A Maiden's Frozen Heart

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What if you knew the future? But what if that future was not yours?

Sixteen-year-old Lady Maura is the unwanted “half-blood” of an impoverished noble family in Lafeara. More than anything in the world, Maura just wants to survive, but the number of secrets she carries threaten her life at every turn. For one, her real name is Carina, and she’s not originally from this world.

Carina was reborn in Lafeara with a frozen heart that makes her immune to physical pain while granting her the power of ice magic. Now she must use Maura’s memories to protect herself from the Turnbell family, hunt down the assassin named Ghost, and change her future.

All her plans begin to unravel when Carina is forced to use her magic to defend herself. Now a priest and his witch hunter are on her trail. As more bodies pile up in the wake of this witch hunt and the future continues to change beyond her control, Carina can only pray that her identity as a witch remains a secret.

After all, they still burn witches in Lafeara.

Table of Contents

Prologue: A Heartless Betrayal

Carina's life and death before she is reborn in Lafeara.
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Chapter 1: The Masks of Society

Alex, Master of the Fox Den, interviews an unusual client.
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Chapter 2: Run Rabbit Run

********** Chapter 2: Run Rabbit Run Maura returned the rabbit mask to the doorman outside and nodded a silent farewell. Then she... Read Chapter

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