No Love For The Wicked

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Betrayed by her lover and left for dead she soon comes into her power and into given name Vengeance.

 No Love for the Wicked


Don’t go chasing love.

There is no love for the wicked.

Your heart is villainess as mine.

Born from the same cloth.

Love will never touch us.

Love will never know us.

Love will never forgive us.

So, don’t go chasing love.

It was never in our cards.

Never meant for us.

My Darling.



Lying on the cold grey stone, where rotted corpses lie, their scent

permits the air, as two chains wrap around my wrists. Cutting deep

into my flesh, I shift my weight, yet a sudden lightning pain clouds

my eyes, blood seeps out from these open wounds my enemy

inflicted. Four armored guards, wearing black vests and cargo pants

with black laced boots stand guard of my cell, as my enemy and his

three-armed guards walk away, believing I’ve been broken.


Grasping on to anger I watch as rivulets of blood flows onto

the harsh ground stones, remembering my own stupidity. Because of

my weak and foolish heart, I believed a deceitful man. His lying lips

overflowed with tender words I longed to hear. An illusion of my own

making allowing him to betray me as he left me to die. I pay this

penance for the wrong choices I made. Leaving behind a birthright,

passed along the daughter of our grandmother Nemesis. It was a

birthright I disregarded, for since my youth I grew fond of watching

humans interact. Their world was one I longed to join. However,

mother’s words come alive as she foretold my demise by the hands

of humans. So, I no longer deny it, I now embrace all the hard

lessons I was forced to learn. The dark path I am meant to walk

upon, the destruction I was meant to bring upon these human

beings. No longer will I hide what I am, no longer do they hold power

over me. For I am now their worst nightmare born within this

dungeon, meant to be my death. Now I am Vengeance.

In the darkness her skin gleams with light, crackling sounds are

heard, awakening the guards. Rushing towards the steeled barred

door, they freeze, terror igniting within their eyes, yet, are transfixed

by her. Blue-grey eyes transform into a glowing red, while red cracks

race along her wounded flesh, burnt skin begins permitting in the air

as decaying flesh falls before them. Flames erupt scalding everything

and everyone around the dungeon’s vicinity, while smoke and ash

descend upon the city.


Submitted: May 27, 2020

© Copyright 2021 28StarRose. All rights reserved.

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