My Little Sister is A Vtuber!

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I've got this idea after I watch my favorite Vtuber cried on her stream.
My english might be a bit broken so forgive me.

My Little Sister is a Vtuber!


Alia: [Good evening everyone...] 

Viewer 1: Why do you sound so sad?

Viewer 2: Are you sick?

Alia: *sad giggle* [no.. No.. Something just happened to me and mit made me kind of sad right now... Can I ask you all a favor?]

Viewer 3: Whatever for our Queen!

Viewer 4: Your desire is our wish!

Alia: [Can I express my feeling to you so I can get rid of this sadness. I need someone to lean on right now.]

Viewer 5: What?

Viewer 6: I don't what's happenning but yeah do whatever you want! I'm all yours!

Alia: *sad giggle* [thank you everyone. 

Alia grabbed her chest and hold it tightly. She began to cry her heart out. The room was so noisy and fill with her crying noises. ]

The viewers started to panic. 

Viewer 7: Just what happened, Alia-sama?!! 

Viewer 8: You're breaking our heart, Lia-chan.

Viewer 9: her cute crying noises melt my my heart~

Stop crying or I will cry too. 

*sound of a door opening*

Akim: [Alia, you're too loud you know? Look at your face and your eyes! Whoa! It's red! ]

Viewer 1: Whoa! Her father? Her brother? Or her boyfriend? If he's her boyfriend, then die! 

Viewer 2: This is getting interesting~

Akim: [Come on, Alia. Go wash your face.] 

Alia went out of her room to wash her face and Akim sat on her gaming chair. 

Akim: [So you guys are the one who always enjoy watching Alia. Is it that fun?] 

Viewer 1: Who are you?! Her boyfriend!?! 

Viewer 2: Of course it's fun! Her cuteness is the best! 

Akim: [Haha.. How can a brother be his sister girlfriend? You guys are funny. So this is why she always having fun in her room huh? By the way, thank you for always taking care of my sister. I really mean it.] 

Viewer 3: His brother? Thank god! 

Akim: [Something bad happened to our family today. Something that shouldn't be shown to a young girl like her. Knowing that someone she loves will never be able to meet her again, she must be very sad.] 

Viewer 9: Did someone died? Oh no

Viewer 4: His voice is so gentle. I like him. When is your vtuber debut?! 

Akim: [Haha. Debut? You've got to be kidding~] 

The door opened and Alia sat again on her gaming chair. Akim just change her seat by getting another chair in that room. 

Akim: [Hey, Alia. Care to let your brother play games with you tonight?] 

Alia: [heeeh?! Are you kidding??!] 

Akim: [What? I can't?] 

Alia: [N- N- No, I mean- You always says that you're not interested in playing games with me. So it's kind of surprising to me.] 

Viewer 5: Why is siblings flirting with each other? I'm jealous! 

Viewer 6: Call him Onii-chan! 

Viewer 7: Incest is the best! 

Akim: [heh~~~ So it's like that huh~ So what game are we playing?] 

Alia: [Really?! You're going to play games with me?] 

Akim: [yea~yea~] *smile*

Alia felt excited, she quickly turned on her game console and play games with her brother. Her room was filled with laugh on that night. 

Viewer 8: We're getting into the incest route, BOIS. 

Viewer 9: I'm happy that she's starting to laugh again. This is Alia that we want! 




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