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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

A couple in love, a moment that tears their world apart and five words that forever haunt her.

It was the cawing sounds of crows that awoke me, dazed in the car seat I

look for him. He is unconscious, his head resting on the wheel. Removing

my seatbelt, I shake him, “Adrian wake up. Adrian?” He murmurs, as I

remove his seatbelt, he opens his eyes seeming disoriented.  Wisps of

smoke rises alarmingly as I hurry to get us out.  Blood oozes on the asphalt

as million little pieces of glass scatter all over the highway. The smoke

arises into the sunlit sky clouding as the stench of burnt tires permeates the

air. Heaving, we move to the side, reaching the grass I lay him down.

Seeing his gaping wound I hastily call for help and start removing my top, I

press downward, pleading in my head for it to stop. His ashen face

worsens. Sobbing, tears stream downward entangling with his tears as I

utter words, imploring him not to leave.

“Layla,” he whispers.

“Save your breath, help is coming soon. You’re going to make it okay.”

Kissing gently his lips he sighs. “I love you.” I say holding him close.

Opening his eyes amber eyes gazes into mine and a shadow of a smile he

whispers, “I love you.”

“Adrian help is coming, and they will fix you up. Just stay with me,

everything will be alright, you’ll be good as new.” I brokenly reply. Keeping

pressure on the wound, he grunts in pain but raises his hand tenderly

brushing away my tears. My heart disintegrates seeing him slowly recede.

My heart rapidly beats in anguish, desperate for help to arrive.  Then

hearing the engines their sirens sounding, I turn, “Help! Please hurry, I need

help!’ I scream anxiously waiting for them to hurry. Looking back into his

sallow face I break, “Stay with me, stay with me Adrian, please.” I plead.


 Grasping his deathly cold hands, he mutters words, but blood soon starts

seeping from his pale lips.

“Shh. Please Adrian, don’t force yourself.” I say trying to keep calm. Turning

to see the ambulance I gaze back into his eyes. “Adrian, listen to me stay

with me. They’re here Adrian, please stay with me.” My voice trembles as

his fervent eyes dim.

“Please, don’t go, stay with me Adrian, please.” I whisper brokenly.

Inaudible voices surround us, blurred faces sweep him from my frozen

hands. Trying in vain to reach him, someone holds me, crushing me into

their own beating chest. I crumble as they cover him in a white plastic sheet.

Dizzily I pull away, reaching for him, then grasping air, everything tilts as the

sunlight extinguishes once more.


“Aahh! No! Please don’t go Adrian!”

“Layla, Layla wake up. It’s just a nightmare Layla.”

Awakening to the night, worry eyes gaze into mine, stunning me. Slowly,

reaching out towards his bristled face, I whisper hoarsely, “You’re here,

you’re not gone?” 

“Oh Layla, I’m here, I’m here with you. It was just nightmare. Hey, look at

me Layla. Shh. Don’t cry, I’m here. I’m not leaving you, you know, that right?

I’d never leave you.” He smoothly caresses me. His warm hands tilt my face

and as we gaze into each other’s eyes, I trace his eyes.  “I love you Layla.”

Pressing his lips on mine.

Kissing me, I let my fingers run all over him reveling in knowing he’s here.

Looking back into his face his smile disarms me.

 “I love you so much Layla.” He says. “I’d never leave you, you know that

but Layla,” his expression changes. “Our lives can be cut short, and if

something where to ever happen”

“No!” I quickly say. “Don’t say it Adrian, please.” I half whisper as my voice

breaks in fear.

Gazing into my eyes, he’s searching for something, but then pulls me closer

raining down kisses on my face.

“Layla,” he starts, “no matter what happens, I’ll always be with you.”

Grasping tightly his warm hands, I kiss his beating chest, then resting my

head on him, “I love you,” I murmur.


Dawn arises and sunlight streams through our windows as the winds ruffle

the trees. Opening my eyes, rumpled bedsheets by my side, I panic. Then,

hearing footsteps move towards the ringing phone I rush downstairs.

“Adrian” I call moving towards the living as I hear chattering abruptly stop.

“Adrian.” I whisper staring into our families faces. Their words suddenly

start, but I don’t listen. I realize last night were just memories. Dazed, I turn,

fleeing into our bedroom and slamming the door. Heaving, panic grips my

lungs. Gazing as his shirt on our bed I grasp it tightly, then laying down I

finally register his final words.


“I’ll never leave you, Layla.”






Submitted: May 27, 2020

© Copyright 2021 28StarRose. All rights reserved.

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