So Much For Being Sorry..

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

I've made up my mind, But you came.
You tried to help, and I opened up.
You promised you would understand but you didn't. A dead body you will never bring back again.
Eat up your sorry, it's too late.
Depression have welcomed me, it's my fate.

"So Much For Being Sorry"

: a poetry by LadyMonSTR


"Hey, everything will be fine," you say,
I wonder if you really care about me,
Or You Just Don't want to be guilty about what's happening to me.

I doubted you but later gone,
Cause you said you will try to understand. And I have to admit that I thought it was true but later on I found out it was fake and so are you.

I open up,
Just like what you want in order for you ' to help'
Told you about my problems.
And for that I thought I've escape.

But as cruel as it could be, the person I thought who'll set me free, happened to trapped me.

You said I'm just being OA,
You reacted oppositely.
I thought you're the key to happiness, but now your the reason of my endless sadness.
And I already plan the whole thing right before you came and change the damn thing.

Now no one's gonna hinder me from doing this,
Having the blade on my hand heading towards my wrist.
Deep cut it will take for me to have a nightmare in my rest.

And If I'll go ahead,
Don't pity me,
Or say sorry for what you did.
So much for being sorry you can't bring back what's dead.

Submitted: May 27, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Azid Fuentes. All rights reserved.

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