Chapter 11: The loyal disciple

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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‘’It’s so big.’’ She’d expected him to live in a proper house, he seemed to be financially secure and all but this was more like a mansion. She couldn’t stop the awe in her face from shining through taking in the white brick and white picked fence surrounding the huge patio. Flowers, white benches and a fountain in the front yard, sun panels on the roof.

The driveway alone seemed to be bigger than the perimeter of her entire apartment. ‘’Maybe you should move in,’’ he told her, casually, as he wriggled his keys in the lock. It was something he’d brought up before, how much easier it would be for him if she’d just come live with him. Easier to keep an eye on her of course, his control over her strong and unwavering.

‘’You move pretty fast you know,’’ she commented, trying to keep a light atmosphere going. Truth was, ever since that little get-together Blair had prompted he’d been on his best behaviour. He didn’t threaten her, he didn’t talk about things she didn’t want to discuss and he didn’t complain when she made him watch chick flicks. In fact, she hardly dared think it, but she kind of enjoyed his company. Loneliness was a bitch.  

She was always alone before, always moving around in the foster care system before she finally got emancipated and settled down alone at just 16 using her witness protection fund. She knew very well Rian was her captor, still, and that one day they needed to part ways. Why should she let that stop her from trying to make the best of it? She made him a deal and she’d sit it out like she promised.

He chuckled, opening the door to beckon her through. ‘’I just know what I want,’’ he stated, confidently. His eyebrows waggling with the charming smile he gave her, the one that made her instantly reciprocate.

‘’Yeah you’ve been pretty clear about that,’’ she sighed out, rolling her eyes. ‘’How many kids do you want anyway?’’ Her jaw practically dropped at the interior of the house. The large white piano in the corner drew her eye first, surrounded by more potted flowers. A large stairway stood in the middle, it led to the second floor hallway, which was visible all around from downstairs. A row of bookcases and a sitting area with a fireplace, over a deep red, massive rug. The floors were all dark, beautiful hardwood. Throughout the entire house, she would later find out.

‘’Hmm, so, you’re already considering it, huh?’’ He happily murmured, wrapping his arms around her waist as he got up behind her, pressing his lips to her neck. ‘’No, I’m just wondering,’’ she sighed out, sternly, trying to contain a chuckle of her own.

‘’Hmm, three?’’ He offered.

She would be a fool to withstand the pain of childbirth three times.. ‘’No.’’

He turned her around, looking into her eyes with that same stern warning look he’d given her so many times, especially the first couple of weeks. ‘’I really want 12, actually,’’ he stated.

She was about to open her mouth, gasping already to burst out in protest when a clear and hard thud beside her sent shockwaves through her body, and her seeking protection in his arms. ‘’Hi,’’ it was a female voice, one coming from right beside her. Happy, upbeat and inviting, it still sent shivers down her spine.

‘’I told you to go out today,’’ Rian calmly mumbled, wrapping one arm around her as the other tilted her chin to take in the droplets of blood already starting to pour out of her nose and onto his shirt. ‘’You scared her,’’ he angrily added, taking her wrist to guide her into a massive white kitchen to press a towel on her nose.

She could see the girl in a flash through the corner of her eye. Long black hair, deep brown eyes. She looked like him, in a sense, except she was a lot more tan and shorter. About 5’6. She was pretty, and vaguely familiar. ‘’I’m sorry!’’ The girl exclaimed, hobbling after them into the kitchen. ‘’Oh, that’s a lot of blood, you were right,’’ she gasped.

His.. sister? He didn’t seem to have a family. At least, she assumed so.. His girlfriend? Bitch. That didn’t seem right.. Unless she had no idea what he was doing to her. He did tell her to go out, apparently, so she did live there, and he didn’t seem to want them to meet each other.

‘’Maddie, go get her a clean shirt, and me too,’’ Rian mumbled. The girl, Maddie, immediately turned as if she was his dog and he was her master. He didn’t even say please, he commanded her and she blindly followed. Was that supposed to be her future? Was this girl.. his other wife.. maybe?!

‘’Your heart is racing, you need to calm down,’’ he told her, his deep brown eyes squinted as he took in hers, a suspicious and slightly concerned look to him, his brows furrowed slightly. ‘’She won’t hurt you,’’ he added in a soft, securing mumble.

‘’Who is she?’’ She whispered confusedly.

‘’She’s my student,’’ he sighed out, giving her a slightly awkward smile. ‘’As in, I taught her how to survive as one of us, she lives with me,’’ he added. Vampire.

