The Terror of Infinite Space Chapter 1

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Young Adult Readers And Writers

Madness ensues when a scientist gazes into the abyss of the Unknown only for the abyss to gaze back.


The Terror of Infinite Space

by Benjamin Patelsky


Chapter 1 


The Dream


I have no recollection of how it all began or when exactly it all started. Sometimes it comes to me like echoes of a distorted past, memories and obscure images not of my life but perhaps of someone else. At one time or another I see visions of a life separated between cells and other times I simply don't recall what it was that transpired last April and I find these accusations foreign to myself and the scientific community at large. 

It's as though my mind choses to repress these accounts in spite of them being levied directly by me towards my peers and the very institutions governing the current scientific community today. This unhinged behavior has caused a certain rift to have occurred between my associates and me, my once respectable position as Professor in the realms of academia has become something of ridicule and shame as my contemporaries refer to be me as “crazy.” They see me as deceitful not knowing of the horror I have witnessed, memories now repressed of some unknown terror unfathomable to our mortal eyes. Memories linger with me as alcohol, morphine, and sleeping pills seem to be my only momentary relief. Even now I can still hear it, it haunts my very dreams carrying me towards the precipices along a frontier of nightmares and other-worldly terrors, daily I find myself driven “mad” with terror by this unknown horror with which words cannot fully describe. And at night sometimes I find myself teetering between conscious and unconscious, begging and screaming to unseen aeons as though I'm convening with something from another realm.

Because of my amnesia I must write down my accounts with great haste as my mind seems reluctant to allow my conscious self to recount such details in too great accuracy. And although I do not know when the madness initially occurred, I do know it has been ever present since the conclusion of the experiment in which I was the lead researcher and it coincides directly with the end of our experiments. 


I know the fascination began in my dreams. I would have visions of intangible worlds elongated and interspersed among the cosmos, it was worlds on top of other worlds. The heavens and hell layered on top of one another, as though our realm lay in parallel existence linked to other more strange dimensions completely alien to our own. It was like looking through a mirror or a kaleidoscope of different possible realities, worlds both extraterrestrial in nature yet eerily familiar in their aesthetic. 


My research led me to “the flea over the tightrope” theory, the idea that perhaps in the microbial world things such as 3 dimensional spaces and movement operate and functioned much differently. It was never my belief that my experience was an attempt to rewrite the very basic notions of natural science or order wthin our universe. Nor did I believe I was embracing some-kind of “New Pseudo-science” or “Dogma” by which the scientific community would have surely redefined itself.


My quest for knowledge asked but one empirical question: “What does life at a microscopic level look-like?” and “How does microbial life relate to life in correlation to our outter most lying ecosystem, this is specifically in terms of how its natural functions differentiate from our own in contributing to the equilibrium of the environment.” 


How does time and space function in a “space” occupied by an infinite void? I had no idea what terrors loomed over me as I proposed to embark upon this journey. In my spare time I would often romanticize my experiment as being something akin to Lewis Carroll's novel Alice in Wonderland with myself taking the on role of Alice looking ever precociously for my “White Rabbit.” This feeling of whimsy was however quickly dispelled in favor of a hunger and desire for scientific advancement as well as the relinquishment of complacency for my daily life. 


I theorized if one could understand microbial life and how it relates to outer systems in our ecosystem then perhaps we could better advance modern medicine and nano-technology. Perhaps one day technology will not only bring us too the vast reaches of Space or to the depths of the Oceans. Perhaps one day our achievements would allow us to see what it looks like to gaze upon the vast abyss that is microscopic life. Little did we realize our greatest folly was at hand, what was intended to be a well-meaning experiment with both ethical and rational meaning behind it was no more then an ill-fated voyage across a God forsaken sea.


Submitted: June 04, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Benjamin Patelsky. All rights reserved.

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Criss Sole

I thought this was a great start. Dealing with amnesia must be very tough especially when he has such important work to do.
You have a great writing style and it is very easy to follow.

Sat, June 27th, 2020 5:32pm

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