In Over Her Head

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Becky Carter picked the wrong house to snoop around in, but she's stubborn and she just knew the Alfonsi family was hiding something....

Becky Carter, reporter for the Manchester Daily Times, checked her watch for probably about the tenth time in the last twenty minutes. She was in the parlor room of a huge mansion, waiting for an interview with an Italian diplomat that had come to her city, Manchester, New York.

What interested her was the fact that her city wasn't that big of a deal and why would an Italian couple so high up the political food chain come here?

Lorenzo and Marta Alfonsi were making quite a few headlines since they arrived. Going to charity events, political dinners, balls, parties, and even buying this mansion that Becky was impatiently waiting in.
"We love this city, " they had said, "we eventually want to live here."

Becky's bullshit capacity meter was at zero, and she smelled blood in the water. So she did some digging in the town hall records, going through old property deeds, sales receipts, and several interesting articles.
Turns out Alfonsi was a big crime family going back about a hundred years or so. Twenty dollars later she was able to trace the family tree right up to Lorenzo and Marta Alfonsi. But why hadn't someone found this before? Maybe they deleted it from the digital records.
For some reason the Alfonsi crime family had disappeared in the 1960's and hadn't been seen in Manchester since.

All this proved to her mind that the highly esteemed Lorenzo and Marta were up to no good.

So she thought she'd try for an interview and see if she could get something candid and incriminating.

Becky is a passionate and headstrong person. When she gets a whiff of corruption she pursues it with as much enthusiasm as the fictional Sherlock Holmes. Sometimes her enthusiasm runs away with her a little, but she's smart and relies on that to get her out of trouble. And it usually does. Well, most times, anyway. She smiled to herself.
At five feet six inches, she has a lean athletic body that belies her occasionally endearing clumsiness. She's dressed professionally, blue button down shirt, sleeves rolled halfway up, with a creamy white tanktop underneath. A black pencil skirt is a new one, courtesy of Old Navy. Charcoal nylons cling to her nicely toned legs. 
Black flat pumps, with blue ribbons adorn her small feet.
Her face is lightly sprinkled with freckles, a small nose with an imperceptible dimple at the end, medium sized mouth, soft naturally colored lips, warm grey eyes, with it all framed by a headful of medium blonde hair. Her hair is in a partial bun ontop, with most of it spilling loose out the back in a slightly curly swath.
Becky's face registers impatience on it, not one of her strong suits. With a sigh, she checks her wristwatch. It has a square face, and a thick black leather band. It's an expensive lady's watch.

Finally the butler entered the parlor, "Miss Carter, Mrs Alfonsi will see you now, this way, please" he has an American accent.

"Certainly," Becky replied pleasantly.

As she follows the butler she decides to pry a little.

"So are the Alfonsi's home a lot? I mean I bet they're very busy as clearly they're the top socialites right now,'' She enjoys poking her nose where it clearly doesn't belong.

"Mrs Alfonsi will answer all your questions, I'm sure,'' the butler said primly.

He has a good poker face.

He led her upstairs into a sitting room that was adjacent to the master bedroom, where Mrs. Alfonsi was awaiting, 
Marta Alfonsi was a very beautiful woman. Tall for an Italian woman at five feet six inches, luscious brown hair flowing around her shoulders. Large brown eyes that look both alluring and cold. Perfect facial features. A fairly ample bosom. Legs long and shapely.
She's in an expensive off the shoulder purple dress.

Too perfect, Becky thought, she looks way too perfect.

"Ahh, come in my dear, I have been looking forward to meeting you! My but you are a gorgeous young woman! So pretty! Blonde hair and grey eyes, freckles! I don't see that any day!" She has an Italian accent. Her gushy manner puts Becky off a little bit.

"Yeah, nice to meet you too," she forced a smile at the over the top Marta, "Do you normally meet reporters right next to your bedroom?"

"Only the pretty ones," Marta purred.

Ok, things were getting weird quickly, "So um, let's get down to bussines, shall we?" Becky said.

"Sure" Marta seemed a little disappointed.

Becky turned on her handheld voice recorder and began asking questions, "Mrs Alfonsi, why did you pick Manchester of all places? It's not New York City, or LA, or any number of more populated cities?"

"That's a very good question. You see, we were passing through one time and decided to stop for a visit. We fell in love with the city, it's location right next to the ocean, it's friendly people, among many other things," Marta answered readily.

Becky refrained from rolling her eyes, "Ok, if that's the case then why are you buying small businesses around town if your reasons for being here are purely for a vacation home while you're here in the US?"

"I'm not sure what you mean. We haven't been buying businesses."

" Well," Becky held up a folder she had with her. "I've been doing some digging and you two have been buying businesses through shell companies, then moving the funds to an offshore account. What would the political yahoos think of that? Any comments?" Becky waited eagerly, her recorder held outstretched.

" I.....ummmm.... I " Marta stammered.

The butler poked his head through the door.
"Mrs Alfonsi, I found someone who was sneaking around taking pictures. She says her name is Cassandra and she won't leave until she speaks with you personally."

''But of course. Becky if you don't mind waiting here, we can continue our interview in a few minutes," Marta looked relieved to get out of the conversation.

She gave a forced smile, Becky noted

" Sure Mrs. Alfonsi I'll gladly wait" Becky said, smiling to herself. The butler and Marta left the room. Becky thanked her lucky stars that her friend, Cassandra Fair, a photographer, had delivered the distraction as promised.

She had discussed it earlier with her blue haired bff, "Cass, just make sure you're not seen until about ten minutes into the interview." Becky had said.

"Of course, Becky, they won't see me until I want them to." Cassandra had calmly assured her.

Now with the distraction complete, Becky turned to the master bedroom. What she was about to do was probably illegal. But the ends justify the means, at least in this case, right?
She opened the fancy bedroom door, which was unlocked, and tiptoed inside. She started at the desk, going through paperwork, bills, and post-it notes.

Strike one.

Nothing yet. She figured nothing incriminating would just be lying around. She checked the wardrobe and dressers. She saw many nice clothes she could never afford.

Strike two.

