From the Mixed Up Thoughts and Feelings of an Aspie

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Table of Contents

Against School

This is a found poem based off of John Taylor Gatto's Against School essay.
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Arguing With My Dad

Tell me one thing in your life    Beyond a shadow of a doubt    That you really believe   ... Read Chapter

All the While

He’s at a birthday party   Eating birthday cake   Watching the birthday boy open presents   Laug... Read Chapter

I Call It, She Calls It

First, there’s her obsession with Avatar   She calls it awesome   I call it cute   Not so much t... Read Chapter

I Thought I Wanted

I thought I wanted a sanctuary   Some place quiet   With no demands or rules   All I had to do ... Read Chapter

I'm Alone

I’m alone everywhere I go   Nowhere is safe   I sit in my room   My family in the living room ... Read Chapter

You Believe, You Notice, You Know, You Wish

When you’re a kid   You believe   Santa brings toys on Christmas   The Tooth Fairy leaves you mo... Read Chapter

How to Mask in 8 Easy Steps

1. Do something good (So no one sees the bad.)   2. Don't ever show them what you're really thinking (They don't rea... Read Chapter

I'm Sorry


I feel like it's only fair I warn you, I was in a very dark place when I wrote this one, so the trigger warning is because while there's nothing explicitly said, it was written with certain things
in mind.
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Me and My Sisters

This is based off of the legend of the Seven Sisters constellation.
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Not Me

I look at the family, they seem so nice But they feel so cold, almost like ice I try to impress them, but my attempts are in vain... Read Chapter

Let's Talk About Autism

Autism is a funny thing   Sometimes it’s easy   To know if you have it   Sometimes it’s not ... Read Chapter

Remember Me?

Pretty people have pretty faces   Sculpted cheekbones   Sparkling eyes   Beautiful legs  ... Read Chapter


In this world, there are children   These children are no different than you or me   But they are bullied and h... Read Chapter


This is not something that happened to me, it's supposed to be told from the perspective of a Holocaust survivor
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Some of Us

We are everywhere   We live our lives   The best we can   And we fall in love   So if... Read Chapter

The Best Day of My Life

This is based off my favorite Walt Whitman poem, When I Heard the Learn'd Astronomer
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The Truth About Life

I can’t do this   I’ve never had anything to say   No one ever asked me my opinion   People lo... Read Chapter

This One's For GPHS

High school is part of the best years of your life   It’s the last chance you get to do something meaningful   ... Read Chapter

Ugly Things

One day, like any other   I opened a book   And I learned about paper towns   How they’re built ... Read Chapter

What is Peace?

You always hear so much about the word peace   But you never hear just what exactly that means   People talk ab... Read Chapter

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