Chapter 20: The tyrant

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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‘’Get up.’’

Joel groaned, loudly in an overexaggerated pained roar. ‘’You’re a tyrant,’’ he commented, clasping both his arms around his head as he rolled himself up in a ball against the tree he’d just hit. ‘’I need a break.’’

He hated Joel, still, with a passion but it sure felt good beating the shit out of him every day without Lane getting pissy about it. It was a great way to get out the overflowing anger and frustration still boiling inside of him, at least for a while.

He wasn’t as useless as he thought he’d be either. Joel was actually strong. Inexperienced and clumsy but strong none the less. He put in effort and he tried hard to get better in their training sessions and it was starting to show. Whether he liked it or not, Joel was an asset, and he was going to need all the help he could get.

‘’You can’t take breaks,’’ Maddie commented, watching happily from her tree behind him. She seemed to enjoy watching their training sessions.

‘’Can we just talk about Isaiah?’’ Joel grunted out, sitting himself up, his knees crossed, arms too in a slightly defensive stance. ‘’Is he strong?’’

‘’You know him don’t you?’’ Maddie jumped down to join him on the grass. Apparently they were taking a break.

‘’I know him as K’s dad, and yeah, he was fucking terrifying but I didn’t know he was a vampire back then, I didn’t even know they existed,’’ Joel argued. ‘’I’ve only seen him like three times over 6 years,’’ he added. ‘’He didn’t know Lane and I hung out, it was a secret.’’

‘’She said you dated in secret,’’ he commented, leaning himself against the tree beside the couple.

‘’We did, but she wasn’t allowed to see any guys, at all. No friends, nothing,’’ Joel looked at him, his blue eyes relaxed and frank. Still, it was hard to believe anything that came from his mouth. ‘’You don’t want to be a whore, K,’’ he shrugged.

‘’Excuse me?’’ He growled.

‘’That’s what he always told her,’’ Joel chuckled out, shaking his head in an apologetic gesture. ‘’He told her talking to men would make her a whore. Girls who like boys are dirty, stuff like that. He brainwashed her pretty bad, he beat that into her.’’

‘’Just for talking to them?’’ Maddie softly and quite sadly inquired. Her lips pouted and hands fidgeting in her lap. She liked Lane. She didn’t like hearing about the bad stuff that had happened to her. ‘’He sounds terrible,’’ she mumbled, looking up at him for any sign of reassurance. He had none.

‘’And don’t you dare make me out to be some fucking whore!’’ - ‘’Nah, at least whores put out. You’re just a liar.’’

God. He was a fucking asshole.

‘’Well you try your best to protect her then,’’ he told her. Prompting a wide and confident smile on her face. ‘’I will.’’ She actually had a shot at that. Maddie was swift, fast, nimble and she had had 5 years of training with him. Something maybe even more valuable than strength, was stealth, and experience.

‘’Rian,’’ Joel sighed out his name, as if he’d used it one too many times. A rather insecure and reluctant look in his half squinted eyes. ‘’I’m sorry.’’ It was the last thing he’d expected.

‘’I kind of tried to pry you apart, I’m sure you noticed,’’ he added. Oh, he’d noticed. ‘’I honestly just wanted to protect her, I just didn’t believe all this could be a coincidence. It’s so weird.’’

‘’Is that why you kissed her?’’ Maddie accused him.

He tried to keep a straight face but between his anger and amusement, he couldn’t help snickering.  The look on Joel’s was absolutely priceless. A mixture of confusion, surprise, dread, absolute fear and guilt. He was like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Violently blushing and clearing his throat to stall for time on how to respond to that. ‘’Uh,’’ was all he could manage.

‘’You know they’re fighting because of you, for days now, it’s terrible at home,’’ Maddie continued running her mouth, leaned in toward Joel with a fierce glare on her face.

He knew she was just being protective but the girl wasn’t helping. His relationship was not Joel’s business, or hers. How she even knew all the things she did know was beyond him. ‘’Maddie,’’ he warned.

‘’W-well I just finished telling her some pretty horrible stuff, if it’s any consolation, it was a mistake. She doesn’t look at me like that,’’ Joel mumbled, without being able to bring up the balls to look up at him. ‘’All I see when she looks at me is guilt,’’ he added. ‘’I don’t think that will ever change.’’

It wasn’t consoling, at all. Joel was the last person he needed to explain or exalt their indiscretion. It happened, it was there. And he did not feel like discussing it with the guy, or Maddie.

‘’Break’s over,’’ he growled.

Joel grunted, fearfully.


