Graveyard Shift in the Lumberyard

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Graveyard shift in the Lumberyard has its perks. Tim can listen to music, work at his own pace, and doesn't have to deal with customers. However, he'll soon learn it has its downsides. The forest is not happy that it has been chopped into pieces and sold as a commodity. Unfortunately for Tim, the forest is looking for revenge.

Gazara spent her days in the forest with her sisters.  They only came out at night, eating bugs that crawled through the tall grass.  During the day they’d disappear into the trees, unseen by mortal eyes.


One day, men came with machines and chopped down the trees.  Gazara and her sisters were trapped within as the wood was sliced and diced in a million different ways.  Gazara could feel her sister's pain.  They were transported far away, the wood to be sold out of a lumberyard.


Night came and Gazara planned her revenge.  She would make the world of man feel the pain her and her sisters had felt.  She’d make them pay for their sins against the forest.




Tim found that he enjoyed nightshift in the lumberyard.  He was left alone from 8 PM to 6 AM.  Most of his time was spent driving a forklift or sliding bunks of lumber by hand into their allotted spot.  His arms grew sore from the task but he could feel himself bulking up night after night. 


It was a foggy night in the lumberyard.  The lamplight cast an eerie glow across the cold pavement.  Tim did his best to stick to the inside of the lumber barn.  He’d never admit it but the foggy darkness sent shivers up his spine.  He was locked inside at night and the one emergency exit was on the other side of the yard.  He tried not to think about it but if anything were to happen to him there was no one around to help.


Tim couldn’t stand the silence of the night.  He always had music playing.  The thundering rhythms of heavy metal echoed through the whole yard as Tim slid a bunk of lumber.  He stood on a pallet of bricks, reaching above his head and thrusting the 2x4s Into the bay.  He hated how high some of the bays were.  He wondered how customers even reached the products.


The music suddenly stopped.  Tim wiped the sweat off his brow as he looked over at his speaker.  He hopped off the pallet and walked over to it.  It had somehow become unplugged.  Tim looked around suspiciously.  He wanted to believe that the raccoons who lived in the yard were responsible but he found that unlikely.  Tim plugged it back in and returned to his work, ignoring the fear that was growing in his heart.  Just as he got back into a rhythm, the heavy metal blast beats energizing him, the music stopped again.


In frustration, Tim stormed over to the speaker.  The cord had been torn in half.  He tried to convince himself the raccoons had gnawed through it but that simply wasn’t true.  It had been ripped in half as if someone exceptionally strong had torn it apart.  Tim shook away his growing fear, grabbing his phone off the speaker and placing it in his breast pocket.  The music blasted out the phones small speakers.  The sound quality was not as clear but it helped distract Tim from what had just happened.  He periodically looked over his shoulder as he continued his work.


Tim didn’t notice as his phone slowly slid out of his breast pocket.  It fell, bouncing off the pallet of bricks and sliding into the bay beneath the one Tim was stoking.  He grumbled as he leaned down.  The phone had slid pretty far back into the bay.  Tim reached in, laying on his stomach as he squirmed towards his phone.  He laid his hand on it.  A wave of pure terror swept through him as a hand that was not his reached out from the darkness.


The skin was grey with symmetrical holes revealing the bone beneath.  The nails were long and sharp.  Looking up Tim saw a face residing in the darkness.  It was that of a girl with stringy black hair.  Her smile was unnaturally large and her white teeth looked like those of a shark.  Her eyes were wide and colorless, the grey skin around them stretched out.


Tim screamed, his blood running cold.  He quickly backed out of the bay.  Not thinking, he left his phone behind.  Quick as lightning he hoped of his forklift and drove away.  The lumber fell to the ground as he lowered the forks, swinging around and driving out of the barn.  Tim looked over his shoulder, seeing two grey hands reaching out of the bunk.


The drive to the other side of the lumberyard seemed like an eternity.  The forklift jetted over the uneven concrete, bouncing up and down and tipping too and fro.  Tim slammed on the breaks as he reached the emergency exit.  He pushed against it.  It didn’t budge.  He slammed his whole body against it.  Nothing.  It was jammed.


Looking back Tim saw the girl running across the yard.  She passed through the pale lamplight, sprinting at unnatural speed through the fog.  She howled like a banshee.  Her cries echoed through the night, sending shivers of dread through Tim’s very soul.  Adrenaline pumping through his veins he hopped back on the forklift, spinning around dramatically and driving full speed towards the girl.  He raised his tines as they barreled towards each other.


With a sickening sound, the girl was impaled by the tines.  Her abnormally long hands reached out, slicing at Tim’s face.  Her large jaw opened wide, shrieking so loud Tim wondered if his eardrums would pop.  He slammed on the breaks.  The forklift came to a screeching halt.  The girl flew off the tines, landing on the ground with a thud.  Tim ran her over.  Bones crushed under the wheels as the forklift bounced up and down.


His heart pounding faster than it ever had, Tim looked back.  Despite her many broken bones, the girl was standing up.  Her shriek had turned into a bloody gurgle.  Half of her face was ripped off, tire tracks covering her torso.  Tim drive back to the barn and the girl followed.


Tim hopped off the forklift and grabbed the sledgehammer that lay near the saw table.  He held it like a weapon.  The girl limped into the barn, locking eyes with Tim and galloping towards him.  Her broken leg was dragged behind her leaving a trail of crimson blood.  She screamed, blood and spittle erupting out her lips.  He swung the sledgehammer, hitting the girl directly in the face.  She fell back dramatically.  Tim savagely swung the sledgehammer, turning the girls’ head into a bloody pulp.  He stood there in silence, breathing heavily and covered in blood.


Slowly, more grey hands began to reach out from the numerous bays.  They crawled out from the darkness, every girl looking identical.  Tim dropped the sledgehammer and backed into the saw table.  A terror unknown to most humans gripped his soul.  The ghastly gals approached, their wide eyes fixed on Tim.


“What… what are you?”  The words stumbled out of Tim’s mouth as one of the girls leaned in, gazing into his eyes with a vicious smile.


“We are the children of the forest.”  Her voice was like the night wind, hollow and haunting.  “And we will no longer take the abuse of men.”  The girl reached her sharp fingers into Tim’s stomach.  He screamed as he was ripped open. 


Submitted: May 27, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Conrad Hueston. All rights reserved.

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Great action, plenty of horrific description... all the makings of a real horror short!

Sun, May 31st, 2020 8:07pm

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