Issue #12

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

The Hearts of Infinity are sentient objects that will do whatever it takes to survive and have impacted the history of Infinity more then people realise

Brief Introduction
The Hearts of Infinity may hold many secrets but one thing is for sure there impact on this world is undeniable, there power still untested as there will and control over fate unravels unknown  outcomes.
There presence has always been felt by those powerful enough but it wasn’t until the rise of the power addicted Omni that the Orbs found the public eye and despite the leader of the Order gaining one of these exquisite Orbs information was still very vague and largely unknown.
Each Orb seems to react differently to its host and to the situations around it, Omni tried to collect the Hearts and ultimately succumb to there demand and was ripped apart, Natas the ‘Devil king’ pushed the Chaos orb and his body to new heights but when his body could not keep up with the demanding orb he was engulfed and eaten by the orb as a payment for the debt Natas owed it, as for Eden, despite manipulating the trade process with the use of the book of Medeis (a book of unlimited magic)  seems to have  a working relationship with the Heart he possesses,  the All seeing orb of Infinity.
The Hearts however are very unpredictable and somewhat volatile as Omni and Natas both found out, the Hearts can change without a moments notice whether it’s a bad reaction like what happened with Omni or a broken trade as what happened to Natas.
One thing is for sure, you should never take a Heart of Infinity for granted! 
Heart of Chaos
The Chaos orb seems to be the most hostile of the known Orbs with its previous owner Omni being ripped apart and its last host Natas being sucked into the very Orb itself, however, this story has more to say then what has been told! 
We go back to a few moments after Omnis final moments, the world still shaking after the horrendous explosion caused  by his failed attempt to collect the Time orb.
Having already acquired numerous Infinity Medallions and two Hearts, Omnis levels had reached peak, but as he tried to contain the Time orb it all became to much, powers reacted to powers, his body was being slowly torn as he spread his overly large source of N.R.G in a bid to satisfy the demand of the Hearts.
With so much power being stuffed into one place the Time orb became  the ignition to an explosion that was felt on all three islands of Cygnus.
Orbs and Medallions scattered through the air with a force that matched the explosion.
The Infinity wizards, the opposing force to Omni made a quick response towards the clean up, but to there surprise the Infinity orbs where not to be found! 
The Hearts had already moved on, latching on to any living thing that passed them bye, moving and evolving the orbs desire for survival drives and pushes in directions using there immense aura and silent whispers to gain what they want.
Enyu was a Mooling!
Moolings are small big headed humanoids that live to serve and are often found in shops, inns and other places of work.
They like the exotic things in life and are often dressed in flamboyant colourful clothes and strange objects that appear to have no use.
This Mooling, was on his way to aid the Wizards in these trying times of the Omni days when he hears a whisper, it was calling to him, enticing. The words were unclear but it was clearly in pain, reaching out, calling for help.
Enyu searches for the voice, he could feel the pain and suffocation as he searches the near by brushes and shrubbery of the near by forest he searches and searches until he is curiously drawn to a small glowing rock, he stepped closer to its radiant orange and red glow and the whispers stopped! 
Enyu was puzzled, he stares at this strange stone that was desperately calling to be found that now lay in front of him looking like a tiny sunset.
The small big headed Mooling bends down clinging and clanging with  his trinkets rattling as he reaches for the soft fiery orb, but, as soon as his round squishy fingertips touch it he is overwhelmed by dangerous power, a power that had a chaotic nature that fed on the Moolings purity.
The Mooling is flung backwards with intense force and hard into a huge wood tree leaving the small humanoid unconscious.
YEARS pass and Enyu wakes up in the middle of a dank alley dazed and confused, the last thing he remembers was being in the forest on his way to the Wizards, how did he end up here? Where was here?!!
Then he hears a voice, a whisper, it was calling to him, thanking him! Enyu was feeling more dazed by every passing minute, saying around like he had taken some form of drug.
He then reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small orange glowing Orb and flashes of memories rush through his head sending him to the floor.
