An Evening

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

It's about a human being in a house.

Sat naked on a couch leaned backward, head upturned, eyes closed, no expression on face, legs stretched straight on a table in front. Folded hands resting on stomach. No lights turned on. Moonlight reflected from the huge glass windows kicked out the darkness in the room. Cold breeze hit on body, from the semi-closed window at one end of the room. 

Eyes opened, kept legs on ground, bend forward, grabbed the bowl on the table, sits straight and started eating vegetable salad in bowl with spoon. "Within in a while  a liquid of higher density than water touched the foot on ground", eyes slowly moved to the feet and to the stuff on couch, "dropped the thick white towel and kept leg on it". Started eating again.

Stood straight stretched whole body with a long yawn, heading towards the mirror, turned on the switches of light in switchboard beside mirror, watching the reflection of whole body in mirror in moonlight. "Rubbing the face with both palms covered the nose with them took a deep inhale, hands dropped, smile on face". Walking to the windows standing on an horizontal object of 8 centimeter height and 187 centimeter width. Right hand palm pressing the window, watching the city  down below, vehicles passing on road, city illuminating with different coloured lights in different houses.  Looking at the object under the feet, "it's a human body". Stepped off from it. Resting upon  stomach on ground perpendicular to the body, balancing the weight on elbows both palms of hands supporting the jaws fingers closed and made contact with cheeks.

Eyes moving from left to right  covering  feet to head of a body. ?Chuckled' by watching the condition of body: 
Right hand cutted till elbow. 

stomach opened up, "intestines spreaded on chest". 

Left ankle ripped, it's foot holding by left hand. 

"All the fingers of right hand are in mouth". 

"Face doesn't have eyes". 

Tounge placed on forehead. 

Right hand is at above right shoulder, "one of the eye on palm".

Few minutes later started crawling away from body and looking at it, within few seconds suddenly rose, moving step by step gently, "stepped on another eye of the body, bend down took it, smelled it with eyes closed and kept it on head". Moving another end of the room. "There's an another body". Walked straight to it, and sat on the stomach of the body and looking at face. Felt anger, ran towards the table at couch, took the spoon from the bowl, "pulled out the eyes". Rolled over the blood on ground. "Laughing aloud". Opened the refrigerator door, drank a large amount of water.

After a while went to the bathroom, taking a shower, applied shampoo and soap "removing the blood all over from the body", rubbed the body with towel thrown it away. Came to mirror watched the clean reflection of body, Turned off the lights in room. Slept on couch.

Submitted: June 02, 2020

© Copyright 2021 NKboyana. All rights reserved.

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