Wait, what was that lump under Marta's neatly stacked panties? She carefully moved the panties aside. What the hell? Several coils of thin, white rope. Two pairs of handcuffs, one set of hingedcuffs. A roll of clear see through duct tape rested on top of the pile.

Were the Alfonsi's into bondage? Or was there a more sinister reason? Becky left the top drawer open and was thinking hard. She thought she felt a cool breeze from somewhere.

There shouldn't be a draft in here. 

Coming from where? Under the bed? That was so cliche Becky rolled her eyes but decided to check anyway. Curiousity killed the cat, she thought and she had checked everywhere else in the room.

Becky knelt down and looked under the bed. Yup! Definitely a breeze! There must be a way to open this apparent passage way.......

"Well, if it isn't our little snooping reporter!"

Becky jerked her head up, she hadn't been expecting anyone so soon. A quick glance at her watch told her only fifteen minutes had passed.
Cassandra was supposed to keep Marta for at least twenty, plus five minutes to walk back. But apparently Cassandra couldn't distract her long enough.

Becky decided to go on the offensive. "Marta, I know you and Lorenzo are looking to start up the Alfonsi criminal racquet again. I've done my research, I know about the offshore accounts and Lorenzo's family history of crime. You two will be ruined reputation-wise and this city will be safer without you guys dragging it down."

Marta moved so quickly it took Becky by surprise.

She had expected Marta to be cowed, instead the Italian woman rushed to the dresser drawer which was still open, and grabbed the handcuffs.

Becky started for the door but Marta leapt gracefully across the room, like a cougar leaps on her prey, tackling Becky.

"Oommmph!" Becky had the wind knocked out of her, landing on her stomach.

Marta grabbed Becky's wrists, wrenched them behind her back and swiftly cuffed them with the hinged cuffs. The cuffs locked tightly around her wrists.

"Whaaaa...uhhhh ...." Becky wheezed, then winced at how tight the cuffs were.

"Oh shut up!" Marta slapped her, "You're trying to ruin everything and I will not let that happen." She flipped Becky on her back and cuffed her ankles tightly in place.

Becky tested her bonds, Too tight around my wrists, and there's going to be marks on my ankles too.

She finally regained her breath. "Marta, I have friends who will notice I'm missing. It'd be easier if you just gave yourself up now."

Marta straddled Becky on the floor, then ran a long red fingernail along Becky's cheek.

"No my pretty reporter, we'll figure out what to do with you, but in the meantime I'm going to enjoy restraining you and making sure that you're not going anywhere."

Becky gulped, things were going to shit pretty fast.

I hope Cass comes looking for me, as part of the plan and everything.

The doorbell rang. Speak of the devil.

"Cass! I'm up HERE HEL........mmmmmpppphhhhff!'

Marta, who still straddled her, quickly grabbed a pair of panties that were in the laundry basket right next to them. She crammed them in Becky's open, screaming mouth instantly muffling her. The panties were large, too large to be Marta's, that was for sure. So that must mean Marta has a mistress.

It didn't surprise Becky. What did surprise her though, was that they were in her mouth and the taste! They tasted like they were in the laundry basket for a few days at least. Her grey eyes went wide with surprise.

"Mmmppphhh! Fufmd!" She tried to say something, to scream, but her speech was too muffled.

"Much better, can't have you alerting whoever is at the door." Marta smiled down at her.


Becky tried to spit the panties out, however they were wedged into her mouth so they weren't going anywhere.

Marta walked over to her dresser and pulled out the roll of clear tape Becky had seen earlier.

"This will definitely come in handy" Marta chuckled, "I see you found out about the games I like to play. Usually I'm the one getting tied up. This is, however, kinda fun."

Becky's expressive grey eyes widened even more when Marta grabbed two dirty socks from the basket..

Roll of tape in one hand, socks in the other,
she once again straddled Becky.

"Mmmmmpppphhhhrrgggdd" Becky tried to say.

Marta ignored her, pushing the panties the rest of the way into her mouth then pushing a dirty sock in. Becky's mouth was forced open slightly, and her cheeks bulged a little.

"Well, looks like I can't put the other sock in, oh well my dear, I think you're quiet enough," Marta threw down the sock and picked up the tape. She made Becky sit up, Becky protesting the whole time. Marta wrapped the clear tape around her head four or five times.

Gggrrrmmmmppphhhhfffugg! Mmmmppppphhh!"

By this time she could barely make any noise, yet she still managed to moan and growl her displeasure enough for Marta to laugh.

"My dear Becky, you're in over your head, yes?"

Becky growled, "Grmmmmppp."

"Well, I'd better go see what our guest wants. Just stay here," Marta left the room.

Barely five minutes had passed since the doorbell rang. Marta was very good at this.

As soon as the Italian woman left Becky began struggling. Using the bed for support, she inched her way up the side to get to a standing position. It was slow going, and Becky breathed heavily through her nose. Finally she made it! She was standing, allbeit precariously, and started to hop towards the door.

Wow girl, good thing you played a few sports in high school.

"Mmmppphhh! Hffmm darmpphh!" She tried to yell again as she hopped.

Becky was making good progress untill she tripped on the heavy Persian rug in the sitting room.
She fell. "Ummmmfffff!" Becky laid there for a moment, than began thumping on the floor and making a poor attempt at screaming.








Why couldn't Cassandra hear her? Becky began to despair. Wait! Her purse was over by the chair! Her cellphone! Maybe she could call 911! She was gonna try.
Squirming and rolling, she made her way over to her purse. Becky's cuffed hands reached inside. She felt a little and pulled her phone out. Yes!

How the hell am I going to unlock it?

Becky attempted the difficult pattern she had insisted putting on her phone, but quickly got impatient with her awkward attempts.

Then she noticed one of those old dial phones with a cord attached to it.

If it still works, Becky thought. She tried to check her watch but the hingedcuffs kept her wrists tightly together behind her back. She just managed to twist her arms enough to see how much time had passed. About sixteen minutes since she'd been captured. Moving as quick as could, all the while breathing heavily, she earthworm crawled to the phone, somehow managing to stand again. Becky pulled the phone off its hook with her cuffed hands.