She still had trouble grasping that concept. It was too hard to just come to terms with, a vampire. A creature that lived on blood. He did, but everything else just didn’t match. In stories they would die of sunlight, they’d be scared of garlic, crosses. They would have to be…

‘’Can we talk?’’ He asked as he pointed to her hallway.


‘’You want to come inside?’’


‘’Okay, fine, come in, but-‘’ He nodded as he walked past her, into and through the hallway heading for the living room without even listening to the rest of her sentence.

Fucking hell.

‘’Are you okay?’’ He snapped her attention back to him, still concerned, still worried. He should be. ‘’You didn’t tell me you live with a girl,’’ she mumbled, forcing a sceptical smile on her lips.

He contently smiled, dapping the end of his towel in some water to proceed to clean up her face. ‘’Are you jealous?’’ Fucking vulture.

‘’No, but I do think it’s kind of a double standard. I can’t hang out with Joel alone while you live with another girl,’’ she argued, calmly.

He sighed, deeply. ‘’I’m not fucking her if that’s what you think.’’

‘’Well, I’m not fucking Joel, and I don’t plan to,’’ she continued. Her smile broadened as his brow furrowed deeper. As he licked his lips, biting down slightly on his bottom one. Tiny little signs of distress. He knew damn well she was right.

‘’She has a point you know,’’ that voice again, coming from her right. The girl carried two shirts in her hand, leaned into the open doorway, arms folded and a huge smile on her face as she looked back at her.

‘’Oh,’’ she clapped her hands together when it all fell to place. The recognition. ‘’You’re that girl from the café,’’ she stated. ‘’I remember you.’’

The pretty girl she’d been kind of jealous of that day, sitting with him so amicably. The one she had wondered about even back then. Just what her relationship with him was. She never would have guessed this…

‘’Really?’’ Maddie excitedly clapped her hands as she rushed over, handing her the shirt and looking her up and down. ‘’I’m so excited to meet you, finally,’’ she uttered. ‘’You’re so pretty, you’re gonna have beautiful babies.’’ She went on and on about babies, future plans, how she wanted to become friends. All she could so was nod, and wonder, just what the hell Rian had been telling her.

‘’Maddie! That’s enough.’’ He finally cut her off when she started getting into the gender spat she apparently had with him on their future child, sternly, taking his clean shirt from her hand to put it on. Right in front of the girl too..

She didn’t look though, her gaze was firmly set onto her trembling hands clasping the clean shirt she’d given her. ‘’I’m sorry,’’ Maddie whispered, apologetically and soft. ‘’I just really wanted to meet you.’’


‘’It’s – It’s okay!’’ Lane exclaimed, awkwardly waving her hands in an apologetic gesture. ‘’It’s nice to meet you,’’ she politely added. Forcing a smile over at Maddie before she sighed out deeply. She turned to put the shirt down, take off her blood covered one and he could just see Maddie lighting up, her eyes scanning Lane’s subtle pale skin, her breasts, sitting firmly in the light blue lacy bra she wore. Little pervert.

He cleared his throat and Maddie turned quickly, her eyes apologetically meeting his before she smiled down at the ground, blushing fiercely. ‘’So?’’ Lane asked, putting on Maddie’s fresh shirt. ‘’Joel,’’ she sternly added, upon turning, brows intently lifted.

It was not the same thing. Not only was he completely disinterested in any other girl, Maddie was a child. Joel was her ex, he looked at her like he was undressing her with his eyes at any given moment, which he surely was. ‘’No.’’

‘’You know, I hang out with Blair alone too,’’ she bravely continued.

Maybe it was the fact they weren’t alone, or the fact Maddie had actually agreed with her. She usually wouldn’t defy him like this and it made his blood boil.

‘’I said no,’’ he calmly repeated. Prompting a very agitated sigh and an eyeroll, that turned into a glare rather quickly. ‘’How long have you lived with him?’’ She asked, turning her attention on Maddie who happily turned back to smile at her again. ‘’5 Years.’’

‘’Is he always like this?’’ She grumpily asked.

Maddie nodded, happily. So much for loyalty…

‘’Can I see your room?’’ Lane smiled at her, quite excitedly. ‘’We should get to know each other,’’ she added.

Like a puppy dog, Maddie jumped, taking her arm to guide her out of the room. ‘’We’ll be right back!’’ She spouted at him before taking his girlfriend away. Who was clearly annoyed with his decision..

He had a bad feeling about this new friendship… He shouldn’t have taken her home with him.


