Chapter 23: Happy endings, and new beginnings

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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‘’No kissing in my house,’’ Rian growled the very moment he walked in. Eyes burning on Joel’s slightly scared and widened, caught ones.

‘’I’m not kissing her,’’ he argued, stroking a hand swiftly through Maddie’s hair before he let go of her and got up to sit himself down in the armchair Rian beckoned him to.

Maddie let out a soft, whimpering objection but she stayed put in her own chair, smiling over at Joel as he greedily looked her up and down, mouthing something she wouldn’t repeat in Rian’s presence.

He had a hard time with the fact their date went well, the second and third too. It was hard for him to let Maddie go, and she, at times found herself supressing little gushes of jealousy. Just, at times.  Joel was her first love, he always would be.

All she wanted was for him to be happy. He’d gone out of his way to find her, warn her. To make sure she was safe and taken care of. He just couldn’t give that to her himself, and she didn’t want him to.

He always told her he wanted her to be free, and in carrying that burden he himself wasn’t. He’d put his life on hold for her and she was grateful for that but it was a burden in its own right. Dating sweet little Maddie was exactly what he needed.

A new love. One that could reciprocate, and reciprocate she did.

‘’Come sit,’’ Rian ordered her, carrying some bundles of paper in his hands he slapped down on the table as he took a seat on the couch.

‘’But, school starts-‘’

‘’No school today, we need to figure some stuff out,’’ he sternly interrupted her, beckoning her over impatiently with his right hand. She submissively obeyed, just like he liked her to.

‘’First, I need you to sign these documents,’’ Rian pointed at the little stack of papers on the table, handing her the pen in his left hand. ‘’They’ll transfer ownership of the house to you.’’

... ‘’This house?’’ She asked, rather confusedly.

He nodded, smiling charmingly at her before he took a look around the pricy interior. ‘’As long as a house is owned by a human being, we have to be invited in. It works for hybrids too, I couldn’t enter your house that day without your permission,’’ he explained.

She fucking knew it!!!!

He chuckled at the look on her face that probably soured with defeat as she leaned in over those papers, sighing loudly. ‘’You should be glad you did, I would have taken you here otherwise.’’

‘’You know how to romance a woman Rian,’’ Joel commented, grinning widely.

‘’Well, I’m giving her a half a million dollar house, I think that’s pretty romantic,’’ he argued, with a soft snicker. Rich, handsome, sexy..

‘’I still think we shouldn’t stay here,’’ Joel mumbled, leaned in with crossed arms to look at Rian who gave him a rather annoyed stare back. ‘’She’s been here for 3 years, that’s a long time,’’ he continued.

‘’How do we even know her father is looking for her?’’ Maddie asked. ‘’Do we know that for sure?’’

‘’I’m sure,’’ Rian confidently growled, glancing over at her. A rather guilty look to him. His eyes squinted as he tapped his fingers on his lap in that nervous fucking tic he had that just screamed the fact he was hiding something. More… There was always... More.

She sighed, hard, and he scowled at her, shaking his head with a sharp breath. ‘’Just tell me,’’ she ordered.


‘’I should warn you. Women have to be of age to carry your child, or the pregnancy will likely fail which is dangerous, they could turn barren. Also, with any hybrid, there is a chance that your first child will be another hybrid, if that happens, they can’t seem to carry any more children. You’ll have to start over.’’

‘’Well, one child is still a family,’’ he argued. It didn’t seem to sit well. The man squinted, shaking his head with cold disapproval as he reached for the glass in front of him. ‘’It’s not enough.’’

He told her. What was he supposed to do, lie? They’d both done more than enough of that.

The look on her face was gut wrenching, heart breaking. It was the truth, and that was a hard pill to swallow from time to time.

Lane’s mother had become barren the moment she gave birth to her. One child wasn’t enough for Isaiah and yet he stuck around to raise her with Celia, her mother. It was a one plus one equals two situation he could see her figure out. Her facial expression souring with every passing second as she came to the harrowing conclusion.

Her mother’s death didn’t even matter. It was never an obstacle, the only obstacle was her age.

Her father had always intended to carry on the bloodline with her.

‘’K, don’t worry about it, it’s gonna be fine. You’re here,’’ Joel sighed out. His words weren’t very comforting at all, and she clearly did worry about it.

‘’I’m fine,’’ she mumbled, leaning herself in over her lap to rest her chin on her interlaced hands. She let out a deep, troubled sigh.

