Speak for Yourself

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Something a little more personal, but also almost like a theme to how I write.

This is me being here

Talking to you

You are the one that reads this 

So I trust you to listen 


It's been said a million times 

That no one knows what someone has gone through

To get to a certain point


They say everyone fades away 

After a little time 

Because of their own lives 

Because it doesn't matter 

How I feel in the end 


So I write this

Because it's the feelings I have

And while I don't want people to worry 

I know it's impossible 

Because writing about having a gun to my head 

And wanting to pull the trigger 

Isn't what people want to read 

It's not their fault 

It shows that might still care


But at the end of the day 

I don't do it to make people happy 

I do it for those that know how I feel 

That have felt the same way 


It doesn't matter what anyone says 

About how I write

Or about what it contains 

Or what I might say 


I know how far I've gotten to 

These stories don't represent failure 

They represent everything I've felt 

And everything that has come at me 

And everything that I've pushed out of the way 

To show you the crazy, bubbly side you see 


I don't give a fuck if my writing is the worst thing you've ever read 

I am proud of what I've done 

I am proud of the fact that I'm still here 

And the fact that no matter what happens 

I will always be here 


While you don't know my story 

You're about to get a good idea of it 

Don't be afraid to express your feelings 

Because someone 


Knows exactly what you're going through 

And all you gotta do 

Is reach them 

So that neither one of you 

Ever feel alone


Submitted: May 31, 2020

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This is beautiful. I really like it. ??

Sun, May 31st, 2020 9:40pm

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