A proposal by a coder

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

A love that was blooming when we were just teenagers found its ways when we were about to fall apart. This is the story about the very first proposal I got and how I reacted to that. The boy who was just a friend became someone special, someone very special just in 2 minutes. Explore it how

We were just two teenagers who were neighbours, kind of secret keepers of each other. Even after school days, when we thought, we won't be together anymore, friendship found its way to help us to be together.

We took admission in the same university, but different colleges as well as different courses. He wanted to pursue CSE and I wanted to pursue my passion in Mathematics. 

That phase made us realize that a bond like friedship never need efforts if both the friends are committed by heart.

Even after having dissimilarities in our class timings, we used to find the way out to hang up, be it on phone calls, in the busiest metro or in college fests. Life was awesome with a friend like him by my side.

Okay, now is the time to get introduced to us.

So, this is our story, He Shivam and me Shivangi, the two of best friends, who has turned out to be lovers just today itself.

I met Shivam for the first time when I was in school, a silent kid with less friends and more brain, who could easily be found in computer labs writing something on keyboard or in music room, playing one of my favourite songs on congo. Yes, he was different from other boys, he chose congo to impress the biggest nerd of his class. 

I was someone who was popular because of being the Head Girl of the school and a class topper since last 6 years.

I used to help him in Maths, and he used to teach me how to code some serious stuff and helped me out in learning first few beats on congo.

Today, when the last rounds of placement drives are going on in the university, I came to the campus just to support my best friend. My results of PG entrance exams are also supposed to be announced, by late in the evening.

To an anxious friend, I offered a chilled water bottle in the month of March and he asked me about the results. Just a wink and crackle of kunuckles was enough for him to imagine my worries. The sweat on his forehead was enough for me to realize his condition. He motivated me in the time when he needed motivation the most.

I wanted a job for him by the end of the day and he wanted me to crack that PG entrance exam.

First round, second round and third round, everything happened and now we both were sitting, waiting for the results. It was to be announced anytime now. 

Suddenly, a notification pooped up in his phone, he went away and when he came back, he brought a good news, the news of my PG entrance results getting declared and me qualifying for admission. The moments when we were sharing that happiness, an other happiness found its way, he was also offered the job. Happiness was doubled, but the day needed more.

While travelling back to home in metro, he sat besides me and asked me to see a logic in one of his codes on his laptop, while I opened that code, that looked confusing, so I executed that, the code after execution displayed a confession from one best friend to another. It displayed his love with just three simple and most magical words. That was his idea to propose a girl with whom he was in love since last 6 years. 

A look in his eyes was enough for me to fall in love with my most serious crush sine last 5 years.

Being seated in front of him, I made few changes in the code and returned that to him, and advised him to execute once he reach home.

I just wrote a simple "too" at the end of his code. That was my idea of accepting his proposal.

Submitted: May 28, 2020

© Copyright 2021 hazel grace. All rights reserved.

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