Chapter 10: Sparks of the future

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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‘’That went well?’’ She sighed out, plumping herself down on the couch beside him. It sounded like a question rather than a conclusion and he couldn’t help smiling as he took in the wide eyed insecure look on her face that came with it. Her bright brown big eyes desperately seeking out his approval. He could not understate the beauty and appeal in her submissive nature. Already he could feel himself getting hard.. Not the time.

‘’Sure, yeah,’’ he calmly agreed, nodding as he scooted her in a little closer to look into her eyes. Ensuring he had her full attention, a good view to her reaction on his following question. ‘’When did you change your name?’’

Silence. The long stare she gave him, her parted lips and the fact he could hear her heart absolutely racing said about enough. It was a silent admission, one she knew she couldn’t cover up. ‘’When I moved here,’’ she softly mumbled, followed by a soft scoff.

He could understand her wanting to run away from certain things, he could understand lying to humans for the sake of covering the truth they wouldn’t understand, or shouldn’t. He just didn’t appreciate her lying to him, or see any need to. ‘’Why?’’ His voice got more stern and immediately she jumped up, shaking her head.

‘’I told you I don’t want to talk about it, why is that so hard for you to understand?!’’ She snapped. Tears hinting in the rims of her eyes already, she was trembling.

‘’I think I should know about stuff like this don’t you?’’ He asked, trying hard to keep his composure. ‘’It’s not like a tiny detail, chancing your name is a big deal.’’

She stood frozen for a moment, letting out deep and rather panicked breaths. Eventually she rubbed both her hands through her hair before she planted herself down on his lap, one arm around his shoulder. ‘’I don’t want to think about it, or talk about it, I don’t want to be scared anymore, I just want to move on,’’ she desperately whispered, as she rubbed her free hand over her jaw. Drunkenly, the shots seemed to be getting to her. ‘’I don’t care about your past, why do you have to know mine.. You want me right? You want my future?’’ She continued.

All he really could do was nod, take in her eyes, the sadness. He didn’t want her looking at him like that. ‘’Then let’s do that, let’s just focus on the future,’’ she pleaded, leaning in just a slight bit, he could feel her breath on his cheek. ‘’Please,’’ she whispered.

Of course, he wasn’t going to stop digging into her past. Did he really need her for that though? There were other ways. She was panicking already and they hadn’t even started a conversation yet. That, and he really liked hearing her pleading and talking about their future.

‘’Please,’’ she repeated. And then she made it easy for him. Pressing her lips against his neck, right under his jaw. To distract him, to get him to agree with her. Whatever the reason, he didn’t care. He’d gladly drop her past if that was what the future held. The actual fucking willing affection he’d been dying to receive.

‘’Well, if you keep doing that,’’ he mumbled.

She chuckled, wrapping both her arms around his neck as she continued, working her way up to his lips. Sending a shiver right down his spine. A different one tightening his pants. ‘’Fine,’’ he whispered as he gently tipped her over onto the couch to lean in and kiss her, hard.

‘’Take it off,’’ he greedily slid up her shirt she took over before he unbuttoned and stripped her pants. Fast, only to let his hands come up for her bra, which she obediently slid down her arms.

‘’Good girl,’’ he praised. Within seconds he’d ensured her every piece of clothing lay on the ground below them. Clothes. Such necessities. If only he could keep her around naked 24/7 his future would be golden.

She moaned when he went in for another passionate kiss, forcing his tongue through the slight opening in her lips. His hand gently cupped her breast, his fingers pinching her slightly puckered nipple upon release, prompting her to let out another, slightly more desperate moan. Her warm hands clutching his shirt, his shoulder.

‘’Well, first demand?’’ She asked.

‘’I want to touch you. Like I said, I want you to be comfortable with me, in every way. You can’t fall in love with someone without sexual contact,’’ he explained, calmly, watching her smile down awkwardly at her legs in silence for a minute. 

‘’I’ll try, okay? But, don’t force me please, it scares me, to be honest.’’ He was more than fine with that.

‘’If you ever want me to stop, just say so, I will. I promise, but you have to try, I’ll know when you don’t.’’

He knew very well it was hard for her to let him touch her. Her every moan and pant stirred up feelings inside of him he never even knew were there. Lust, sure, but he knew that. He knew the feeling of his cock hardening, just not how hard it could apparently get when he wanted something bad enough. He wanted her, bad, and he couldn’t have her. Not completely, not yet. There was something else with her though. Feelings of another kind, he just couldn’t place them. Fear? Love? Insecurity? Need.. A need, for something.

Something more than his hands sliding down her hips and thigs, somehow. As if her silky skin wasn’t enough. ‘’Spread your legs,’’ he impatiently ordered as he pried them open himself, giving her barely any time to comply. She shivered when his hands ran down her inner thighs as he positioned himself in between them, his finger seeking out the little dot between her legs as his mouth found her lips again.

‘’Nnhh..’’ She let out a high pitched, slightly panicked kind of moan which he couldn’t help imitate, chuckling amusedly. His cock twitching and hardening with her every sign of panic. God. What he wouldn’t do to her if it wouldn’t make her hate him. His free hand found her breast again, squeezing it tightly as his tongue pressed deeper into her mouth.

The hard mass in his pants pressing against her thigh as he arched his hips forward. ‘’Rian,’’ she panted out, a sense of panic, a sense of warning, a sense of lust. He didn’t let it stop him, or his hands from working their magic. His index finger prying in through the narrow opening to her body with a deep moan from the both of them, his thumb was still firmly planted and rubbing small circles over her clit.

This was sex. This was love. This was necessary for her to distinguish him from other people she cared about, she’d come to understand that along the way. Another moan, her body started trembling ever so slightly as her panting grew heavier against his face. ‘’Is that good?’’ He asked, breaking contact with her lips to press them against her neck, to work down to her chest and gently bite down on her nipple. He could feel the little hairs on it standing up with anticipation, nerves. Sending another twinge down his pants. ‘’Yes,’’ she obediently whispered.

‘’Yes? Hmm,’’ he wondered, if all of her agreed. Did he care? That was the real question. He was so goddamn hard and shaking with it too, swimming with lust and frustration. He wanted her, so bad, to take her, hard. Could he? ‘’You want more?’’ He panted, his hand stroking down her leg, her ass. She nodded, immediately. ‘’Hmm. Please.’’ More pleading, he moaned. He couldn’t. Fuck. She was trying so hard. He sighed out, deeply, shaking his head against her neck as he came to terms with the gentleman he’d apparently become. ‘’I love you,’’ he whispered.

She came, hard. Courtesy of his fingers, for the third time. – He did not. At all.

Submitted: May 31, 2020

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