Ayt Of My Favourite Words I Rarely Use

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Some just look good. Their meaning mayn't appeal to you. Maybe it is their sound. Here are some of my favourites I seldom use. Some words are pristine when left alone. It could be that nobody could ever do them justice.


you'll find this on a Rambrandt masterpiece

old yellow'd varnish

Van Rijn loved impasto - but it crack'd over time



something Speedy Gonzales does

fastest mouse in all Me-hi-co!



architecture wouldn't be architecture without these intermediate divisions between the ground and first floor

mazzanines extend an open-plan space upwards

only the storeys of a building limit their range


massif (mass-seef):

a giant finger would easily cut itself on one of these

they're razor-sharp but can have beautiful names - Pyrenees!



a cheery alternative to cheerio

part of pastoral lore

only eccentrics would say this nowadays

why not reclaim it and make it cool



aged bronze would lose its appeal if it wasn't covered in verdigris



the white flower of an alpine herb


agent provocateur:

the criminal underworld hates these kind of people


i prefer its sound to its betraying cause

Submitted: June 02, 2020

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I knew each and every one! Toodle-pip, Jobe ; )

Wed, June 3rd, 2020 7:11pm

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