She knelt down next to the phone, almost falling, than used her petite nose to dial 911.

The phone started ringing, surprisingly. At least one thing was going right. She tried to push the panties and sock out, then remembered the layers of tape around her mouth and head.

"911 WHAT'S YOUR EMERGENCY?!" A loud female screeched over the line.

"Mmmmpphhj! Mff rrg fmgr!" Becky tried to say.

"I CAN'T UNDERSTAND YOU! WOULD YOU PLEASE SPEAK UP!" The female operator yelled.

"Fffrrrggggmmmmpppphhhhh! Ifgrrdmmmsfgsmmm! Mmppffhrrff! Grrr," Becky was getting a little pissed off at the operator and this stupid gag. Plus, her screechy voice was hurting Becky's ears.



A long, slender hand grabbed the phone away from Becky's mouth.

"Operator" Marta Alfonsi said smoothly, " I'm sorry, my child is just learning to crawl and likes to play with phones. Yes, you too dear." Marta said gushily.

She hung up the phone, "Dreadful voice, that woman."

"Grrrrrrrmmmfff" if looks could kill Mrs. Alfonsi would certainly be dead with the look Becky gave her.

"You almost warned your friend Cassandra in time. That was not nice. Don't worry though, she's incapacitated at the moment. You, on the other hand, I'll have to make you more secure."

Suddenly Becky was very angry. Her wrists and ankles were sore. Her arms hurt from being held behind her back. A position she wasn't used to. She had someone else's dirty panties inside her mouth accompanied by a nasty tasting sock. Held in place with duct tape so tight she couldn't move her jaw. Marta loomed over her.

Suddenly, Becky head-butted the Italian woman in her gut.

Marta doubled over, trying just to breathe.

Becky managed to get to her feet and started hopping for the door to go downstairs. Surely the butler wasn't in on this. Surely he would..... Someone grabbed her by her hair from behind. 

Marta! How had she recovered so fast?

"You little bitch! You will be begging for mercy when I'm done with you!" She pulled Becky by her hair, making her hop along.


"Don't give me any lip, young lady!"

Marta brought Becky back to her master bedroom where she made Becky lay on her stomach, "You won't be able to do anything in a quick minute."

Marta grabbed the last pair of handcuffs. She clicked one end around the chain of her ankle cuffs, then bent her legs back, pulling her hingedcuffs to lock them together. Putting her in a strict hogcuff.

The hogcuff was so tight it raised her chest off the floor slightly and pulled her thighs up a little as well.

"Mmmppphhh!!!!" Becky could tell this would get extremely uncomfortable very quickly.

Marta inspected her work. "Very nicely done, yes? Nice watch." She examined the watch. She unstraped it off Becky's wrist.

"Grmmffffgggg! Mmmmppppphhh! Iffmmmppphhh. Mph, grrmmmff."

"Oh, so this watch is important to you? No matter."

She carefully placed it beside Becky, where if she turned her head far enough she can see what time it is.

"You are to stay like this for quite a while. I'm sure if you can see the time it will move even slower."

Becky started to get concerned. She couldn't talk. She couldn't move. Her wrists and ankles were getting incredibly sore. Her favorite wristwatch, the one her dad gave her shortly before his death, was in danger of getting lost. Cassandra was probably trussed up somewhere. Hell, both their lives were probably in jeopardy. And this bitch woman, Marta Alfonsi, was very much enjoying her predicament.

What could she do?


Twenty minutes later.

"Brmffgg mmmfffgrrgggrrmmmmmpppp!" Becky growled.
She lay on her stomach, wrists and ankles still cuffed, still connected in this frickin hogcuff.

A variety of bondage implements were scattered across the floor. Marta Alfonsi was on her knees, casually showing each one to Becky.
She held up a large red ball with leather straps protruding from each end.

"And this, dear Becky, is called a 'ballgag'. Can you say 'ballgag'?"

"Mrrrfffmmm! Sftumgrrkgrm! " Becky moaned.

"Eh, close enough." Marta shrugged. " You'll learn how to talk yet."

Was this woman crazy? She sighed, her wrists and ankles were getting so sore.

Marta picked up an armbinder, "This, is an armbinder. Say 'armbinder'."


"Why Becky dear! I didn't give you permission to try and scream," Marta said reproachfully. "I was going to take your gag off. Now I'm not so sure."

Becky got real quiet, hoping against hope that Marta would at least get her off her stomach.

"Mmmm?" She asked hopefully.

"Allright, I'll take the gag off. But if you get mouthy I will gag you again. Worse than before."

Becky nodded eagerly.

Marta carefully unwrapped the clear tape from around Becky's head. It pulled on her hair and Becky resisted the urge to scream. Finally it came off and Marta pulled the slightly damp sock and panties out of her mouth. She then pushed Becky out of the belly position and onto her knees, therefore taking the pressure of her wrists and ankles.

What a relief!

Becky moved her jaw, trying to work the soreness out.

"Listen, Marta, if you let me go I promise not to say anything. I'll even....."

" Becky, shut up. Did I give you permission to speak? Children are to be seen, and not heard." Marta said haughtily.

" I'm not a kid!" Becky said indignantly. " I'm nineteen soon to be twenty."

Marta smiled at her, a dangerous smile, like she couldn't wait for whatever was next in her diabolical scheme.

"Where's Cass? You better not have hurt her." Becky glared at her captor.

" Don't worry, Becky. Sleeping beauty will be out for at least an hour. She won't be going anywhere when she awakens." The Italian socialite said.
" Until then, I should probably secure you more."

" What are you talking about?" Becky wiggled her handcuffs at Marta. "I'm secure enough!"

Marta picked up several leather belts and a black and white handkerchief. " Tsk tsk. You just keep talking. I'm going to gag you again."

"Please wait! I promise I'll quit talking!" Becky said emphatically.

"Nope." Marta knelt down next to her.

" Wait! Can you at least give me my watch back? It was a gift from my dad." Becky asked hopefully.

Marta picked the watch up off the floor. " Sure, why not?" She knelt down and carefully strapped it back on Becky's left wrist.
Just as she finished Becky tried to viciously head butt Marta in the face. Marta, though, having been fooled before, easily ducked out of the way.
Becky fell helplessly forward, landing on her side.