The deep sigh into her half filled glass fogged up the surface of the inside. It beautifully mirrored the very way she felt. Foggy. Slowly running thinner with every moment passing. She didn’t even bother turning on the lights, sat in the kitchen windowsill that night, again.

‘’We should leave, while we have the chance.’’

‘’We always talked about running away together, right? We can still do that. We should do that. It’s not safe here.’’  

Sleeping was getting harder. Her nightmares were getting worse and when they weren’t the problem it was the constant worrying. Stay or go? Despite everything, the question remained, just her motives had changed.

‘’I didn’t have a choice, Rian. I can’t just go and tell everyone what happened it’s not safe. I need to protect myself.’’

‘’That’s what you do to protect yourself?’’ He mocked her. ‘’You go around stringing anyone along that will tell you all the right things?’’

‘’Maybe you should have gone with him. You clearly don’t trust me.’’

She wouldn’t take Joel with her, she’d leave alone. It wasn’t about running away from Rian, or him, but at the same time it was. They were so busy trying to protect her. Everything seemed to revolve around her and her father. How she needed protection from him. It was all consuming.

Would he find her? Would he even want to?

‘’Maybe it’s my fault,’’ he mumbled. ‘’Maybe you’re just not who I thought you were.’’

‘’What’s wrong, tough girl? You were begging just now. Go on, beg. I fucking love hearing you beg. This is what you want, right?’’

Her relationship with Rian was anything but good. He hated her. She could see it in his eyes every time he looked at her, which wasn’t often at all. He was gone all day, he didn’t go to school. He was with Joel and Maddie, training him. To protect her…

She didn’t even know how to talk to him. Every time he approached with that look in his eyes all she wanted to do was run. She didn’t even realize how much she wanted to be perfect for him, until she wasn’t anymore. He hated her. He fucking hated her.

‘’Fine, you want a decision?! I’m staying. I’m staying right here, Joel. I don’t want to run anymore. I’m fucking sick of running!’’

‘’I’m in love with Rian.’’

She didn’t want protection. She didn’t want to run. She didn’t want to force Rian to kill his friend. She didn’t want to face her father. She didn’t want any of it.

What was she supposed to do?

What did she want?




‘’Running away will never free you,’’ she mumbled.

It was true, but she wondered if staying would. Her captor? Her boyfriend? Her rapist? Her lover? Just what was Rian to her now. It had been very clear at one point, and lately she found herself wishing she could go back in time, to that point. Somehow, things were simpler back then.

She did what she had to, to survive being in Rian’s grasp. She knew her dad was looking for her but the odds of him ever finding her were significantly smaller when she still thought him a human being. Getting through 6 months with him was her main concern. They didn’t even matter anymore.

‘’What did you say?’’


She nearly dropped the glass in her hand, shooting upright to give him a startled and wide eyed stare across the room, while wiping her wrist over her cheek. Tears. A guilty conscience said about a thousand words. ‘’You’re gonna run away?’’ He asked, walking over to lean in against the counter beside her window seat.

‘’No,’’ she mumbled, softly, before drowning her words in a big gulp of wine.

‘’You know, I can still tie you up in the basement,’’ he lifted his eyebrows at her, intently.

It was a damn joke, but she didn’t seem to appreciate it. Biting down on her lip with a sharp breath, and an apologetic pouty frown. ‘’I’m sorry,’’ she whispered.

She fucking apologized. As If he’d actually go through and do something like that to her. She was fucking scared of him, and he could feel his blood boiling once again. He couldn’t blame her. The air between them lately had been anything but light. He just didn’t know how to fix it…

‘’I didn’t mean that,’’ he sighed out.

She smiled, faintly, nodding swiftly before she once again put the glass to her mouth. Her free, slightly trembling hand reached for the ends of her hair to nervously wrap her curls around one finger.

He fucking hated it. Walking in on her crying by herself, drinking. Trembling when she laid eyes on him, scared of every little fucking thing he told her. It took everything not to bend her over the table and take her, ravage her, make her forget. But then, he’d tried that.. It just made her cry, more. Again.

‘’I eh,’’ she huffed, glancing down at the empty glass in her hand before she got to walk past him, put it in the sink. She stood there, for a moment, to let his nose fill up with her scent. Her fingers tapped on the surface of the counter he leaned against.

‘’Goodnight,’’ she finally mumbled, sighing out as she turned to walk away.

He wanted to tell her so much. To stop her. To grab her, pull her in and kiss her. Touch her. God. It had been at least two weeks since he’d last kissed her. He barely even remembered what she tasted like.

He was frozen. He let her go.


Submitted: May 31, 2020

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