Senior Prank Pt 2

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Ben has an idea about a senior prank. He tells his two friends Devin and Melanie what he had in mind. One night he has a dream that seems all too real for him. The next day he tells his friends that he’s having doubts on the specific prank that he would like to pull off. Suddenly Melanie has a prank in mind that would work without hesitation. Do the three friends pull off the senior prank of the year?


School was finally over. Ben went walking over towards his car.

“Ben,” Dustin said as he walked towards Ben. “Oh hey Dustin do you need a ride home?” Ben offered a ride to his friend.

“Listen I was thinking that it wouldn’t be so bad to do one of those senior pranks,” Dustin said. “Really?” Ben said confused about his friends’ change of attitude. “What changed your mind?” Ben asked him. “Well I thought that why not. It is our last year in school. Why not go out with a bang,” Dustin said. “Great! All we have to do is convince Melanie to do it and we’re in,” Ben said excited. “Speak of which. Hey Mel come over for a sec will you?” Dustin asked calling her over. “Oh hey guys I was just looking for the two of you actually,” She said. “You were?” Ben asked confused. “Yes and guess what?” She asked the two of them. “What?” The two boys wanted to know what.

“I asked Paul Black if he still had his crane so that way we could use it to lift Principal Webbler’s car. And he said he still had it,” Melanie said. “That’s great! I’m excited,” Dustin said as he was drinking his water from a straw. “Yeah great,” Ben expressed really confused at Melanie’s attitude.

“Are you alright Ben?” Dustin asked. “Um yeah just a little tired that’s all,” Ben said still very confused.

Later that night Ben’s blood was pumping. He seen Paul lift the crane with Principal’s Webbler’s station wagon. He put it on top of the roof then put it down gently.

However once it was put down the roof collapsed into the school’s pool and it destroyed the car.

“No!” Ben shouted waking up from the nightmare.

Submitted: May 26, 2020

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