Enyu digs deep however and throws the orb out of the alley and into the isolated street that joins, Enyu forces his head up and stares at the orb, burning like a small sun, it was beautiful and enticing and Enyu already regretted throwing it but as Enyu tries to pull himself to his feet he sees a figure approach  the orb.
The figure was that of a large man , he had no hair and a menacing look, his voice was deep and gruff and he approached the pulsating orb with great curiosity 
“ what do we have here? Its aura is something iv never felt before" 
The man picks up the orb and a burst of bright illuminating orange and yellow light fills the damp and dark blinding the watching Enyu
“ I see! This is the Orb of Chaos! An Infinity Orb! This is a gift from Infinity itself! Hahahahaha" crackles the man as the light slowly fades allowing Enyu to look up and see the man standing there looking bigger and stronger then he did before, then there is another voice 
“Lord Natas, our forces are ready” 
The man turns grinning from ear to ear and proudly announces 
“ things have changed, we have a new plan now!” 
Just like that, the man was gone and so was the Orb! leaving a worn down battered confused Enyu slumped in the middle of a dark damp alley somewhere he had no idea where, he didn’t even know what year it was! 
With nothing else to go on he decides to follow the man they called lord Natas.
Natas is the leader of Heydell and is labelled the ‘Devil king’, he was currently in a fight  with the Holo-Monks and the rest of Esskray in what is called the Un-holy war! As his felt Heydell was they key to the next step in evolution! believing his race to be stronger, faster and smarter and he felt Esskray and the Holo-Monks where holding humanity back from reaching the next step.
However until his discovery of the chaos orb Natas was on the back foot laying low in an isolated city looking to work his way around Capital city to strike from behind, now things have changed! The Orb spoke to him, whispering sweet nothings in to his ear and Natas was loving every second of it.
Natas goes straight  to his younger brother Ultraverse and informs him of the new plans, Ultraverse was a very very powerful being but decides to keep it under wraps and under control keeping his head down and following his brothers Orders leaving many guessing how powerful Ultraverse actually with many  believing he could be even more powerful then Natas himself! 
The new plan was a simple one, influenced by the acquisition of the Chaos orb, the plan was to blow the whole damn city away!! 
Natas leads his army under they Heydellion banner with his newly found D’rk chaotic power and a thirst for destruction.
 They launch a full on attack with Natas the first to attack so he could show off his new power!
 They push the Holo-Monks to the limits and even when the Buddha monk the leader of the Holo-Monks and an apprentice to an Original steps up the tide of the battle remained in favour of Natas and Heydell.
The Buddha monk was calm and at peace, his essence lifted some the gloom and heaviness weighing down the battlefield, Natas is intrigued by the Buddha and stands decides he will be the one to finish the monk off! 
The two come face to face and a battle ensues pitting the D’rk chaotic power of Natas and the Chaos orb against the peace and tranquillity of the Buddha monk.
The Buddha monk puts up a good fight but the raw strength of Natas and the Orb is too much and he his forced to his knees as Natas looms over him “ This is real Power!” boasts Natas as he slowly falls to the D’rk Chaos he has created! But before Natas can go any further he is hit with a flurry of sharp pinpoint strikes catching him off guard, he swings round and looks and a young flamboyant man, it was Eden leader of the Order and he was too an apprentice to an Original.
Natas grins as power starts to seep from his body  w
“allow me to show you the power of an Infinity orb! The heart of Chaos!” Growls Natas 
Natas speeds towards Eden as two Order Elite jump in to protect there leader, Natas for a brief moment forgot about the Buddha monk and was solely focused on destroying Eden! 
The Buddha  seizes the opportunity and with all his might attacks with needle like strikes hitting the pressure points of Natas forcing his body to shut down, but Natas refuses to go down and pushes his body and the chaos orb to the limits in a bid to regain control.
The Buddha informs Natas that after the Omni fiasco years ago the Originals done some research and discovered that the Orbs are living things and work on a trade basis, swapping the hosts N.R.G for its immense powers, the more you use it the more it eats away at you.
Natas refuses to believe Buddha and continues to push his powers but he just grows more and more  frustrated, The Buddha had hit the pressure points that controls the flow of N.R.G shutting down Natas’s  power making it near impossible for him to use his N.R.G and the Infinity orb.