‘’How old are you?’’ One thing she couldn’t help notice was the youthful look to her. Rian was young, late 20’s, this girl however, she looked like a teenager. ‘’I’m 16, physically, but I guess I’m 21 now, since it’s been 5 years,’’ Maddie calmly responded, crossing her legs on the bed they sat down on. She got comfortable and it was inviting, she mimicked the girl. She wanted her comfortable after all.

‘’Some guy, he was a teacher at my high school. He was always watching me and then one day when my parents weren’t home he lured me out of the house, and he attacked me. Rian, he saved me and then took me in, he helped me through the changing process, taught me everything,’’ she started explaining. ‘’I just stuck around after that, I owe him my life. I wouldn’t know where to even go without him, you know? Can’t exactly show up at home. He’s all I know now.’’

The girl said she owed him her life, she was loyal to him. Then again, she was just a girl and seemingly lonely. Let’s face it. She needed a friend that actually understood Rian if she was going to get out of this situation she was in without giving him her life. ‘’Do you love him?’’ She hesitantly asked. First thing’s first. Define the relationship.

Maddie nodded, for a moment, until she took in the look of surprise probably readable on her face. ‘’Oh, no! Not like that!’’ She frantically shook her head, an awkward smile on her lips. ‘’I’m eh.. I’m-I’m gay,’’ she stammered out, wide eyed and clearly shot with nerves. A shockwave of nerves. She looked like she’d never spoken about that before.

She couldn’t help chuckle. The girl was a mess, and adorable. ‘’Really? Does he know that?’’ She happily asked, trying to keep her composure. Hoping it would rub off on Maddie just a little.

‘’Well.. It’s never come up,’’ she mumbled, rolling her eyes up to the ceiling to take a moment to think. The wheels in her head clearly spinning. ‘’I guess I’m scared of what he’ll think, or say, if I tell him,’’ she softly continued. ‘’We’ve always been friends, like this, I’m scared that will change-‘’

She seemed startled, slapping a hand to her mouth to muzzle herself before she jerked it off again. ‘’I’m sorry! I don’t talk to other people that much! I just, I’ve been thinking a lot about it, if I should-‘’

‘’Calm down,’’ she sweetly interrupted her, smiling as she patted a gentle hand on her shoulder. ‘’It’s okay, I don’t have a lot of girlfriends either,’’ she added, finally prompting a sweet smile on Maddie’s lips. ‘’Just tell him when you’re ready, he should just accept you for who you are, and I think he will.’’

‘’Really?’’ Maddie let out a sigh of relief, along with a beaming smile.


‘’As for meeting other people, I have an idea, I think you’ll like it,’’ she added, smiling widely.


He’d given them about 30 minutes before intervening. The girls looked cosy together, smiling, laughing. He hadn’t seen Lane laughing like that in, well, ever. She always seemed on edge with other people, even her friends. Maddie seemed to make her feel at ease, somehow, and she had the same effect on her, clearly.

‘’Oh, why did she have to go?’’ She really seemed distraught when he announced he’d be driving her home that night, only to pout and whine upon his return. ‘’I really like her,’’ she happily added, planting herself down on the couch with him.

‘’I bet. What did you talk about?’’ He lifted his brows, sternly.

‘’Mm..’’ She pressed her lips together, shrugging her shoulders indifferently as her eyes strayed down to her lap. He’d known the girl for 5 years, he knew damn well when she was hiding something from him. Mostly because it tore her apart on the inside doing so, it was pretty obvious. ‘’You look cute together,’’ she mumbled.

‘’You talked about that?’’ He sceptically asked.

‘’She seemed a little angry though,’’ she continued changing the subject, much to his annoyance, and partially, his entertainment. He chuckled.

‘’She was mad, because of Joel,’’ he calmly explained. ‘’She wants to hang out with him, I don’t want it.’’

‘’Well.. I think you should let her,’’ she softly stated, her eyes carefully scanning his scowl. ‘’She can’t pick you over him if you won’t let her see him, and she might start doing it in secret, you don’t want that.. You’ll just get mad and push her away,’’ she shrugged. Again, a very good point.

‘’I thought you were loyal to me,’’ he teased her.

Her eyes shot up, widened and panicked. She shook her head in distraught, reaching for his hand but retracting hers before she could make it. ‘’I’m sorry, I am,’’ she whispered. Prompting another chuckle from him.

‘’I’m kidding,’’ he ruffled a hand through her hair, tipping her over on his way up from the couch as she happily snickered out. ‘’I’ll think about it,’’ he sighed out.

Submitted: May 31, 2020

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