Chapter 5: Deal with the devil

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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He’d told her over three weeks ago to just do as she usually did. He just wanted to have her get comfortable with his presence after all, for starters. Since he was more than comfortable with hers, he’d been around for a long time. She just didn’t notice him before. At first he believed her when she put on those god awful soap operas. She was an 19 year old girl after all. However, her credibility had slowly been fading every night of the last week. Every single one of them, she put on the very same movie, watching it quietly and intently.

Maybe it was the designer clothing he wore off and on, or maybe he just reminded her of the terrible woman in the movie. He was starting to get her hint, watching ‘the devils wears Prada’ on a loop. Every goddamn night, for 7 days straight. She had him pining for those damn soaps by the 8th night. Innocent and obedient as she was, the girl did know how to get under his skin. As if being in her constant presence without so much as a touch didn’t do the job.

He cleared his throat for about the fifth time in a row, attempting to pull her attention away from the movie. Maybe return the favour a little at the same time. He sure got her though. ‘’What!’’ She snapped at him, jerking her head and visibly cowering the moment her eyes made contact with his.

She tensed up, as she usually did when the realization hit her that he was present. ‘’You’ve watched that 7 times,’’ he stated calmly, pointing at the television screen.

‘’I like it,’’ she simply argued, shrugging her shoulders as she turned her attention back to it.

He was a patient man, for all intents and purposes. Patient, but he was not a fool. He knew how to spot passive aggressiveness like he did in his prey, hunting. Humans did the very same thing, they just wouldn’t ever admit to it. ‘’No, you just think it’ll make me leave you alone,’’ he corrected her.

She tutted, scoffing out before she shook her head in dismay. ‘’Is it working?’’ She then sneered.

Her sheer bravery earned her a soft chuckle, and his hand reaching over to pull her in close. Immediately she cowered away into the far corner of her small two seater. Not so fucking tough now.

‘’Come here,’’ he stated, beckoning her over. She shook her head, prompting him to resort to force. He’d have loved for her to come over and sit herself down on his lap on her own accord but again, he was no fool. She was not nearly comfortable enough with him yet to willingly show affection. Yet.

‘’W-what are you doing?’’ She asked, a hint of confusion.

Nothing really. He was just holding her. Laid out over his lap with his arms around her, her legs resting on the couch and her face against his chest. Her body was tense but warm and it had been far too long since he’d taken in her scent up close. ‘’If you’re going to make me watch this stupid movie again, you’re going to do it from right here,’’ he calmly explained, running a hand gently over the small of her back.

She opened her mouth, to object presumably, but closed it again. Eyes squinted as she took in his, gaging his mood and probably contemplating her options. ‘’Unless you’d rather let me take you,’’ he offered when her mouth opened again, shutting it shut quicker than he ever had before. She turned her attention back to the tv.

Of course the throbbing in his pants soon pulled her back in. Her eyes wide, curious and terrified at the very same time, making his cock twitch right under her ass. ‘’Shh,’’ he whispered when she let out a soft distressed whimper upon the touch of his hand. On her mere knee of all things. ‘’Just relax,’’ he smiled at her, lifting his brows in a sweet suggestion.

The girl seemed to blush a lot. Whether it was her childlike innocence or her fiercely denied attraction to him, it made him want her even more than he cared to admit to himself. It almost made him want to just pin her down and rip those tight skinny jeans off her to have his way with her, hard. Almost. Instead he settled for a simple stroke down her thigh.

She flinched, sitting herself up straight on top of him. ‘’I can turn it off,’’ she whispered, pleadingly scanning his eyes. ‘’Oh no, by all means,’’ he grinned back at her, his hand rubbing down her back, sliding in at the back of her pants. ‘’This is the first time I’m actually enjoying it.’’

She sighed as she reached for the remote, turning off the tv to, much to his joy, turn her full attention on him. ‘’Are you going to rape me?’’ She asked him, quite bluntly. Little fighter. She surprised him, more and more with each day and his love for her grew right with it. ‘’I’d rather just know, if you’re going to do that,’’ she added.

‘’I’m not going to rape you, that’s a promise,’’ he assured her, smiling kindly as he pulled her legs over his lap at both sides. ‘’I want you to want me, not fear me, but I do want you to get comfortable with me.’’ He added, stroking his hand gently over her knees. ‘’Intimately.’’

She squinted her eyes, taking him in for a moment. One sight to behold. Disobedience to its finest, stirring up his cock all over again. ‘’What makes you so sure I’ll fall in love with you?’’ She asked.

‘’You’re attracted to me, I’m attracted to you. I’ll take care of you, I’m immortal, you are too and there aren’t many of us left Lane, I’ll always be here. I’ll always love you. I’m not saying you will fall in love with me, I’m just asking you to try,’’ he responded. It was one straight from the heart for a change. If only she knew the torment of walking that damned earth for 200 years alone.

Of seeing loved ones and family die before your very eyes knowing you’ll de doomed to miss them for all eternity. He did not wish that on her, on anyone. Himself included. His words seemed to have effect on her, judging by the trickle of blood running down her lower lip, they got her heart racing at the very least.

‘’Oh,’’ she pressed a hand over it as she pushed off him to scramble into the bathroom. He followed.


‘’That eh, is a lot of blood,’’ he commented, walking up behind her to gasp upon taking in her bathroom sink. It used to be white, just a minute ago. Her nosebleeds had subsided a lot over those three weeks, after he bit her. He made well on his promise, she just didn’t realize they’d come back to bite her in the ass with time passing.

‘’Mm,’’ she moaned out uncomfortably. In agreement, but that didn’t much shine through. The throbbing in her nose and taste of iron in her mouth were hassle enough. Talking didn’t quite help her situation.

‘’C-can you-‘’ she stopped. Unsure of what she was even asking him. She wasn’t. She just couldn’t say it, ask it. The thought still ran chills down her spine, but the idea of dealing with another nosebleed every week to follow did too. They were uncomfortable. Not to mention, she hated blood with all her heart. The mere sight of it made her heart pound which only seemed to add to the expulsion leaving her body.

Rian didn’t need more, however. He neatly gathered up her hair over one shoulder and leaned in against her, his teeth digging into the curve in between her neck and shoulder. The pain didn’t strike her as bad as it had been the previous time. Maybe it was him, or maybe it was the fact she knew what to expect. In fact. Viscous as it made her feel, it was a welcome sense of pain. Not too bad, not too little. It made her skin crawl, in a good way.

The guy sure could be chivalrous when he wanted to be. Cleaning up not only her but the aftermath of her weekly ordeal. ‘’Sit,’’ he’d instructed her, with a glass of water, before he retreated into the bathroom to clean up her mess.

Three weeks had passed and he had not let up. With careful consideration, she’d come to the realization that there wasn’t much she could change over her situation. She didn’t have any control over him and he had every bit of control over her. He could take it, he could take more, and she’d decided that playing it smart would be playing it safe.

I’ll take care of you. I’ll always be here. I’ll always love you.

That’s how it started. Her deal with the devil.

‘’Sit,’’ she told him. ‘’I’ll make you an offer, okay? If you really want me to love you, I suggest you take it.’’ Control, that was what she needed. To regain at least some of it.

Submitted: May 31, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Seikopsychochan. All rights reserved.


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