Chapter 6: It starts with a touch

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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‘’And? Progress?’’ He didn’t quite jump anymore at the hard thud of her body landing beside him. Her black long hair brushing over his shoulder upon impact. Maddie had made a habit of jumping down from the second floor over using the staircase, that and inquiring every single night about Lane and just what they’d been up to.

He almost felt bad giving her the same exact story every single night, seeing as she looked forward to it all day. It was a good feeling to come home with some good news for a change. Not that he did owe her. If anything it was the other way around. He’d taken the girl in after all, 5 years ago, taught her everything she needed to know. Never intending for her to stick around but she did. Much like him, loneliness consumed her and she found herself begging him to let her stay.

Begging to become his disciple. He let her. She was company and he was a sucker for strays.

‘’She made me a deal,’’ he explained, waggling his eyebrows at her before he passed her to help himself to a glass of scotch and his couch. ‘’What kind of deal?!’’ She insisted.

Her hungry eyes looking him up and down as she planted herself down on the coffee table in between him and his television. Going so far as to hide the remote behind her back, as if he wouldn’t be able to take it from her. ‘’She’ll try to fall in love with me, but if she hasn’t in 6 months, she wants me to cut her loose.’’

He gave her the very same expression Maddie now did him mere hours before. Disbelieve was probably the closest it came to. ‘’B-but-‘’ ‘’I’ll succeed,’’ he interrupted her, smiling as he took a sip of his glass. Simple, firm. He would. He’d win her over in 2 months, the other four were merely insurance.

‘’But what if-‘’ ‘’I’ll succeed,’’ he pressed her, lifting his eyebrows intently at her when she sighed out in distress. It lingered on her face, a pout forming on her lips as she shook her head. ‘’What?’’

‘’It took me two years to warm up to you,’’ she argued, shrugging her shoulders. ‘’You’re not exactly lovable, until you get over the initial.. well, scariness,’’ she added in a soft murmur. One prompting him to frown at her, glaring intently as she shrugged again. ‘’This is getting interesting,’’ she optimistically continued, attempting to soothe his anger. ‘’But I do think you need help, 6 months is nothing.’’

‘’I don’t need your help,’’ he confidently declined. If there was one thing he knew, it was to seduce a woman. He’d never meant to seduce a stray, he hadn’t been kind to Maddie in the beginning but he would be with Lane. He was. He was, and he would be.

‘’Come on, I want to properly meet her. I barely even remember her face, I’m good with girls my age,’’ she grumbled, leaning in to pout at him once more. ‘’You know your daughter will be my niece right? This is important to me too!’’ She continued blaring. ‘’I am not your brother, and we’ll have a son,’’ he stated, patting her roughly on the head. ‘’Drop it.’’

Much appreciated or not, he didn’t need Maddie’s help. He knew just what he had gotten himself into. 6 Months to have her fall for him, the girl just kept on surprising him. She’d try, she said. She’d try to fall in love with him but she would do in on her conditions he’d just have to adhere to. The deal involved just somewhat more than the simple statement he shared with her but those details she didn’t need to know.

All she needed to know, all that mattered was the fact he was going to succeed. He didn’t much care for the repercussions of failing. ‘’I’m not going to rape you, that’s a promise.’’ One he could only hope he would keep.

‘’So!’’ Her hard, grating voice snapped him right out of his constant mental game. ‘’Tell me,’’ Blair continued. 6 Months, with that thought he turned to admire the tiny blonde sat beside him at their usual table, ignoring the redhead. Sure, he’d threatened her to take her seat beside him in the beginning but even so she would often choose to ignore him. Not that day. A gesture he greatly appreciated.

‘’Are you officially dating yet?’’ The redhead drew his attention back with that blunt question. ‘’Yes,’’ he responded, giving Lane no time to object or deny. She looked up at him, a slight confusion in her eyes, he smiled at her, waggling his brows. ‘’Ahh that’s great!’’ Blair murmured in awe, leaning herself in over the table. ‘’I’ve waited three years for this, you know! It’s about time you started dating again. I was starting to get worried.’’

Once again, his interest was piqued. ‘’Who did you date before me?’’ He calmly asked Lane, blushing violently in her hands placed tactically over her cheeks. ‘’Just one guy,’’ she awkwardly mumbled. ‘’When I was younger, before I moved here,’’ she added, softly.

One detail she’d neglected to tell him. He was under the impression she’d never dated before and she sure didn’t help clear up the truth. In fact, she seemed very displeased with the revelation coming up. ‘’What was his name again?’’ Blair inquired, chewing loudly on the food in her mouth.

He’d like to know the same though, he’d be sure to pay the guy a visit when he had the chance. ‘’Joe?’’ She continued. ‘’Joel,’’ Lane firmly corrected her. ‘’Can we talk about something else please?’’ She nervously added. ‘’Sure.’’ Their conversation was far from over but he’d prefer it if Blair wasn’t around for the details anyway.

