Table of Contents

Chapter One

Rebecca’s Dream Chapter One   It was a beautiful summer’s morning and Rebecca was busy in her bedroom, even though her... Read Chapter

Chapter Two

Rebecca’s Dream Chapter Two   They walked round the side of the house and Rebecca’s eyes lit up to see such a beautifu... Read Chapter

Chapter Three

Rebeca’s Dream Chapter Three   Rebecca arrived home in very good spirits and her mother asked how her morning stroll had... Read Chapter

Chapter Four

Rebecca’s Dream Chapter Four   The following day, being a Sunday, was spent in the usual way Rebecca and her mother alwa... Read Chapter

Chapter Five

Rebecca’s Dream Chapter Five   When morning arrived and Rebecca awoke from her pleasant dreams, she rea;lised it was Monda... Read Chapter

Chapter Six

  Rebecca’s Dream Chapter Six   Rebecca  would have to wait all week before her next en... Read Chapter

Chapter Seven

Rebecca’s Dream Chapter Seven   Rebecca approached the house and as she strolled past the tall black railings, she peere... Read Chapter

Chapter Eight

Rebecca’s Dream Chapter Eight   Rebecca was soon back home and entered the house with a glow of youthful exuberance. She... Read Chapter

Chapter Nine

Rebecca’s Dream Chapter Nine   It would be another week before Rebecca was to see the young gentleman again. Such a long... Read Chapter

Chapter Ten

Rebecca’s Dream Chapter Ten   Once again Rebecca stood outside the gates of the big house, awaiting the appearance of it... Read Chapter

Chapter Eleven

Rebecca’s Dream Chapter Eleven   After closing the gates, the young gentleman walked slowly back up the drive and round ... Read Chapter

Chapter Twelve

Rebecca’s Dream Chapter Twelve   As Rebecca approached home, it came to her mind that her mother may ask how she had occup... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirteen

    Rebecca’s Dream Chapter Thirteen   The financial affairs of Rebecca’s mother were now in the han... Read Chapter

Chapter Fourteen

Rebecca’s Dream Chapter Fourteen   Rebecca and her mother had resolved to carry on as normal, until such times as change... Read Chapter

Chapter Fifteen

Rebecca’s Dream Chapter Fifteen    The young gentleman was expecting Rebecca and was at the gates almost as soon as... Read Chapter

Chapter Sixteen

Rebecca’s Dream Chapter Sixteen   The following day Rebecca and her mother were kept busy with all the usual distraction... Read Chapter

Chapter Seventeen

Rebecca’s Dream Chapter Seventeen   Another week began, with Rebecca’s time at her school now short. She was determine... Read Chapter

Chapter Eighteen

Rebecca’s Dream Chapter Eighteen   When Rebecca’s mother left the bank, it was with a very dark cloud hanging over her... Read Chapter

Chapter Nineteen

Rebecca’s Dream Chapter Nineteen   On her return home from school, Rebecca was much saddened to find her mother in distr... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty

Rebecca’s Dream Chapter Twenty   Rebecca in soft pink and her mother in powder blue, they stepped out together on their ... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty One

Rebecca’s Dream Chapter Twenty One   The following day, once Rebecca had left for school and the household chores had be... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty Two

Rebecca’s Dream Chapter Twenty Two   Rebecca’s brief visit had troubled the young gentleman greatly, though he had str... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty Three

Rebecca’s Dream Chapter Twenty Three   Rebecca was much happier at school that day, which had been noticed by her friend... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty Four

Rebecca’s Dream Chapter Twenty Four   Rebecca’s mother’s first call was to the post office to post her bundle of let... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty Five

Rebecca’s Dream Chapter Twenty Five   The following day saw Rebecca’s mother paying, once again, particular attention ... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty Six

Rebecca’s Dream Chapter Twenty Six   On entering the house after school, Rebecca couldn’t help but notice how happy he... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty Seven

Rebecca’s Dream Chapter Twenty Seven   When Rebecca awoke the following morning, another fear was playing on her mind. It ... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty Eight

Rebecca’s Dream Chapter Twenty Eight   With Rebecca at school, her mother went to her room to choose what she would wear... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty Nine

Rebecca’s Dream Chapter Twenty Nine   Rebecca’s mother made her way home as if in a daze. All that had been troubling ... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty

Rebecca’s Dream Chapter Thirty   Rebecca was in a sleep of unbroken dreams. Those of her awakened hours, were brought vi... Read Chapter

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A wonderful, dream like book, that grips the reader.
The character of Rebecca is well described; the story line is great, too.

Thu, June 25th, 2020 11:27pm


Thanks Rob, I'm pleased you like Rebecca's Dream and thanks for taking the time to comment, much appreciated.

Fri, June 26th, 2020 5:36am

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