A Calming End and Beginning

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

A short tale of a girl who has been fighting for peace her entire life and will soon meet her demise. At the final moment of her life, a peculiar person in black comforts her for the last time.

The end of the world is approaching and on top of a building a girl standing still watching from above. Tired, hopeless, and helpless. She fought and advocated for peace in her entire life, lost many friends and family along the way. And now, she'll lose her life in the hands of these cruel hell-manifested of great war. She let go of her weapon to the ground, removed her helmet, and gazed upon the sky. Hundreds of missile, rockets, and nukes are flying to every part of the world.

"This world is cruel, is it not?" A voice came from her behind, a man in black attire and skull mask approached her.

"It is... It is." She replied as the man stood besides her, "It's painful... I've lost many friends, families, everything, in pursuit of this peace. Yet this is all i could do. I failed them, i failed everyone. I'm sorry... I'm very sorry." The girl starts to cry uncontrollably.

"But you have tried your best. You did not failed anyone, nor did you disappoint anyone. The world dictates that it will end, and so it will end. Never your fault. It is inevitable, sadly." The man tried to comfort her and patted her head.

"But... The promise i've made... The sacrifices of mom and dad... It's all... Dust! Nothing! Lifetime of suffering, all that hope, it's boil down to this?!? Why is this world so cruel? Why must i meet my end like this?! Why must we eat each other to the brink of our end? I don't understand... I don't..." She continued to cry, the man gladly offered his shoulder for her to lean on.

"I'm sure they understand the situation that you're in. They won't get angry at you, you don't need to worry. You don't need to understand them, because they lack what you have, and that's goodwill." The man continued to comfort her.

"Sir, please..." She buried her face into the man's arm, "Please stay...", the man smiled beneath his mask and patted her head again, "I will. Do spill your woes until you feel better."

Her cries slowly shrink to silent, the man's black attire soaks her tears as if it's a sponge yet it stays clean. After a while, she finished her crying and wiped the remaining tears off her eyes. The girl looked at the man, he's wearing a skull gasmask it seems. But she can feel the warm smile the man give seeing her in better mood.

"So, what will you do now?" The man asked.

The girl turn her head towards the city again, "Is there anything i can do to help anyone, for one last time?"

"Well, no one can do anything anyone, if i have to be honest."

"I see. Then i suppose i don't have to struggle anymore."


"I'm going to stay here and watch my end. If you want, you can go Sir."

The man chuckled, "I will stay here. You don't mind a company, do you?"

"No, i don't mind it. I'm the one who asked you to stay after all." She said with a smile.

"Then," With a snap of his fingers a bench made of Death Wood manifested behind them, "Let us take a seat."

The girl doesn't question how, she just chuckled then followed the man and take a seat. She swings her legs as if she's a child once more and hum a song. "You seems so happy." The man asked, the girl only laughed in response.

"Would you like a drink? Hot cocoa, tea, or anything you prefer?" The man asked.

"If it doesn't trouble you, hot cocoa please." The girl answered.

The man called upon multiple hands holding the required ingredients. He brews her a hot cocoa while she continues to hum and swing her legs. He adds a few marshmallow and whipped cream for the topping and hands it to her. 

With a glee she took the drink, "Thank you kind sir!"

"No problem," The man dismissed the hands then snapped his fingers once again, a hand emerged from the wooden bench holding a wooden tray, he then put a few cookies on it, "Do have a cookie with that."

She happily take it, dipping it in hot cocoa and joyfully eats it. She sipped her hot cocoa, took a view of the city once more then diverted it to her hot cocoa. "I never had this in my entire lifetime before. I was too focused on trying to brought peace into this world, so i never had this kind of luxury before... If only my friends and family can enjoy this luxury with me."

"I believe they're happy to see you enjoying this momentary joy. So for them, you shouldn't stay sad. Instead, enjoy it to the fullest for them." The man replied, petted her head and suggested her to finish the drink.

After she finished her drink, she put the cup on the wooden tray, the man dispersed the cup and the plate from the tray then he let the hand be one with the bench again. They both looked at the nuke getting closer to hit the ground, and yet they are so calm about it.

"Facing death isn't as terrifying as they made it to be. So no need to be afraid." The man calmly said it, as if he has experienced it multiple times.

"Yeah. No use of running either. I accepted my death here." She said, taking a glance on the sky one last time.

"Indeed. Soon, the peace you've been fighting for will seek you this time." 

"I see. I wish i could attain that peace without getting it like this. Nonetheless, i cannot wait..." She said, putting a smile one last time, "Sir... Can i... Hug you?"

"Sure." The man agreed, the girl lean closer and hugged him to prepare facing her final moment.

"I know i've asked too much, but can i have one last request?" She asked with a calming tone.

"Of course. Do request away." The man complied for one last time.

"May i have your name?" The girl asked for one last time.

The man chuckled, then answered for her "It's Mr. Death."

"I see... Mr. Death, thank you." She thanked him for the last time.

"No problem, i'm glad to have accompamied you."

The nuke finally hit the ground, a bright explosion emitted from far away and steadily approached them.

"The light is getting brighter." She faced her final moment.

"So it seems."





"A normal Death Knights would've cried upon watching such moment, Mr. Death."

"I would have, but after watching countless death, sad departure, heart-warming reunion, and many more. It seems my eyes have given up to produce more tears." 

Ths voice chuckled, "Then perhaps i shall grant you a blessing to repair that eyes of yours?"

"Surely you jest, Great Death. I'm no worthy of any blessings you have."

"It's your loss then," The voice chuckled again, "What you may be planning with that soul, Mr. Death?"

"Ah, i thought i could sneak a soul. Stupid of me to think that i can fool you."

"Your sleigh of hand could never fool me, Mr. Death. I will ask again, what will you do with that soul?"

"It depends on your judgement, will you order me to take this soul to the Death's Gate, or will you let me take care of the soul."

"I'm never a being who want to hurt my closest friends, so i will choose the latter. You may freely do whatever to that soul you have in your hands."

"Thank you, Great Death. May i have your permission to reborn this soul into one of my worlds?"

"You have my word."

Submitted: June 01, 2020

© Copyright 2021 bloodr1v3r. All rights reserved.

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