" My my my! Becky! Dear, you should know better than to try that." Marta said, looking disappointed.

" Uughh! " Becky had been close. What would she have done anyway? Hop like a bunny while looking for the key? She could barely move around.

Marta used one of the shorter leather belts to wrap around Becky's arms, just above the elbows.

" Owww! Why are you tying me up more? I can't get out of this even if I wanted to." Becky asked angrily.

Marta said nothing, just responded by deftly slipping the handkerchief between Becky's teeth, than pulling it into a very tight cleave gag. It was so tight her lips came together.

"Whft da fok?" Becky asked

" I'm getting sick of your talking. I would use the ballgag, but I have a liason later." Marta purred.

Marta unlocked the handcuff that connected her cuffed wrists to her cuffed ankles. Than pulled Becky's legs straight out so she was sitting on her but. Marta continued strapping leather belts on her. Calves, just above and below her knees, then one on her thighs.

" Cmm uuhn!! Ishf dis mefesery?" Becky asked.

Marta ignored her, taking two of the longer belts and strapping them above and below her breasts, permanently welding her arms to her back.

Becky tested the cuffs on her wrists, still as locked in as ever. Now she couldn't even balance herself with all these leather straps on her. Maybe wiggle like an earthworm.

" Now, I know I promised I'd gag you even better than before, but I need to go check on your blue haired friend." Marta said. " But, before I go...."

She picked up the handcuffs she had used to put Becky in such a strict hogcuff. Becky thought she was going to hogcuff her again. Instead, Marta clicked one end around the leather belt binding her elbows together. Then pulled Becky next to the bed and clicked it around the bedpost, thus rendering her immobile.

"Ufsh wnf gt cawe vsh dsh." Becky mumbled.

"You talk entirely way too much for my liking." Marta said peevishly. "But I'll attend to you later. First I need to go torment your friend."

Marta left the room and Becky sighed with relief. Finally! Now if she could just get her hair clip out of her hair.......


Cassandra was dreaming, or at least it seemed like it. She felt... sand in her mouth? No, couldn't be right. Not sand. Cloth? Maybe. Why would there be cloth in her mouth? Cassandra tried to reach with her hand to pull it out. She could not move her hand. This jolted her fully awake. She smelled....rubbing alcohol. Cassandra's eyes took in everything at once. There was an Italian woman, Marta Alfonsi, at least that's what Cassandra thought her name was, leaning over her with a bottle.
She was bound and gagged. Completely immobile. Shit. What went wrong? Cassandra tugged at her wrists. They were crossed, tightly tied. There was thin black rope everywhere. Her ankles were tied...wait. Why was her boot off? And one sock missing? Then the taste hit her. Her sock! Her own stinky, sweaty sock was in her mouth! A thin black rag worked as an effective cleave gag. Pulled tight enough you could just barely make out the sock.

"Uuurrgggg...." Cassandra's moan trailed off into silence. What the heck. Why was she best friends with a girl who constantly got herself into predicaments all the time? Why? She silently asked the universe.
The universe didn't respond. Or maybe it did in the form of Marta Alfonsi.

"Happy to see you awake, doll." Marta purred.

Cassandra just glared. No way was she gonna react if she could help it.

"Ah, I can already see you are not as feisty as the blonde. How do you say in your country, no worries? Yes yes I believe that's what it is." Marta said.

Cassandra continued to glare at her until the Italian socialite burst out laughing. Not a maniacal laugh. Just a hearty one. Cassandra gave her a quizzical look.

"You know, When I was your age, any self-respecting girl would not dye her hair blue. Or use black lipstick. Some kids and their parents. Or papas. Sometimes papas can so foolish, not training their daughters to be ladies in society. Why, some papas can even....."

"Mmmmmrrrgggggggvgggvggvrrrrmmmmfffff!" Cassandra growled as loudly as she could. She didn't care if Marta made fun of her. But not her daddy. No one said anything bad about Dad and got away with it.

Marta raised an eyebrow. "I thought you were a daddy's girl. Ahh... I do so love to provoke people."

Cassandra gave her an icy look, realizing she'd taken the bait. This woman was cunning. Cassandra started to get worried, like, maybe they were in over their heads.

The parlor Cassandra was currently resting her bound self in was right next to the front door.
She heard it open and three seconds later Lorenzo Alfonsi entered the room.

Lorenzo was a tall man, six feet if an inch. He had a fairly thin face with a grace that told anyone who was watching that he is a gentleman. A muscular frame, not exaggerated. Just enough muscles to look sexy. Raven black hair that was currently slicked back, accompanied by a barely visible mustache got him admiring glances from a lot of women and a few men. He practically oozed self-confidence.

He smiled at Marta, then frowned as he gave Cassandra a once over.
"Che diavolo?" He said in Italian.

They spoke rapidly in Italian for several minutes, with Lorenzo getting a little heated. He pointed at Cassandra as he argued with Marta.
Then Marta, speaking rapidly, pointed upstairs and Lorenzo smacked himself on the forehead.
He sat down. Then Marta said Becky's name, at least, Cassandra was pretty sure that's what she said. Because something odd happened then. Lorenzo jumped to his feet and ran upstairs.

Why was he so interested in Becky? Marta looked equally puzzled. She followed after her husband. Maybe Cassandra would have a chance to cut herself lose!......


Becky Carter was angry. Those stupid movies. Why, if she ever got out of this she would write to every movie director in the United States telling them It was impossible to pick handcuffs with a hair barrette. True, she didn't know how to pick locks, but still. In the movies all the heroine had to do was wiggle her hands and poof! The cuffs were off! Not her though, she was cursing and sweating as she worked. Finally her fingers were so sweaty she dropped the barrette out of reach.

"Nnnnffffmmmm!" Becky squealed.

Suddenly the door burst open and a tall, handsome Italian man entered the room.

"No!" The man yelled, much to Becky's shock. "No! It can't be! It cannot be!"

