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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

A story about an affair


By John Ross Hart


Dot left the store in the capable hands of her assistant.Jack was finishing his last sales call of the day.The clock said 3:00 as both arrived at Jack's apartment.

Unlocking the door, the two embraced.  Jack was a well-built, suntanned, 30-something California single.Dot was married, pushing 40, was the mother of a daughter, but was not satisfied with her marriage.Her husband was distant, and she wanted another baby.

Dot and Jack had met through their dedication to community service.They became friends through their efforts.But when the work was done, they retreated to their designated homes.

Their relationship was a couple of years old when they came to share a table at a dinner honoring those who served.Jack was the true gentleman.He poured her wine, lit her cigarette, made sure her needs were in order.Dot was appreciative, and impressed.

Afterwards, heading to their cars, Dot pinched Jack's butt.It left him curious and wondering about her intentions.

Several months later, the two met at another celebratory dinner.The evening was early.

"Is there a place where we could get together for a drink?," she asked.

They would rendevous at a place called the Tiki Lounge.Dot took Jack's hand and they found a quiet corner seat.Dot took a sip of riesling.Jack's lighter brought her Benson and Hedges Menthol Light to life.She looked at him and smiled.Dot then opened up her heart.

She would bare it all.Dot still loved her husband, but their marriage was growing stale.She spoke proudly of her daughter and confessed her desire to wanting a second child.They had tried different sexual positions, even upside down, trying to conceive.Her husband seemed to be giving up.

Dot asked Jack if she was to blame for her inability to get pregnant.Jack encouraged Dot, telling her she had done everything she could. 

Jack was asked about his sexual experiences.He proceeded to share the best and the worst of infrequent experiences.Usually, he wore a "rubber" as birth control.

Getting bold, Dot asked, "Are you going to wear a rubber with me?"

Jack took Dot in his arms."I don't want to wear a rubber," he told her."I want to come in you."

Dot kissed him affectionately."I want you to come in me too," she responded.

They got up on the dance floor and shared a slow dance.Then they shared a French Kiss.The hour was getting late.

"We need to get together," said Dot."Would you like to come over to my place?," questioned Jack.

"When?," asked Dot.

"What's your schedule?," replied Jack.

"I can leave the store early.My assistant can take over."

"I can finish my calls early."

They set a time and date.Jack gave his address and phone number.

Now they were  in Jack's apartment.He took his hand and led her to the bedroom.Again, they kissed and embraced.Then they began to undress.

Dot took off her dress but asked Jack to help remove her bra.Tenderly, Jack did as requested.

Dot got into bed and lit a cigarette, watching Jack undo his tie and having a battle with it.

"Are you nervous?," asked Dot.

"Naw!," he responded."Just a stressful day at work."

"It's our first time," she noted, as Jack now unbuttoned his shirt.

Dot took a deep puff on her cigarette, then looked on in anticipation as Jack removed his slacks and dropped his shorts.

"Oh my, you're huge!," exclaimed Dot.

"The better to love you with," responded Jack.

Dot took one more puff.Jack now joined her in bed and they immediately embraced in a deep long kiss.

The afternoon was theirs.




Submitted: June 03, 2020

© Copyright 2021 John Ross Hart. All rights reserved.

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