‘’Oh, I know! We should hang out tonight, at my place, my parents are out of town,’’ Blair happily offered. ‘’Sure!’’ Lane accepted, neglecting to give him the opportunity to deny or object. Touché. That talk was going to happen though, he told her that, in a mere look.

She softly whimpered looking back at him, forcing one of her sweet smiles on her lips. ‘’You smell good,’’ she whispered. Flattery wasn’t going to save her but it feel damn good getting that first compliment from her. Many yet to come, he thought, smiling back at her. ‘’Thank you.’’


‘’So,’’ he drug her attention yet again, away from the tv and onto his eyes. She’d hoped two nights at Blair’s would have made him forgot about her lunchtime revelation but she wasn’t stupid. She knew exactly what was coming and after two full days of keeping up appearances with him she didn’t quite feel like lying even more. ‘’Tell me about your ex,’’ he ordered.

‘’Just watch the movie,’’ she grumbled, pointing at the tv screen. He just lifted his eyebrows, quite sceptically. Of course, he never did watch, he just stared at her during most of the films she forced him through. ‘’Where did you live before you moved here?’’ He blatantly continued.

Right. Giving up his location would surely ensure Joel’s safety in his hands. He nearly killed her and he claimed to love her, she didn’t even want to know his plans for Joel.

‘’Rian,’’ she stated, turning toward him to find his body sideways on the couch, facing only her and not the movie in the slightest. His deep brown eyes burning passionately onto hers, instantly making her nervous. The guy was like a cheetah, watching her intently only to pounce at the right moment. ‘’How many girls have you been with?’’

He seemed a little confused with that question, scratching the side of his head as he shrugged his shoulders. ‘’A lot.’’ Of course.

‘’That’s different though,’’ he added, quickly. Before she could even make her point. ‘’I’m 200 years old, you’re 19. I lost my virginity at 23, you know,’’ he continued arguing.

Horrible as she felt for it, she couldn’t help chortle at the thought. She was the only virgin she knew, for her age, she was an old one. 23 Was ancient. ‘’Well sex was different back then,’’ he mumbled, lunging over to grab her wrist and pull her onto her knees in front of him. ‘’I thought you didn’t like boys,’’ he continued, displeasedly.

With that, a little hint of pity shot through her system. The guy was clearly jealous, possessive as ever and feeling a little insecure. Why wouldn’t he? She didn’t like him nearly as much as he liked her. It was his own fault but she couldn’t help feeling bad for him, just a little. ‘’You’re very handsome for such and old man,’’ she offered.

He squinted, shaking his head slowly in disapproval. ‘’Don’t flatter me. You know what I want.’’ 

‘’What would that be exactly?’’ She asked, lifting her brows as he did, intently and very much ready for an argument. ‘’Do you want to kill him for touching me in the past? Because, I would never forgive you for that,’’ she added, when he squinted even further. ‘’Or do you want to touch me too? Would that help?’’ She sceptically continued.

It was easy to forget at times, his threatening nature. Whenever he was around lately he’d just watch her quietly. When they were at school or with friends he’d be chivalrous and sweet, the perfect fucking boyfriend. It was hard to fathom but after nearly a month she’d grown accustomed to his presence. However, that long lost shot of adrenaline instantly returned when he picked her up and threw her over his shoulder.

‘’That would help, yes,’’ he mumbled, running a hand over her bottom as he chuckled contently.

‘’I d-d- I, I’m sorry,’’ she whimpered. She could feel her heart sinking into her shoes. Her fit of bravery even lower than that. His hand on her ass and his soft and content breath upon entering her bedroom was a little more than she was comfortable with.

‘’D-d-d-‘’ He mocked.

‘’Not so tough now, hmm?’’ He continued, dropping her down to her feet and up against the closet where he swiftly unbuttoned her jeans. ‘’What happened to my tough girl?’’ He whispered in her ear as he let his hands slide down under her shirt to unhook her bra.

She could feel her breasts sliding out, her jeans loosened and crawling down her hips with every move she made. Every little jerk of defiance as his hands found her breasts, her belly, her sides. Sliding down her body without sign of hesitation, Rian leaned in even further to press his lips against her neck. ‘’I’m sorry,’’ she whispered, once again and desperately.

‘’I don’t need you to be sorry, I need you to relax and enjoy this,’’ he responded, calmly, his lips still hovering over her neck, his hands had found their way down to her bottom again. ‘’I told you I won’t rape you, I said I’d be good to you, I will be. Just close your eyes and relax,’’ he continued, lifting her once again to lay her down on the bed.