He wrapped an arm around her shoulder, stroking her arm softly as he turned his attention on Joel. ‘’I don’t think leaving is the best idea, it doesn’t matter where we are. He can’t find her through the system, it would have to be on hearsay or scent.’’

‘’But that’s the problem, if we stay too long and someone sees her-‘’

‘’The more we move around, the more people will see her, the easier it will be for him to find her,’’ he interrupted the guy.

‘’Did he say.. one child isn’t enough?’’ Lane mumbled in a rather soft and apathetic tone that implied a level of shock. Her light brown, big eyes searching his in an insecure gaze, begging for reassurance.

He pulled her in close, his both arms around her waist. ‘’Yeah, it’s okay baby, don’t worry about it,’’ he whispered, stroking her back as he turned back to Joel who didn’t seem to agree with him, judging by the soured look on his face.

‘’We’ll be gone by the time they find their way to Isaiah if we keep moving around. If we stay here it’s only a matter of time.’’ Joel continued, fiercely.

‘’…That’s it…’’ she whispered, barely audibly.

‘’It will always be just a matter of time. She’s been year for three years, like you said. He hasn’t found her because she’s discrete, we can keep doing that.’’ He spat.

Lane tugged his sleeve. ‘’Rian..’’

Joel sighed out, deeply, shaking his head in a fierce disagreement. ‘’We should just go find him,’’ he growled.

‘’Don’t get rash, Joel,’’ he warned the boy.



She sprung up out of his arms to sit herself down on the coffee table across from him, eyes widened and a rather insecure smile on her face. ‘’You said there’s a chance my first baby will be a hybrid, and that you can’t make more babies after that,’’ she stated, lifting her eyebrows at him. ‘’That one child isn’t enough for him.’’

‘’Hooh!’’ Maddie jumped, up in her armchair, giving the most excited look he’d seen in her in a while.


‘’So!’’ Maddie exclaimed, gesturing her hands in a rotating ‘think this through’ motion as if he was missing something. He took a quick glance at Joel who seemed just as confused as he was.

Lane chuckled, drawing his attention to her brown sparkling eyes, she leaned in and took his hands. ‘’So, if that happens, he won’t want me anymore, right?’’

‘’…He won’t have a reason to look for me…’’


‘’You know that plan is kind of flawed right, a thousand things could go wrong,’’ Joel broke the silence.

He heard the words but they went right through him, his ears rung. There were flaws in that plan, a lot of them, but it was the only plan they’d come up with, with any substance. The only plan that could result in a happy ending for every single one of them involved. The only one that could guarantee Lane’s safety.

Hell, it was a happy fucking ending for him..

Lane smiled at him, all the while he was silent. She just sat there, with a beautiful smile on her face. Her warms hands tightly held onto his, her heart was racing. He could hear it, over the sound of his own. ‘’What about, 6 months..?’’ He chuckled at her, lightly. ‘’You have two weeks left.’’

It was silly, he knew that, but with everything he’d put her through, everything he’d decided for her, taking that choice away from her it just felt wrong.

Somewhere along the lines of their budding relationship, with time passing, he’d come to realize that he’d made a mistake 5 months ago. Not in choosing her, not in wanting her. Those were about the best decisions he’d ever made in his life. The mistake was in forcing her. Not giving her a choice.

She deserved one, for once in her life, and he would give that to her. If she wanted to, they would wait. Hell, if she really wanted him to, he would let her go.

He’d be miserable for the rest of his life, but it didn’t matter. He didn’t matter.

She was everything.

She chuckled, snickering as tears gathered in her eyes. She was crying, again, and once again, he had no fucking clue why she would. ‘’Rian,’’ she sighed as she dropped onto her knees to scoot over in between his legs and face him up close.

‘’I always knew you were never going to let me go…’’

He smiled at her, awkwardly. Fuck.

She sighed, wiping some of the tears on her cheeks on her wrist as she took a deep stammering breath, before she looked back into his eyes, and he stared nervously into hers, awaiting her answer.

Her final answer.

‘’I love you.’’


‘’I fucking love you too..’’


THE END! ~ For now...

Submitted: May 31, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Seikopsychochan. All rights reserved.


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Read all of the chapters! Love this!!!!

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It makes me so happy to hear that! Thank you very much.

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i hope you keep writing!!

Sat, January 2nd, 2021 11:47pm


I sure do.. thank you! :)

Tue, January 19th, 2021 4:44am

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