Becky stared quizzically at Lorenzo. What was he talking about? Why was he so upset? The reporter in Becky started running at full speed. She began reviewing the Alfonsi crime family history in her mind. From what she knew, they had been gone from Manchester since the sixties. After that they disappeared from the public eye, only popping up on occasion. Why the sixties?
The only clue she had was about a Roberto Alfonsi getting hit by a train in 1962. It was said that the Alfonsi family, the leaders being composed of the dad, two sons, and a daughter, were very close. Roberto had been one of the sons. The Family, it was said, disbanded soon after that.
She knew her grandma Evangeline had been a private detective during that time. She never talked about it though. Besides, she lived in a cabin way up in Canada. It wasn't easy to get a hold of her.

All this passed through Becky's mind in the time it took Lorenzo to cross the room and untie her gag.

"Lorenzo! What are you doing?" Marta reproved him.

Lorenzo ignored her, swiftly undoing the knotted gag.

"Oh my, not again!" He said, " look just like her!"

"Look like who?" Becky asked. "Can you please untie me?"

"Not a chance." Marta interjected.

"We just moved here and already!" Lorenzo wailed.

"Lorenzo, would you calm the hell down and tell me why you're freaking out?" Marta asked, annoyed.

Lorenzo sat down. "I need a beer. Marta go get me a beer." He kept his eyes on Becky.

"Get it yourself." Marta retorted.

Becky had enough "Mr. Alfonsi, tell me why you're so upset. After all, I'm the one tied to your bed. I should be the one who's upset. And I am upset. True, I was snooping around, but still, it doesn't mean you guys have to truss me up like a hog!" She finished indignantly.

"Tell me," Lorenzo said, ignoring Becky's outburst. "Are you related to Evangeline Wallace?"

"Uhh, yeah. That's my grandmother. This is really creepy. How do you know about my grandma? Listen, just untie me and instead tie your crazy wife to the bed and then I can......mmrrrrfgggfff!"

Marta had grabbed the panties and quickly shoved them into Becky's mouth.

"If I can continue?" Lorenzo asked smoothly, smiling at his wife.

"Mrrrgggmmm." Becky said. The panties were wedged in tight enough that she couldn't spit them out.

"Now where was I? Oh yes. Evangeline Wallace. If you didn't look so much like her I would never have believed that Evangeline's granddaughter is in my house. After all, it was your family's fault that my family lost their prominence in this city."

"Mmffrkk?" Becky looked at him curiously, her interest piqued. Grandma Wallace never told her about that.

"Oh, so Evangeline never told you? Probably to protect you. You are obviously a beautiful and smart woman.
You know Evangeline was a private detective, yes?"

Becky nodded.

"Well, she was on a case about a missing girl when she stumbled across our family's kidnapping racquet. My father, Giovanni, wanted to kill her, but my uncle Roberto said that he would try to dissuade her. And try he did.
You see, my family was very popular back then. We had all kinds of social parties and dances. Uncle Roberto, being quite a charmer, managed to ask Evangeline out on a date. His hope was Evangeline would get obsessed with him and he could distract her other things, dates, parties, speaking engagements,etc.
Evangeline could not be dissuaded. She continued to pursue the case and kept getting closer to the truth. Finally my father, Giovanni, had enough. One night he broke into her home and kidnapped her. Giovanni took her to a railroad track and left her bound and gagged on the track. Uncle Roberto figured out what happened and went to save Evangeline. He had fallen in love with her for real."

Becky listened, spellbound.

Lorenzo continued, looking sad. "He made it to the track, but the train was approaching. Uncle Roberto managed to cut her lose and push her out of the way but could not get himself out in time. He died and the Alfonsi family was heartbroken. My grandfather was so upset, and with the government finding out about his criminal activities, decided it was best to move his family back to Italy." Lorenzo finished, looking at Becky.

Becky was so surprised, she had no idea! Her grandma! Why had she never heard this?
She wondered what this story meant for her current predicament.

Lorenzo looked at Marta, then asked her in Italian, "What did they see?"

"Only my bondage toys." Marta replied in Italian.

Lorenzo looked extremely relieved. He smiled.

Becky looked on suspiciously, not knowing what they were saying. "Krmmfff mmrrmff."

"Becky, I want you to know that we are not upset about you breaking and entering." Lorenzo began. "We have nothing to hide, well." He gave a small chuckle as his arm swept across the various bondage implements scattered around the room. "Marta, she may have a kinky side, but certainly not criminal. Nothing wrong with that. So, you will not tell anyone about this or we will press charges." He finished sternly.

"Mmrrfffhhpp! Wmmffrggvr!" Becky shook her head.

"Marta, dear, I don't have time to convince our guest here. I have to go pick up my brother at the airport. Please see our guests out." Lorenzo pecked his wife on the cheek, then turned to Becky.
"Signorina, a pleasure meeting you." Lorenzo held out his hand to Becky.

"Gggrrrmmmmffgcvvgfffff!" Becky grumbled.

"Oh, right, you cannot move your hand." He bent forward suddenly and lightly kissed the tip of Becky's small nose, much to his own surprise and Marta's annoyance.

"MMRRFFFHHPP!" Becky tried to holler.

Lorenzo chuckled again and was gone.

Marta stood over Becky, hands on her hips.
"I don't know what affect you had on my husband, but you are going to regret it. As far as letting you go, that won't happen for a while yet, so don't get your panties in a wad." Marta laughed at her own joke."Allright, gag time."

"Mmrrrffffgggmmmmppphhhhhffffvrrrgggrrrrmm!" Becky let out a string of profanities she didn't even know she knew.

Marta went about restraining Becky's mouth. She started by pushing the panties, which were wedged, the rest of the way in. Next, Becky still isn't sure to this day how, Marta managed to cram three freakin socks in her mouth. Her cheeks bulged like a chipmunk and the last sock hung out halfway. Marta took a roll of vet wrap and applied it around her mouth and head many, many times. Becky lost count at six. She was getting furious.

"mmrrfffhhpp" She said, her voice very muted.

"Oh I'm not done yet!" Marta said happily. "I love bondage, Becky. Before this, I was the submissive one in my bondage games. Now, I don't think I'll ever go back to being the sub. Really, you should try it sometime! Seeing how you hate being tied, you definitely would be the dominant!" Marta picked up a smooth leather muffler of the floor.