Her pants, and panties, disappearing with him jerking his body up only to lodge himself in between her legs, after prying them open to, much to her sheer panic, take a good look. Was it repulsive? Was she?  It was no part any man had ever seen of her. One she’d barely taken a good look at herself. Let alone from his prime angle. Why was she even worried about that? The guy was taking her by force, and yet, she couldn’t help the imminent feeling of insecurity setting in with his eyes on her, among many others.

Sure she’d had fantasies, some sicker than others, some romantic and slow. She’d never experienced even one though and this was nothing like a fantasy. It was a real man, a real moment, a real experience, one completely out of her control. One leaving her shivering and her breath stocky and deep. ‘’I won’t rape you.’’ Those were the words she’d clung to for dear life.

‘’Don’t be nervous,’’ he whispered upon leaning in over her. ‘’You’re beautiful,’’ he assured her, just upon pressing his lips onto hers. A kiss. Their second, one as soft and inviting as the very first had been. Much to her surprise, again. One that somehow managed to soothe just a slight bit of the insecurity and uneasiness she was experiencing.

I’ll take care of you. I’ll always be here. I’ll always love you.

From the very moment she was old enough to fantasize she had. About a tall dark and handsome, rich man come to save her from her daily torment at home. To save her, take her away, take care of her. Her very own prince charming. Little did she know, the real deal was a lot different from the man she’d imagined.

Despite that, all of it. Despite her better judgement and the degree of level headedness she always managed to keep she lost herself in that kiss, and the next, the one after that. Tears prickling at her eyes didn’t stop her from letting out a soft pant when his lips disconnected only to work their way down to her neck. His strong hands placed firmly on her thighs he wrapped around his body.

‘’I’m-‘’ She attempted. ‘’Shh,’’ he shushed her, releasing her from her t-shirt, bra, and any other clothing that still lingered on her body, his free hand exploring her thighs all the while. ‘’I’ll take care of you, I told you,’’ he stated calmly, leaning in to brush just one hand through her hair. His deep brown eyes peering into hers with that intensity she’d never grow used to. ‘’Just let me,’’ he pressed.

Before she could deny or object he’d pressed his lips onto hers again, just momentarily before they started once again, making their way down. Truth was, she didn’t quite know whether she should. He was going to have his way no matter what. Was it wrong not to object? Not to fight him? To be curious about what he was planning for her, or the way a real touch would feel? A real man. Did she really have a choice about it? She did make a promise..

It was something she’d be sure to never forget. The soft and wet touch of his lips against her belly, her pubic bone and then surely, her. A part of her that she wouldn’t even dare to name. His soft finger sliding in between her lips only to pry them apart. To make room for his gentle tongue pressing onto her clit. Sucking, licking, sending completely uncharted sensations through her body. His fingers didn’t neglect to indulge in the attention, moving downward, to start slowly rubbing over her entrance, making their presence known. She panted.

She did. Panted, moaned even, when part of his finger finally pushed through to slide into her body, and out, and in again. Just the slightest bit, still, electricity seemed to shoot through her. All doubt and hesitation seemed to flee her mind as he worked his magic. Her inhibitions, her hatred for this man forcing himself into her life, none of it mattered in that very moment. Her body wanted what it wanted, and what it wanted was him. His touch. His gentle hands and mouth guiding her into a world she’d never even considered setting foot in before.

‘’You like that, tough girl?’’ He asked, in between soft moans of pleasure from her side and inflicting it on his. Yes. She did. However, she did not dare letting him know anymore than she already had. ‘’Mm,’’ was all she managed instead. One moan that made him chuckle once again. No further comment, on either side.

Just the heavy and impending feeling of built up pleasure, hitting her hard. It was like her body was on fire, her mind swam, raced, and she could no longer feel any concern, any shame. Her body was a slave of her sexual organs and his actions riling them on. She could not hold back and with that decision, with her back arching on impulse, everything inside her seemed to implode. Every single muscle in her body tensed, released and tensed again, along with a hard uncontrollable moan coming from her very mouth. One she did not even recognize as her own.

With a content moan he lifted himself up, turned her on her side to wrap his arms around her and pull her in close. His lips pressed against her neck, his hand guiding the covers that had been pushed to the corner over her body to warm her up. ‘’Now, was that so bad?’’ He asked, brushing her hair over her shoulder.

The man was killing her. As if his story, his dominance, forcefulness and his constant presence weren’t enough to drive her mad. He’d fucked with her head yet again, and worse, her body. ‘’No,’’ she whispered, obediently. With a lack of any other answer to give him. She knew he wanted one after all. He always did.

She just lay there, in his arms, for as long as he’d allow it. For as long as she could, before having to face the unsettling reality of what he’d just done to her. What she’d let him do to her?

Submitted: May 31, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Seikopsychochan. All rights reserved.


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