Karma & the Bitch

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Karma meets the Bitch

Karma and the Bitch

Karma was having a usual working day - screening people and trying to give them exactly what they deserve. She enjoyed doing it, however, her accuracy and dedication was not as great as when she started the job couple of hundreds years ago. She was warned by the Karma Senior that she will get tired, fed up and upset with people’s actions within the time. You will be amazed with how bad they can be - her senior colleague used to say - it’s like they don’t learn from anything, they think that they can trick everyone; sometimes I let them do that for years, until they cross the line one time too many - then they are screwed - Karma Senior could not help but smiling in a naughty way for some reason while saying the word „screwed”. And indeed Karma got tired, fed up and upset, but job is a job and Karma feel obliged to do her duties well since the Universe was giving her loads of credit for people believing in her. Karma was very good at her job as many people were doing good deeds and treating others in a respectful way. Part of her work was distributed to the public services as police or courts, so she didn't have to deal with the obvious cases. She was very happy about that since she had enough people to „take care” of.

Universe was sometimes sending Karma the feedback that people give her for the work she does. Karma was always receiving positive comments and gratitude for everything she was doing. But there was one thing she couldn’t fully understand. Over the years she heard people saying many times: Karma is a bitch. She was wondering what does that mean. People were not telling much about the mysterious Bitch, but clearly they didn’t like her since Karma noticed their irritation and anger every time they were mentioning the Bitch.

Karma was very curious about the Bitch. She can’t be that bad if people are telling that I am her - Karma thought - I am fair after all, so she must be too. Over the years her curiosity was growing and finally one day she decided to ask the Universe to get her in touch with the Bitch. Universe was not really amused about that for some reason, but Karma was insisting for weeks so finally her wish was granted. They were supposed to meet at the coffee place somewhere in the city. On a D day Karma entered the cafe and looked around. Almost all of the tables were busy and she couldn't really see a single person at the table. Suddenly she could hear voice behind her saying - Looks like we have the same taste in fashion. Karma turned around and saw a beautiful, fierce woman wearing exactly the same coat as she did, smiling to her mysteriously.

Karma was speechless for a couple of seconds. That’s not how she imagined the Bitch. She was somehow expecting to meet a cranky, angry lady with the wrinkled face. But Bitch was looking like an angel - gorgeous blond hair, wonderful smile and beautiful, green eyes.

-  Is everything ok? - Bitch asked with a concern after she saw Karma’s reaction.

-  Yes, yes, I am just surprised - Karma hesitated and wasn’t really sure what to say

-  Let’s find a place to sit - said Bitch and Karma just nodded her head in response to Bitch’s proposal.

Couple of minutes later Bitch was sipping the chocolate latte and smiling mysteriously to Karma. Karma was still silent.

- So - Bitch started - why did you want to meet me?

-  Well, people say that I am you so I was just curious if we are indeed the same

-  No, we are not, but we work for the same boss - Bitch bursted into laughter - apparently you are sometimes too soft with your actions and so I am just making sure that some very difficult and stubborn cases are getting a little bit more than what they deserve. Otherwise they will never learn.

Karma wasn’t sure what to say as she thought that she is super tough with her „clients”.

-  And what about the ones who still keep treating others very badly regardless your actions? - Karma kept asking

-  Well, I had a long talk with the Universe about it. Apparently the most difficult ones are doing our job by themselves. I was told to leave them alone as they are and will always receive the shit that they give to other people - from that exact people. They are basically screwing themselves all the time

-  Dammit, I thought I am managing well all of the people in the world...- Karma got a bit insecure

-  Ow, but you are very well my dear - Bitch was smiling again - but the Universe takes care of you as well. We just don’t want you to get discouraged and quit the job. Universe is always working in your favor - never forget it!

Karma spent at least another hour discussing with the Bitch and asking her all source of questions. Both of them enjoyed the meeting as it was a good occasion to get to know each other and share the experiences.

Later on Karma asked Bitch if she could accompany her in doing couple of assignments. Bitch was delighted as she could show her innocent colleague some of the tricks. They paid a visit to a nasty guy and treated him with some Karma-Bitch cocktail. They were just about to leave the place when they heard the guy shouting desperately: Karma is a bitch!!!

Bitch stopped, turned around, smiled at him and said quietly: Only if you are, my friend, only if you are...

Submitted: June 02, 2020

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