Mother's Day Pt 1

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

David, Travis, and Becky are trying to decorate for their mother for mother’s day. But apparently they can’t do it without bickering with one another. Then there’s chaos in the house. First it’s Presley, their cat that gets into the cake. Then the washer explodes on the three of them. Foam gets everywhere on the three of them. Then once the cake is moved to the counter, Presley and Lesley gets into it. Will the three of them get along? Will they be able to clean their house before their mother gets home? What will happen?


“Travis your ends are a little low,” Becky said. “Sorry sis,” Travis said pulling up his pants. “She didn’t mean your pants you dork she was talking about the banner,” David said. “Oh well then why did you say your ends?” Travis wanted to know. “I meant to say the ends of the banner. Why do I even bother,” Becky said slapping her forehead.

The three of them were setting up for mother’s day. Or at least trying without having to kill one another. “When did Dad say they were getting back?” Becky asked David. “Around two,” David said.

David and Travis are older than Becky. The two boys are three minutes apart Travis is the oldest.

“Becky you’re supposed to help Travis with the banner,” David said frustrated with her. “That’s what I’m doing,” Becky said to him handing the ladder.

“No you’re not you’re just holding the ladder and telling him what to do,”

“David you do you okay?”

“What does that supposed to mean?”

“It means mind your own business. Even I know that. But David is right you need to be helping me with the banner,” Travis said as he hammered in a nail.

“Well it’s too late now Travis. You’re already done,” David said.

“There I think it looks pretty good. What do you guys think?”

Becky accidently moved the ladder to back up from it to see the banner. “To me it looks uneven,” Becky said.

“I sort of agree with Becky even though she is being mean,”

“I am not. I’m just giving him my advice,”

“Whatever Becky. You two don’t normally agree with each other on anything,” Travis said. “Yeah what’s with that David?” Becky asked.

“Shut up Becky,”

“You shut up,”

“You have a call from your dad. Would you like to answer?” Alexa asked. “Yes,” The three of them said in unison.

“Hello? Kids?”

“We aren’t kids anymore we’re grownups daddy,” Becky used her baby voice.

“The three of you have been fighting again haven’t you?” He kind of figured.

“It’s all we know how to do dad,”

“So the three of you can’t be civil to each other for one day. You know its mother’s day right?” Their dad asked them.

“Yes sir,” Travis said.

“Yes sir,” Becky said.

“Yes sir,” David said.

“Alright then I expect you kids to give your mother a good mother’s day,” He said then hanged up.

Submitted: May 26, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Alicia Wooters. All rights reserved.

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