The Perfect Mother's Day Gift Pt 3

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Valerie wants to write a letter to her mom and dad. Little does she know that mother’s day is coming up she tries to concentrate on writing her letter. Her sister Olivia walks in with something on her mind. She wants to surprise her sister to a date. The two of them start fighting about their dad calling them out of the blue. Their brother and sister-in-law are going to be planning a mother’s day party. When the day comes Olivia is afraid that her mother won’t like the gift she gives her. What is the gift? Will Jill like her mother’s day present?


Valerie had tissues in her purse. She reached into her purse to get them out.

“I was so afraid to tell you,” Olivia said still crying. “Olivia I don’t want you to ever have to be afraid to tell my anything. Come here,” Valerie said hugging her sister.

“Who’s the father?”

“Truthfully?” Valerie looked at her sister in the eye.

“His name is Mac Hudson,” Olivia said wiping her eyes.

“Wait I thought the guy you’re seeing is named Peter?” Valerie asked. “Oh well I just met Peter. Actually Mac is the guy I set you up with,” Olivia said hugging her sister. “Sissy why would you do that?” Valerie asked her older sister. “I just thought that whenever I did tell you that you could help me tell him,” Olivia said sniffling. “So the answer to my next question is that he doesn’t know that he’s going to be a father,” Valerie said. “Does mom and dad know?” Valerie asked her. “No,” Olivia started to cry again. “Shh it’s okay sissy. It’s going to be alright,”

Valerie’s phone vibrated.

“Oh, it’s dad,”

“Please don’t tell him. I don’t want him to be mad at me,” Olivia said as she walked into her bathroom.

“Hello dad,” Valerie said answering her phone. “Val? I’ve been trying to call you for hours,” Her dad said. “Sorry dad, Olivia and I had a double date. What’s up?” She asked him. “Oh well your brother Henry and his wife Jada are planning a party for your mom on mother’s day,” He said. “Really? That’s great,” Valerie said thinking a party for mother’s day would be perfect.

“What’s great?” Olivia asked coming out of the bathroom taking off her earrings. “Dad says that Jada and Henry are planning a party for mom on mother’s day,” Valerie said. “Oh cool,” Olivia said crawling on the bed laying on her stomach.

“Let me talk to him,”


“Dad is there anything we can do?” Olivia asked her dad.

“All you have to do is give her a good gift. Alright?” Her dad said. “Okay daddy love you,” Olivia said. “Love you to Livia,” Her dad said hanging up. “What do you think we should get mom for mother’s day?” Olivia asked. “I actually got an idea,” Valerie said.

The following weekend arrived. The two girls were excited.

“Olivia, Valerie,” Jada called them over. “Hey sis,” Olivia said giving her a hug.

There were a lot of relatives that gathered around for mother’s day at the Arnold’s house.

A couple of hours into the event Jill was opening her presents. “You think she’s going to like it?” Olivia asked her sister Valerie. “She’s going to love it,” Valerie said to Oliva. “If you say so,” Olivia said handing her small present to Jada to give to her mom.

“This one is from Olivia,” Jada said to Jill. Jada handed Jill the present. “No card?” Jill wondered where the card might’ve been. “There’s no card sorry. Just the present,” Olivia said getting nervous on how her mother was going to feel about the baby. Jill opened the present.

It was a small quilt that said: You’re going to be a grandma.

“Oh my,” Jill’s dear friends expressed covering their mouths. But Jill had held it to where her family and friends could see.

“Mom, turn it around,” Valerie said. “Oh sorry,” Jill said turning it around. “Honey you’re going to need your glasses for this,” Bill, Jill’s husband said handing her glasses to her. She then put on her glasses and read the quilt.

“Oh my goodness,” Jill expressed. “Are you mad at me?” Olivia asked.

“Actually Olivia you might be mad at me. Your sister already told me that you were pregnant,”

“She did?” Olivia looked at Valerie. Olivia started to cry.

“Oh baby don’t cry,” Jill said walking up to her daughter kissing her on the forehead. “I just feel like I ruined your party. And that you hate my gift,” Olivia said still crying.

“Oh baby. It’s the perfect mother’s day gift,” Jill said giving her daughter a hug.

“It is?”

“It sure is,”

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