Family of Tigers

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Family of Tigers:


One of many fond memories

With my human pug especially

Was the family as tigers of exemplary

And abstemiously


Drawing with the brown, green, and orange crayons

At fab. restaurants as big boy at lunch

Was a treat to show artistic value

When drawing on paper place mats

While our meals would be paid with coupons,

Giving us and the tigers permission for a big crunch

Along with diet coke and their water from river Danube

(Such bright colored, powerful cats!)


Their meals consisted of zebras, rhinos, and ostriches,

As ours had soup, salad, burgers, fries, and grilled cheese—

Made sure there was not a speck of meat, lettuce, and bread left on dishes

Or even in their cave in Africa with their cozy, stony breeze


Every time a picture was completed

(Sometimes with Winnie the pug’s help),

We’d take it home to display it marvelously

For anyone who walked in and was seated

To see the carnivores resembling Tigger check their meals of whelps

With the cave never being personalty


Tony the Tiger, Rajah of Disney, Tigress, Garfield, and other orange felines

Keep the spirits of great strength, color, and smarts

Fabulous alongside dogs, especially cute pug and puppy canines

And in mine plus many other’s arts of tigers with wild family hearts!!!!!!!

Submitted: June 04, 2020

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