Dexter & Ryder vs. Crime

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

(Former) Criminal Investigator Dexter sure had quite the exciting first week on the job.

(Version 2.0 - Updated on July 17th, 2020)


Dexter was a man who enjoyed the simple things in life.

A quite evening at home, watching the newest season of whatever was popular right now and a good, strong drink. That was everything he could've possibly wanted out of life at the moment.


Instead, he was stuck in a rundown little bar called “Crossroads”, drinking cheap, watered-down booze, and going slowly but surely insane from the smooth jazz blaring out of some blown-out speakers on the wall behind the bar.

His (technically former) partner, Ryder, had asked him to meet him here, and as per usual for Ryder, he was late.


What he could possibly have to discuss with Dexter was beyond him.

Just the day prior they were both put on "indefinite suspension" from their position as criminal investigators for a series of events that, from Dexter's point of view, they weren’t even really responsible for.


Let's back up a little, though.

At the beginning of the week Dexter and Ryder were both assigned to the same precinct, and quickly became… well, friends might be a bit much, but they got along well.

As fresh criminal investigators it’s quite the uphill battle to be taken seriously, especially in Saorga. The town was the home to quite a few infamous criminal gangs and organizations, so there was no shortage of both crime and investigators of said crime.

Simply put, if you want to spend your first year on the job doing something besides making coffee, sorting files and being in the shadow of senior investigators, you have to stand out somehow.

Said chance to stand out came about a week ago, when Ryder told Dexter during lunch that he’d gotten a promising lead on a case that, due to lack of progress, had gone cold.

Of course, the normal procedure here would have been to report said lead to one of the higher-ups, but both naivety and the urge to prove themselves were stronger.


And, as you already could have guessed, the events that followed were... chaotic, to say the least.


Still though, who could’ve possibly predicted that things would turn out THIS ludicrously bad??

Given, they probably should’ve have known that those drug peddlers would try to get rid of the evidence, but who could have predicted that they’d set an entire trailer park ablaze?


And sure, they should’ve known that trying to tamper with the security of the mob bosses hideout would be a bad idea, but an Animatronic Clown with a Flamethrower? Twenty people injured? Who could’ve possibly predicted such madness?!


To their credit, they DID save the mayors life...

...After the mob boss they pissed off from earlier suspended him above a tank filled with acid, sure, but they still saved him. That counts for something, right?


...Actually, looking back, that last one was probably the reason they didn’t go straight to jail after everything was said and done.


Even when managed to catch the guy who was responsible for it all in the end, the suspenson was the only thing waiting for them when they returned.

One might argue that they were lucky to be alive (or not in jail, for that matter), but it was still frustrating to them. Especially the wording of it upset Dexter. "Indefinite Suspension" is a real classy way of telling someone they're canned.


Returning to the present, a now somewhat tipsy Dexter started to question what he would do now.

One week one the job. It had to be new record.

So far he had avoided telling anyone, but he couldn't hide it forever. He should at least tell his parents.


And then...? Then, he would need to find a new job.

Problem is, Dexter couldn't really think of anything he was particularly good at. (Being tipsy didn't help)

Speaking of which, the barkeeper, a stoic looking woman wearing a bright-pink kimono, came over to him and silently refilled his drink.


“Long week, honey?” she asked, with a hint of concern in her voice.

Was it? The week felt both endlessly long and quite short in his head right now.

...maybe he should stop drinking.


“I feel you. Last week has been quite chaotic. Next week is always bound to be better, though.”

She moved down the bar to the next customer, leaving Dexter alone with his thoughts again.

Next week is bound to be better, huh?

...Nope, not drunk enough to believe that quite yet.


Hearing the bell on the door chime, he turned around and, lo and behold, Ryder stepped inside.

"Only an hour late."


“Ah, Dexter, Mate, Buddy, Pal!” he opened with a big grin, making Dexter immediately suspicious. The last time he was greeted like that by Ryder, they ended up being attacked by a robot clown in the basement of a mob boss.

Beyond that, it was still a complete mystery to him why Ryder was in such a good mood, although he had no doubt he was about to find out. "So... what did you call me here for?"

“I’m going to tell you in a minute, although…” Ryder said, and threw a cautious glance at the bartender.

“Yeah… let’s step out for a moment, shall we?” he asked, and Dexter silently followed him out in front of the bar into the cold autumn night. He knew better then to try and argue with Ryder when he was like this.


It was only August, but the air was unnaturally chilly tonight. Still, the sky was clear, and you could even see the odd star or two.

The bar they were in wasn't exactly in the "nightlife" part of town, so even though it was just a little past midnight, the streets were practically deserted.

How this little bar kept itself alfoat was beyond him, but he didn't have time to ponder on it, as Ryder distracted him. 


As soon as they stepped outside, he started to look around as if expecting to be followed by someone.

Could he have roped himself into another dangerous situation already? “Nah, can’t be.” is what Dexter would have liked to think, but it seemed that Ryder had indeed managed to do just that.

After a minute of silence, Dexter finally asks "So, what's going on?"

That seemed to snap Ryder’s attention back to him, and after a moment he almost whispers “I have a plan on how to get us both reinstated.”


Dexter turns around and sighs.

“Really, Ryder? Another one of your plans? Last time we tried one of those, we almost got killed and then actually got suspended.”

“I know, I know.” Ryder replied “But this is different. It’s practically airtight, I swear.”

“Look, I get it. That entire thing backfired quite a bit. But it’s not like I planned it like that. It was just bad luck. And I got suspended, too. At least hear me out, alright?”


Dexter and Ryder weren’t friends in the usual sense of the word. They were more like good acquaintances. In no small part due to the events of last week.

Truthfully, Dexter already felt like he would just go along with whatever plan Ryder came up with, though, even if it turned out to be an insane one.

...It wouldn’t hurt to at least know the details of the plan before committing to it, though.


“Fine, fine. I’ll hear you out.” Dexter said, after a moment of silence “But not out here. It’s WAY too cold.”

Ryder's face quickly went from elation to , then to the door of the bar and back to him.

He looked worried again.

“Alright. Thank you, Dexter. Just… keep your voice down. This plan might be a bit… risky. Don’t want the wrong people to catch wind of it.”

With that statement hanging in the air, Ryder made his way back into the bar, seemingly not even noticing that Dexter hadn't followed.


He must have lost his mind to even consider taking part in anything Ryder came up with, especially after that ominous statement.

Still, he couldn't help but smile a little. Whatever the plan ended up being, it was bound to be more interesting then browsing the internet for a new job.

And who knows? Maybe it'll work this time.

Was that wishful thinking? Yeah...

Honestly, though? Screw it.


With newfound determination (and still slightly drunk) he stepped back into the bar, not noticing the cloaked figure on the other side of the street that had been watching him.



Thank you for reading my little story! Feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Welp, see ya around!

Submitted: May 31, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Arcturus. All rights reserved.

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