"gggrrrfmmfffppp! mmmmpphh! mmrrmmppphhh! frrrmmffgrggrrppp!" Becky growled dangerously.

Marta pulled the muffler over Becky's vet wrapped, sock and panty stuffed mouth and buckled it tightly in place. The effect was that the muffler compressed the cloth a little so her cheeks didn't bulge out as much.

"mmmmrrrpppphhhh!" Becky couldn't even move her jaw. She was so angry! Why, she couldn't remember the last time she'd been so angry. Becky gave Marta a withering look.

"Now, for the finishing touch." Marta picked up a long, black cloth. She pulled it over Becky's eyes, effectively blindfolding her.

"mmmmppppphhhhhh!" Becky grumbled.

She felt the leather straps around her ankles and calves being unbuckled.
Then Becky was loosened from the bed and Marta made her stand up.

"mmpphhh?" Becky asked, using her moan to make it sound like a question so Marta could at least get the gist of it.

"You don't get to ask questions. Besides, I have no idea what you're asking." Marta said in a haughty tone.

Becky fumed silently. With her mouth so thoroughly gagged she was unable to even ask a simple question. She hated bondage!
Becky felt herself being led out of the bedroom and down...stairs? That's what it felt like anyway.
Marta held her by the arm and carefully led Becky through a series of twists and turns, then down some more stairs until finally they stopped.

"mmrrfffhhpp. grrmffrgrrmm. mmpphrr. mmffpp?" Becky couldn't help trying to talk, it was her inquisitive personality to talk and ask questions.

Marta made her sit down. First she redid the leather straps around Becky's ankles and calves. Then she curled her up into a ball and ran two long leather belts around her legs and back, effectively ball-tying her. Lastly Marta checked Becky's handcuffs and arm straps.

Becky tested her bindings again. Nope. There was no way she would get out of this on her own. She couldn't even get the momentum to wriggle around. Anyway, gagged as she was it would be too hard to get enough breath for all the effort since she could just breathe through her nose.

"Just stay there, Becky. Your friend will join you shortly."

"mmrrrrrrggggffffmmmmm!" Becky tried to scream. Things were getting worse. In addition to being mad, she was starting to get really, really worried. How did she know they would let her go?




Cassandra felt like a fucking snake as she worked her way out of the parlor. Of course, snakes had the proper muscles to propel themselves along, while humans, they weren't meant to be bound, gagged and crawling around on the floor.
There had been nothing to cut her ropes in the parlor, and she'd wasted valuable time searching.
Now as she crawled into the hallway, she wondered where the kitchen was. This place was huge! Cassandra didn't think she had ever been in a house this big.
Right, left, or straight?
There were several winding hallways to choose from. Cassandra picked left.
She tried to hurry, but it was slow going. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, she came to a.......workout room? There was a weight bench, treadmill, bo-flex, and several other workout apparatus to which she couldn't name.
Cassandra sighed, didn't look like there was anything here.

"And just where do you think you're going?" Marta, that nasty socialite, stood in the doorway.

Cassandra had hoped for a little more time. Time's up, she thought in a fatalistic fashion.

Marta pulled out a long, thick white cloth and tied it tightly over Cassandra's gagged mouth. Then she used another one to blindfold her.

Oh boy, thought Cassandra. This can't be good.


"And so the two little princesses lived with the old witch and helped keep her young and happy. They lived happily ever after." Marta closed the fairytale book she had been reading. "Girls, what do you think? Will you help me live happily ever after?"

"mmmrrfrfggggrmmmmpppp! pprrggmf! frrgggmmmf!" mph, mphfr!" Becky's anger had nearly reached its limit. Fairy Tales! This woman was reading her and Cassandra fairy tales! It was not normal to tie people up and read to them.
No ma'am, it was abnormal.

"Frmk umf!" Cassandra's muted voice piped up from wherever she was.

Becky and Cassandra were in the same room but couldn't see each other due to the blindfolds. Marta was somewhere close by, probably in a chair. Things were getting more and more tortuous. This ball-tie Becky was in made for some uncomfortable cramps in her legs.
She heard Marta get up.

"I have one more story, than it's time for you two to have a nap." Marta said laughingly. "It's way past your bedtime."

Becky couldn't see her watch, so she had no idea how much time had passed.

"grmf, trmk, mrrggmfj, vrmkdmrf!"

"Becky, you should take a lesson from Cassandra and do us all a favor. No one can understand you." Marta replied. She picked up the book and began reading.

Becky rolled her eyes under her blindfold. What a basket case. Since she couldn't move or talk, she couldn't help listening to the story, in spite of herself.


Margaret Swift hung up her phone. She had been trying to get a hold of Becky and Cassandra for the last hour. Becky had called earlier and said something about Alfonsi and criminal racquet then hung up.
Margaret, or Maggie, as she was commonly called, stands at five feet eight inches, making her taller than average American woman height. She weighed one hundred and forty two pounds. Intense blue eyes observed the world around her, framed by an average face. Her jaw and mouth are too big and she has high cheekbones. Her nose is medium sized that matches her strong chin. Coal black hair that she keeps in a short ponytail, frames her face.

Twenty-five years old and she's the star reporter at MDT. Of course, until Becky showed up. Maggie was not sure if Becky will be competition or an ally. Becky really admired Maggie and asked her for tips on reporting.

Maggie likes the kid, she really does. It's just that while Becky is headstrong and smart, she won't always listen to Maggie's advice. Maggie has been reporting since she was young, so, she has many years of experience. She considered herself a very cautious person, not prone to rush into danger. Unlike her blonde and blue haired friends.

Maggie broke from her reverie. Yes, that's what it was. Becky and Cassandra were in peril. Again. She yawned, she would have to teach them a lesson or two. Or three.
Maggie doesn't consider herself an arrogant person, but deep down she knew she was. She did know what she was doing though. Hey, it ain't prideful if it's the truth, right?

