You Were Too Curious

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Curiosity not only kills the cat...

You sat on the edge of the cliff looking and thinking what's on the other side of the bridge.



"What could possibly exist over there?" You asked yourself then shrug. "Why should I bother knowing, anyway? It's not like I need and have to." You stood up and was about to leave, but then you looked back.



Out of curiousity, you eyed the other side of the cliff, wondering what's over your own space.



Then of course you were too curious, you took a step on the bridge that links both sides together.



'Because you were too curious,' you managed to take a step, and you felt that it was defenitely fine. So, you sighed and smiled as you took another one.



You saw a bird flying over from the other end of the bridge. It dropped a letter saying: "You can do it."



Encouraged, you took another step.



You were convincing yourself that you were doing this 'just because you were too curious since someone was lending his hand to help you.'



As you go further, happiness and warmness in your heart was all you feel. All of these were because you think you were getting closer to this person.



If only the steps were stout and sturdy, would you run to reach his hand and hold it.



What if you ran? You asked yourself.



'And because you were too curious? You tried to ran'.



Another letter came with the same bird carrying it. 'I love you.' was all it says and you came to a halt.



A strange black feathered bird came rushing to you with a letter.



'Because you were too curious, you took the letter from the strange looking bird'.



'You have to run before the bridge broke.' It said.



Then the white bird spoke. "If you wanna stay happy, walk slowly and surely." 



The black bird then chimed in. "What is happiness without you knowing everything, anyway? I suggest you to run and feed your curiosity."



It was tumultuous and entangled. Yes. You wanna know this guy, but should it be slowly? Or you'll prefer to know him in a glimpse?



And because you were too curious?




You ran.




You ran and ran.




You felt the sturdy bridge shake because of your weight as you ran, but that didn't halt you from running ahead.



When you stopped at the end. You saw something that would crush your heart.



'He was no other like them. He is also a liar. He was lying all this time'. You said to yourself, your eyes getting clouded.



You saw it with your two eyes. How they tightly hug, how close their body were.



"You Liar!!!" You shouted and turned your back at them.



He looked at your direction as he pulled away and pushed this girl. He called out your name.



But your curiosity has already been fed. So fed to the point that you ended things there without second thoughts.



You ran back to your cliff of your comfort, where you wanna isolate yourself again saying: "I should've known." You cried as you ran.



You picked up a rock, threw it on the remaining support of the bridge that connects you and him. You watched as the bridge snaped away from your cliff while bawling your eyes, disappearing from your watery sight.



The white bird whispered. "Yes, you should have known." You looked at it, confused. "You should have known everything before you chose to ran." The bird then flew away, out of sight.



You realized the white bird was right. You should have known who that girl was instead of pointing doubts. Now you're asking. "Who might that be?"



The black bird then cackled like a sick old man. "You don't know because you didn't want to. You just ran. You ran like a coward you are. You listened to me. You didn't take the time to listen to your heart." It shrugged and flew away as well. "It is not like you want and have to, right?" It starts cackling evilly again.



Right then and there, you lost the only other way, only other bridge, to live for.



Just because 'you were too curious'.


- Chibi Lucifien (former: Ainsleykaii)

Submitted: May 27, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Chibi Lucifien. All rights reserved.

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