Los Vegas, California, or Paris,” Valerie said. “That’s what you picked?” Trey asked looking at all three brochures.

“Well actually I picked this,” She said handing Trey the brochure. It was a brochure of Harvester Lake.

Submitted: May 26, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Alicia Wooters. All rights reserved.

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