She got on her computer and did some research. Then, she carefully packed some things in a bag, changed and left her house, driving away in her bright red 2018 Ford Mustang. Being the star reporter had its perks.
She looked forward to putting her plan into action


Maggie pulled up to the large mansion, parked, and got out. She paused, looking in the car window, admiring her reflection. Maggie had to admit, she did look glam.
A dark red off the shoulder dress accentuated her body, while matching red lipstick glistened on her lips. Tiny silver earrings adorned her ears.
A touch of rouge lightly brushed her cheeks.
Her six inch stiletto heels made her look very tall.

She staggered a little up to the front door, being careful to look slightly stoned.
Maggie rang the doorbell, and waited. A few minutes passed, nothing happened.

She rang the doorbell again, this time she pushed it rapidly three times in a row.

Finally the door opened, revealing Marta Alfonsi in all her glory. Maggie wasn't impressed, she'd seen prettier women than her.

"May I help you?" Marta asked politely, if not a little condescending.

"Why, I think so," Maggie said, slurring her speech a little. "I'm looking for the Ebon place, there's a party there tonight."

"It's not around here" Marta said, really giving Maggie a look over. "Don't they have apps for someone your age, to keep you from getting lost?"

"Sure do. But I forgot it at home. Was in such a rush to go hang out, drink some more beer, chill with my girlfriend." Maggie lied. Then she added, with a flirtatious wink. "I'm always looking to have a fun time."

Marta just looked her over again, and for a moment Maggie thought she came on too strong.
Then the Italian woman seemed to like what she was seeing. Because she winked back at Maggie.

"Come in and use my phone" Marta offered, in a way that said she didn't believe Maggie's lie but she was looking for a good time too.

"Thanks so much." Maggie said gushily, still in character.

She followed Marta in.

Maggie had a fling with a girl in high school once. She had enjoyed it but it ultimately didn't work out. After that she had dated several boys and another girl, but nothing ever panned out.
Combining those experiences with her reporting skills, it was easy for her to pick up that Marta liked both men and women. Just by looking her up online and the few minutes she'd already spent with her. Hell yeah, she was a good reporter.

Maggie continued to follow the socialite down the winding halls, observing everything she could.
She kept silent, not asking any questions. She knew Becky and Cass had to be around here somewhere. Probably tied up. And gagged. Those two, they should have called her. Maggie could have gotten what was needed and been out already.

They arrived at the kitchen. Marta led Maggie over to an old fashioned phone hanging on the wall. Maggie made no move towards it.

"Could I get a drink?" Maggie asked. "I'm really thirsty."

"Certainly" Marta purred. She filled a glass and handed it to Maggie.

As she raised the glass to her lips, Maggie noticed the Italian looking at her wrists. Here was the tricky part. Before she had left, Maggie took a red marker and very, very lightly made a circle around both wrists. She thought it looked very convincing as rope or handcuff marks. This was the test, if her suspicions were correct than Marta was into bondage.

"Your wrists, what happened to them?" Marta concernedly asked.

"Well," Maggie said,pretending to hesitate. "I, well I...."

"It's ok, you can tell me" Marta smoothly reassured her.

"It's just that, it isn't something conventional, you know?" Maggie said

"Let me guess, is it bondage?" Marta asked.

Maggie blushed "How did you guess? I mean, yes. It's, it's something I really enjoy."

Marta looked hopeful. "Well, if a stranger wanted to tie you up and said stranger needed her habit kept secret would you consider it?"

Maggie blushed again, "I think it would depend on the money and also if the stranger was rich and famous." She finished coyly.

Marta smiled.

Fifteen minutes later

"Mmrrggg." Maggie said through the cleave gag tied around her mouth.

Marta had taken her upstairs after offering to pay Maggie in order to tie her up, but not before Marta made her sign a legally binding agreement that Maggie would keep this to herself.

Maggie found herself handcuffed to the bedpost, each wrist cuffed to each side. A knotted cleave gag kept her from speaking plainly. Maggie smiled to herself, this would be too easy.

Marta looked at her approvingly, then glanced at the clock. "Hold on dear one, I must attend to something downstairs." She quickly exited the room.

Maggie immediately got to work. She slid the hairpin she had hidden between her fingers before Marta cuffed her.
Working delicately, she carefully inserted it into the handcuff hole and began feeling around.
Five minutes later she had one hand free and two minutes later Maggie had freed her other hand.
She ripped her gag off.
You go girl, she thought to herself.
Maggie positioned herself on the bed, then waited.


"ggrrmmmfff. crfmfyugrv!" Becky yelled, only, it sounded more like a song played so low you could barely hear the music, and most definitely could not make out the words.

"Nrfm grtsgr! Hrmbmffpp." Cassandra said, her voice a little louder.

They had been trying to find each other for the last while. It was hard, Becky reflected, when you had a blindfold on. She was so well gagged she had breathe through her nose, so it made locating Cass a real chore. Not that she could move towards her. No way jose. Marta had seen to that, much to Becky's eternal disgust. She was still ball-tied, so it was up to Cass. 
Sucks to be you, she thought.

"Ah, my two lovelies, I just had to check on you before I attend to my new guest!" Marta's voice seemed to come out of nowhere.

"Fruk mrg frsd!"

"grmfg! irdg, mpf hrmg nrwg, mrpg!"

Two voices responded.

"Well, I can see everything is as it should be. Take care girls!" Marta cheerfully called out.

"mrrgmphhhhreghm! jrkmpf!" Becky grumbled.

She wondered who Marta's guest was.


Maggie waited tensely on the bed, it shouldn't take too long for Marta to come back.
She held one handcuff open and at the ready in one hand, a pillow case in the other.

The bedroom door opened, and everything seemed to slow down for Maggie.

She saw Marta enter the room, her mouth forming an "O" of surprise and at that moment, Maggie leapt, throwing the pillow case over Marta's head.
She quickly yanked Marta's wrist into the cuff, then cliked it to the bedpost.
Maggie had her now. She went about securing Marta's other wrist to the opposite bedpost.

For her part, Marta didn't say a word.

Maggie yanked the pillow case off her head. The Italian woman looked so disappointed Maggie would have felt sorry for her if she wasn't holding her friends hostage.

