He wasn't giving up exactly, it's just tough times!

I miss when wallbear was just an innocent word

for an innocent beast, wandering east to east

He would toddle over in his sleek coat and grin

Take out his dental floss from his dental crops

No worry ever about giving to us with the least

He shared, he cared, but one day he got thin


Wallbear wasn't who he was, never was, see

but then he went and sold his Name for a fee.

Now he's just the Wallbear, or last I've heard.

Anchored to the place, his whole self altered.

Poor Wallbear is always where his title says

He ought to be, snarling and standing still

Ready on order to charge, strike, and kill


I look from my window on my elbows

I meet his wild eyes, all the way across

I still see our bear, and sadly he knows

that he'll never go back to his silly floss.

Submitted: May 31, 2020

© Copyright 2023 Luna Abbot. All rights reserved.

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