Natas pushes and pushes, his body starts to break apart as he tries to force his D’rk and Chaotic powers to the surface, the Chaos orb reacts badly to Natas’s broken trade, trying to force power out of the orb backfires and in a huge wave of power the chaos orb swallows Natas! 
It go’s silent......the Chaos orb lay smoking on the charred floor with Natas being nowhere to be seen!
The Buddha monk slowly pulls himself up and stares at Eden then at the smoking orb that lay peacefully on the floor, but, as the Buddha hobbles his worn out body towards Eden Ultraverse brother to Natas silently walks over, Ultraverse picks up the orb looks at the Buddha monk  then at Eden before turning and leaving with out saying a word.
Ultraverse takes the Orb and disappears, he does not go back to Heydell and does not interact with the outside world for months, instead he lays hidden in a cave carved into the foot of the mountains.
He sat a watched as his brothers empire crumbled, he witnessed the Heydellion civil war which led to its destruction and he observed the rise off Eden and the Order! 
Ultraverse slowly acquired some followers of his own despite not leaving his cave, the first was a hulk of a man who just strolled into the cave, he goes by the name of Debo and is not one for talking.
 Ultraverse and Debo never  spoke to each other but there was a connection of respect there given by both.
The second was a man named profit.
Profit had searched for Ultraverse for after hearing he was a user of D’rk N.R.G, for his own personal reasons Profit wanted to learn more about the D’rk power, the last person he seek knowledge from was hunted and killed by he Order,  so now Profit serves under Ultraverse.
The third is a scientist and a recognised member of the former Union of Science, prof. Coopstater, a Dwarf who mastered in the art of virus and anti virus came into the services of Ultraverse after Ultraverse reached out to him when Debo had an illness from eating raw meat he catches in the mountains, prof. Coopstater liked the strange neutral alliance Ultraverse had unintentionally built and decided to join, using his gadgets and his knowledge to turn the cave into a base of operations.
There was a fourth, but he has never revealed himself ,Ultraverse knows and senses he is around but has not tried to find out who or what it is.
Ultraverse was not interested in creating any form of movement or alliance, he did not want to get involved in the forever changing outside world full of manipulation and twisted dreams, he was content to just sit in his cave watching, observing, trying to work out what existence wants and if he wants the same thing.
Unfortunately for Ultraverse he had a reputation and it wasn’t  long before someone else reached out to him, but, this time was different, this was a proposition! 
A scientist and prof.Coopstaters former college from the Union of Science named Dr.Cripper!
Dr.Cripper offers to free Natas, something Ultraverse had not really thought about, he loved his brother but his brother was hungry for change something Ultraverse had seen enough of.
Ultraverse agrees to Dr.Crippers proposal surprising those around him, for Ultraverse the man who wanted to be left alone was now making moves and despite prof. Coopstater mistrust of Dr.Cripper Ultraverse felt this was not his story but rather the unfinished story of his brother and if this Dr.Cripper had the ability to allow this then so be it.
This decision had clearly effected Ultraverse who’s demeanour had become D’rker, the free strolling Debo was now more reluctant to leave Ultraverses side and the air ad become thick.
Profit a man who offered his services to Ultraverse  decides now would be the time to tell Ultraverse why he wants to learn about the D’rk and the power it possesses but to Profits amazement Ultraverse already knew! Profits brother was none other then Spef! A known Hybrid Demonic wanted by the Order and most of Esskray.
Profit did not hate his brother but he did not understand him either causing friction between the two leading Profit down his road to understand the D’rk and Demonic.
Time passes and word finally gets to Ultraverse 
“ the Formula is ready! Your brother will be freed" 
Ultraverse had been observing, watching the world tick over and the inhabitants live out there lives so he was already prepared for this moment.
Prof. Coopstater questions Dr.Crippers motives as the time draws closer but Ultraverse is not concerned by Dr.Crippers tricks and games and tells the professor that it’s the one the doctor works for that would be the problem and how there is also another factor at play, a factor that played a big part in his decision.
Ultraverse then tells prof.Coopstater that the story of Natas could not remain unfinished as it is not just Natas that has an unfinished story.
To be continued

Submitted: May 30, 2020

© Copyright 2021 L.R.Hutchings. All rights reserved.

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