"Now, where are Becky and Cassandra?" Maggie asked severely.

"I thought you were the real deal. You certainly made a fool of me." Marta said dejectedly.

"That's not what I asked, I want to..."

"They're downstairs!" Marta said, now angry. "That Becky Carter got my Lorenzo all worked up! Now she must pay!"

"Thank you!" Maggie said, then left the room.


Becky heard someone coming again. Who? Probably Marta. Becky wished she could kick right now, or at least talk. She would give that woman a piece of her mind.

"So, the snooping reporter gets herself and her photographer friend in a bind. Again. BORING.
Good thing Maggie the experienced journalist is here to lend a helping hand." Maggie said, sounding cocky.

"mrrrgggmmm!" Becky retorted.
Maggie. Of all the people to find them it had to be Maggie. Becky wasn't complaining though, she was sore from this ball-tie, handcuffs, gag, everything.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Did you try to say something? That's right! Becky is gagged folks! How very....common!" Maggie laughed sardonicly.

"ggrrrmmmmfff" Becky growled.
Maggie better not be recording this. Her blindfold was ripped away and Becky squinted in the light. She saw Maggie bending down to untie her.

Cass was already untied and was undoing her gag. She spit out the sock that had been shoved in her mouth. "Urrg, I'll never wear that sock again."

"Becky, Becky, if you would have waited we could have gone together and you'd never have gotten tied up." Maggie scolded her as she picked the locks on Becky's cuffs.

"vrmfg! frmgdthmpprffmmg!" Becky scolded right back.

"Wow, they really gagged you this time." Maggie finished with the handcuffs.

Becky's hands immediately went to her gag and began taking it off.

A few minutes she was free and they were bringing Maggie up to speed.

"Wait a minute, so you didn't actually find anything?" Maggie asked incredulously.

"Well, no,but I felt a draft in the bedroom and I was checking it out when Marta jumped me. I've been a prisoner since. Thanks for the rescue by the way."

"No worries" Maggie said, a tad condescending.

"Hey Maggpie, lay off Becky, she's new at this and doesn't have your experience. Neither do I for that matter. But how many times did you get tied up when you were our age?" Cassandra asked, fed up with Maggie's arrogance and also coming to Becky's defense.

Maggie glared at Cassandra. She hated being called "Maggpie".
"Listen you little...."

"Maggie listen, we're grateful for the rescue, but we're adults. We don't need you lecturing us. Anyway, let's focus on the task at hand." Becky interjected.

Maggie finally relented."Ok."

Becky smiled at Cass. Maggie always gave in when they ganged up on her.

"But we need to discuss the fact that you didn't find anything. Even if you did, it wouldn't hold up in court because you intruded on their private chambers. Cassandra was trespassing on the lawn, and I signed an agreement with Marta saying anything I saw in here today would remain private. That is legally binding." Maggie looked from Becky to Cass.

"Aww s#!$." Cass said.

"Yeah but, if I look around some more...." Becky began but was interrupted.

"Come on, we need to check on Marta." Maggie said.

Becky relented for the moment.

Together they trooped upstairs. Marta was still there, cuffed and waiting.

"So, you are both free and I am the prisoner. Do not worry, I am far from finished." Marta said, grinning.

"Why isn't she gagged?" Becky asked, irritated.

"I second the motion" Cassandra said.

"Sure, you can gag me, be advised though, next time I meet up with you it will be bad. For all of you." Marta included Maggie in her appraising look.

Becky ignored her, picking up the ballgag Marta had shown her earlier. "I've never used this before, but I'm sure it works." She brought it over to Marta. "Open wide."

To Becky and Cassandra's surprise and disappointment, Marta opened her mouth and let them insert the gag. That took all the fun out of it.
Marta's eyes were smiling as they buckled it in place.

"Allright, let's go you two." Maggie said bossily.

"No, not untill I find some evidence." Becky said stubbornly.

"How many times do I have to explain..."

"How many times do I have to tell you I AM NOT LEAVING." Becky retorted. "Go if you want, I'm staying."

Cass looked sincerely at Becky "C'mon Beck, you know Maggie's right."

"Cass, I don't expect you to stay. I totally understand. Don't worry, I'll be fine." Becky said.

Marta lay on the bed, watching.

Becky started to go beside the bed to look under it when Maggie and Cass looked at each other.

Maggie grabbed one of Becky's arms, Cass grabbed the other. Becky looked at them in surprise.

"Hey! Get your hands off me!" Becky said angrily.

"Sorry Becky, this is for your own good." Maggie said.

"There's something about this bed, I need to...mmmppphhh!"

Maggie had clapped a hand over Becky's mouth.

Cass murmured apologetically under her breath about how this was for Becky's own good.

Becky struggled, but the two girls were too strong combined. All three headed for the door.

Becky managed to break free of Maggie's hand over her mouth. "This isn't the end Marta!" She called out. "I'll find the evidence I need sooner or....mmmmrrrppphh!"

Maggie's hand clamped down again, and Becky was cut off.

They dragged Becky outside to the car, then made her get in. She was sullen on the way home.

"I know there was something about that bed. If you guys wouldn't have dragged me out of there." Becky gave her friends an icy glare.

"Becky there was nothing special about that bed. It was a normal king size bed." Maggie said.

"Yeah, sorry Becky. I just didn't want you to lose your job." Cass said sympathetically.

"Yeah no worries. I know you guys were looking out for me." Becky remained unconvinced about the bed though. She would do more digging, and sooner or later she would find something.
She was a Carter, and she would get to the bottom sooner rather than later.


Marta's smiling eyes vanished as soon as the girls left. Her jaw already ached from the ballgag. She was angry at having to spend four more hours in this position untill Lorenzo got home.
Marta sure wasn't about to let the girls see her angry though. No sense giving them satisfaction.
She was relieved that snoop Becky hadn't been able to check out the bed. Everything might have come undone. There would be guards after this.

She began planning, ironing out details for her prey. She would let the mice make the first move, then spring her trap. Oh yes, she couldn't wait.


Submitted: May 27, 2020

© Copyright 2021 ScottGrisham. All rights reserved.

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