The Well

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There was a well that has been with the property for over 2 centuries it’s always been closed until one rainy night it randomly opens. Family of three the Izu family will understand that the dead must remain dead.

The car drove up the hill. Yuka Izu looked from the car door window, she seen a large temple on top of a hillside. It was large with a balcony overlooking the rural town of Takahiro. The father Sui Izu was driving the station wagon when he turned the car and into the front driveway. 

Yukie Izu mom, stepped from the car and looked around the ancient grounds. Yuka stepped out as she held her phone in her left hand. Something was odd about this house, like she couldn’t place it. 

Inside the house was a large stairwell that lead up to the second floor. A dining room consisting of nothing, this was their summer home which they had in the family for two generations. While the parents searched the house, Yuka gazed upon a well that was covered up. Yuka felt strange as the well looked beat up and old. She opened up the sliding door as she placed her shoe on the grass. The sunlight was blaring it’s sun rays over the roof. Making her shadow larger. Yuka walked closer towards the well. She pressed her hand on it which it felt loose. Like the wood was rotting. One wrong move and she would be trapped in 20 feet of water and sewage. 

Yuka turned back around and headed inside. Nothing was weird about this house than that well. She decided to get some answers. “Mom. Do you know anything about that well in the back?” Yuka asked her mom as she pointed to the well. Mom looked at the well for a good minute when she said “It’s nothing it been in here since your grandparents were born” She said, but her voice was shaking like she didn’t like talking about it. 

It was getting late when father made his favorite dish Sukiyaki. Which was also her favorite meal as well. They are and laughed, Yuka loved her parents she wouldn’t know what to do without them really. Grandma died last year, which her mother wasn’t sad about it. Which made Yuka weird. Grandma loved Yuka so much that she was over at her house most of her childhood. 

After dinner Yuka toured the rest of the house herself. Nothing unusual just your average two story temple house. Yuka pulled out her bouncy ball and threw it down the dark hallway. It bounced back. This was fun. Then she threw it again as it didn’t make a sound like hitting a wall. Then it bounced back, like someone threw it. Yuka stopped in place, something felt off about this. But no one was there it was dead silence. Yuka shook her head and walked back downstairs.

It was bedtime when Yuka looked out of her window and seen the well. That well creeped her out because it looks out of place. Like that wasn’t a normal thing to have. 

It was around 2 o clock when she heard something drop. She turned and looked around the dark room. Yuka turned towards the well and seen the woods vibrating. It was rising up and down. The rain slammed down on the window, the ground was all mud and slush. Then one of the pieces of wood burst into the air. 

Yuka had her mouth open as pure horror was all over her face. Her face muscles was tightening as sweat came down from her brow. A head appeared from the well, its lanky fingers appeared from the well. Yuka raced out the room as she heard something pounding on the wall. 

Yuka then seen a shadow illuminating the downstairs hall. It was jittering super fast as a strange noise came from it. Yuka looked at the back door. A shadow was behind it, it was tall and jittery. Then she realized her parents were no where to be found. Yuka screamed as the door slowly opens. 

She opened her eyes as she was sweating. She looked at the well. It was shut and there were no foot prints. Yuka walked from her room. She then stopped as she tuned and looked down the hall. Her bouncy ball was still there. Yuka walked downstairs and seen muddy footprints. Yuka stopped in her tracks. The back door opened as no one was on the other end of the door.

Outside Yuka walked down the hall as she seen green grass and flowers all around the well. People wearing white kimonos smiled. Candles lit around the well. She smiled as she kept walking towards the well. She seen numerous teenage girls standing in the forest. She was pushed down the well as she smacked her body on the cold cement. 


The End 

Submitted: May 28, 2020

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