Beauty Is Only Skin Deep part II

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

The Queen got what she wanted....

Several weeks after taking over as Queen, Derverna and the ugly one travelled to the mountainous caves situated to the east. She’d heard tales of a mystic and magicianous orb in a cave there. She’d said to the ugly one,


“Perhaps he can straighten my crooked nose. Maybe even sort out my flat chest.”


The ugly one had grimaced allowing full view of his black teeth, “Maybe my darling,” he slavered everywhere. “That would be nice. Then we could think about my idea of marrying our first child, when it’s 1 year old, to anyone who wants some gold nuggets?”


Derverna’s thin lips smiled and her nose twitched, the ugly one had seen this before and it meant shut up. He turned his attention to the black curtains that covered the windows of the carriage. They moved around with the motion of the coach and he could see fleeting glimpses of the country outside.


“There’s mountains in front,” he said. “Is this where the orb is?”


His Queen pulled her curtain away from the window just enough to see ahead. “Yes, we’re nearly there, only a few more leagues,” she paused. “Then I shall be beautiful and voluptuous and desired by all men.”


The ugly one stared at his feet and at the same time traced a circle with his index finger over several angry red sores on his face, avoiding the large warts on his nose. “You’ll be the most dazzlingly radiant Queen that ever lived.” The words were hardly out of his mouth when he jolted forward as the carriage pulled up. In the quiet following the noise of the journey the horse puffed and grunted. Above them came the gruff voice of the coachman, “That’s as far as we go Majesty, the orses are about spent. You’ll ave ta use the carrying-chair from ere.”


Derverna was irritated but knew this was going to be the case. “Get it ready then,” she said. “I haven’t got all the time in the world. And you go and help them,” she told the ugly one.



Within a short while Derverna was sitting in the carry-chair being carried along by four big muscular men. The ugly one was limping along behind trying to keep up. He winced as he heard Derverna call out, “Hurry the light is fading.” The carry-chair was quickened in pace as even more urging came from within. It was about an hour later when the ugly one saw a large bird perched on the strong bough of a tree. It was guarding a sign that said ‘Mystic Man a quarter of a league’ It lifted its large flabby beak and cackled as the chair approached. “Get out and walk now,” it ordered. The ugly one told the men to stop and put the chair down.


“We’re here Derverna.”



The Queen got out holding her ankle-length skirts above the dust of the track. She could see the entrance to a cave a short distance away. “That must be it,” she said.


“You stop here,” she said to everyone. “From here I go alone.”




Inside the cave entrance there were blazing torches lighting the walls with flickering shadows. She kept walking until the cave opened up into a large area where the ceiling disappeared into the darkness above. In the centre was a triangular rock with a glowing orb pulsating in the middle. As she approached a voice boomed out from the direction of the light, “Who seeks the mystic world?”


“It’s your Queen,” she said. “I’ve come…”


“I have no Queen,” the voice bellowed. “My powers are beyond any Queen’s authority.”


Derverna realised quickly this was not the moment to argue. “I meant only to announce who I am, I intended no insult.”


There was a split second of silence before the voice came again, “So Derverna unmarried Queen what do you want?”


She wondered how, without introduction, it knew her name; she instantly dismissed any idea of asking. “Well,” she began. “Through no fault of my own I have been born without a proper female physique and a disfigured face. I have heard of your great powers and implore you to help me. I will pay whatever you ask.”


The orb began to darken then small light blinked on and off in the middle, Derverna thought it must be thinking at least it hadn’t said no straight away. Also her nose began to itch. She rubbed at the irritation and to her surprise the crooked feeling wasn’t there. “You’ve done it,” she cried, before feeling it all over. “It’s normal again.” She looked down at her chest. It hadn’t changed. Her voice was crying as she appealed to the orb. “My chest.” The light brightened and the orb pulsated once more.


“For any more changes a sacrifice is required.” The voice droned. “I changed your face to show I can. If you don’t agree to a sacrifice for your body nothing will alter.”


Derverna was desperate to be beautiful and desired especially now as she was Queen. She rushed to the orb and fell to her knees. “What sacrifice? Tell me?”


“You must marry the ugly one and bear him three children. You must promise not to consort with any other man as long as you both live. You must love him and treat him with dignity. Remember if you do not keep to these pledges your body and face will revert to their ugliness.”





Derverna was shattered. She’d hoped the mystic would change her looks and then she’d be able to get rid of the ugly one and find a handsome man to marry. The thought of loving him and having children with him revolted her. She’d used him to get her father’s throne and to help her reach here, now she must choose. She turned away from the orb and wiped a tear from her cheek, to live and love with the horrible creature outside or be ugly for the rest of her days. She faced the orb once more and lifted her chin as only royalty can.


“Very well,” she said. “I’ll take the ugly one as my husband and do as you ask.”


The orb darkened and the tiny light within blinked on and off. For what seemed an eternity nothing happened. Then her dress filled out as her breasts grew. The wall behind the orb became a mirror and she could see she was stunning and voluptuous, so beautiful that any man would fall for her. “Remember your pledge,” the orb said before the light dimmed to black.


She went outside. The carry-chair had gone, as had the four men who’d carried it. The ugly one was nowhere to be seen either. She was frightened she called out.


“Ugly one where are you and where is the chair?” her voice echoed around the rocks. “Where are you, I have some good news.”


“I’m here Derverna. And we will fly back”


She spun round at the sound of his voice. He was ugly no more, leaning against a rock and his teeth sparkling in the sunlight.


“Let’s go home,” he said.




Submitted: May 28, 2020

© Copyright 2021 PikerUK. All rights reserved.

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Serge Wlodarski

Good story, keep writing.

Wed, September 30th, 2020 11:15am


Thank you Serge for your kind words, and when I get through this writers block I've got at the moment I will continue to write. :-)

Wed, September 30th, 2020 12:21pm

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