P.I. Philip Wolf takes on a job he's going to regret...

Table of Contents

The Dame

I grab her head and firmly kiss those delicate ruby-red lips of hers. I was right, no resistance. Our tongues are talking, and I like what they are saying. She wants this as much as I do...
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Tony Deeco

This dame is hiding something...
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Slowly getting... nowhere!
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Knock Knock

Damn, this dame is good. Too good...
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You were never here...
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Missed Something.

7   When I get back to my office, she's not there. I restock my Monday and Wednesday drawers with fresh bottles of Calvert... Read Chapter

He's Here.

This book is set in America during the 1930s
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Do I regret it? Hell yeah!

Massive Ray Chandler fan... I love his books.
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The Fat Guy

Chapter 10   I hear footsteps coming back up the hallway. Is it her? Don’t ask me why, or how I'm doing it, but I'm hopi... Read Chapter

Going Nowhere.

FROM THIS CHAPTER Small men are always trouble. We both can't help but notice our hands are full. I have a .36 in my hand, he has a long knife in his; trouble is, he's holding the blade, which
means he'll be good at throwing it...
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