The Conformists A novel

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Robert Young, a writer, fears Americans are conforming, and won't speak up against President Fay, a media savvy, evil man, who wants everyone to believe in him. When other people rebel, he struggles to survive in the New World Order.

This book is for Aldous Huxley, and George Orwell.

Table of Contents

Chapter One

Robert Young stood by the television screen. The pregnant woman was shaking her head.  'Fucking world is messed up'. ... Read Chapter

Chapter Two

'Conforming is a responsiblity of the mind', Robert said. He looked at Theresa.  'Together we'll be as One, and follow ... Read Chapter

Chapter Three

Mervin waited at Penn Station.  He saw the man watching the silver trains.  It was the same man he saw last night.... Read Chapter

Chapter Four

__The start of George Orwell's "1984", (1949)__ * The thought process sheared off the cliffs, and shattered the voice of the... Read Chapter

Chapter Five

Part II Follow the Leader ____ 'The sacrifices of there here and now, sparks conformity. Dealings with my followers shal... Read Chapter

Chapter Six

'The World as we know it is crumbling. Today's era of narcissist behavior reaks of political, economic, and social, unrest; narcissi... Read Chapter

Chapter Seven

Part III The Psychological distress of conformity * 'Madeline. Touch the red pillow with your left hand', Doctor Sanders... Read Chapter

Chapter Eight

___ 'The belief in democracy, as a whole, is a chaotic mess-up in society; society is bleeding. Fear of fear itself is subjective.... Read Chapter

Chapter Nine

___ 'Thinking is something that can hurt the brain. Humans can't think too much, due to their inactive behavior; their inactive ... Read Chapter

Chapter Ten

  'All semblance of life thrives in the idealistic belief in normality. Order. Without order, there is disorder a belief that we... Read Chapter

Chapter Eleven

"And came the elite. They strive to conform, and are defined by others in Government, who abuse their powers, and savage their power... Read Chapter


'The way we all read is to be intelligent. It is, and always will be, concerning to America, that we're following the pathway to obf... Read Chapter

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