Can't breathe

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Laws, religions, beliefs and confusion

Hunger, men I'm pocket empty

And my family's starving, and none care
But my neck under your dog knees, my knees broken begging for living.

Like I can't breathe, I express, the right to act, the right not to..

Links to a strong chain
Strong links of proximity

For a broken chain has no purpose

Died so peacefully, so courageously on a bed alongside a sun lighted, open window..

Moaning so, let us love ourselves, as a precious and impressionable life

Not an 'object' , of our selfishness,
Not as an 'object' of our exploitation, not as a reflection of our frustration..

This is how World have been raising me, suffering, pain and trauma in my little soul,

As black. African, poor or Tutsi or uneducated or peasant,... No natural way, no healthy way, no realistic way of life, God; I should have been loved... You and yours are unfair.

My courage remind me, to seek what is naturally right and good, and resist what is wrong and destructive, my name is my burden, Mfuranzima? Who am I to speak? My young foretell a future of love, hope, justice and equality.

I learned, night naturally follows day, As moon the sun; Boredom steals from life's excitement,
As hatred from love's promise..

No breathe man, here no breathe

But I hold on. In crisis, poverty, despair and depression, move along, and roll in my natural positive energy.

No breathe woman; no breathe

By I hold on in violence, shame, pain and tears, and my purpose of life is the perpetuity of US- of the human spaces and life love.

No breathe child, no breathe here;

But I hold on. In war, human disdain destruction and less opportunities or in pandemic effects like these of Covid-19. and I bring peace to my mind, my heart and to the world.

Let's us breathe in our future, by our efforts of today with them.

I believe the only role the African people can offer to the black people of America is to make sure their countries function as democracies and economically become powerful. Any black person will always be proud of a strong black nation. That will make the white Americans attitudes change towards the black Americans because of the economic status their cousins would have in the world. Africa is and has always shown itself as a world basket case . This should stop this generation if racism is to be fought. My take ?

Let’s all reflect. To break the African society, the male is always a target, especially the strong smart ones. This is what colonialists did to our ancestors. We salute all our ancestors who defied this, rose and liberated us.

Similarly, African American male is a direct target of racist America. He’s being broken through his family (broken families..), he’s targeted from teenage hood. Babies making babies is also another phenomena. No family units to hold them together, to build and to inspire others. It’s TOUGH for a black man in America! Those who defy all obstacles, succeed and have good families are super strong.

My earnest appeal for Africa, let’s work hardest and BRAVELY so to liberate us from tyrant leadership which is blocking us, mortgaging and breaking us. One by one, our African nations are being broken by our own. I’m not ashamed and I don’t consider myself a sell out for defying ruthless leaders. Mortgaging our continent is betrayal. Our suffering People should be our guiding star, we should never cover for the few selfish individuals.

Can't breathe

Submitted: June 01, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Mfuranzima Fred. All rights reserved.

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