Sofia bell diaries : lady frost

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Being a teenager isn't easy especially when you've got to manage work and school life together. Sofia is such a teenager. Strange things begin to happen to her after she falls into icy sea water in the Arctic. What are those things ? Can Sofia manage that too ??

Table of Contents


Monday It was another working day at styles Corp. It was a designer company. They were very well known because of their designs. Everyone... Read Chapter

chapter 2

TUESDAY, Ahhhhh ! Today was my biology test and i forgot all about it. I know I'll get horrible marks. ( Oh didn't I mention i go to high... Read Chapter

chapter 3

Thursday,   Today was Ms. Lake's birthday. One time, Ms. Lake took me to the mall with her. In the jewellery store, when we ... Read Chapter

chapter 4

saturday,   sigh* I honestly don't know what to do. Yesterday, I came home straight from the office and rushed to my bedroom... Read Chapter

chapter 5

THURSDAY   You wanna hear something interesting? I've got it. Yesterday, I was chatting with one of my friends when a text n... Read Chapter

chapter 6

        1 Week Later               ... Read Chapter

chapter 7

THURSDAY,  Okay, Where was I? oh YES. The icicle from my nose. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! I can't. Anyways, I yanked it out and threw t... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

FRIDAY   I shook my head in disbelief while Micheal nodded in excitement. " Come on Sofia !! Just think about it.. you could... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

LATER...   I looked at Tanya apologetically and said slowly, " I'm really sorry Tanya, um.....I was going, invite yo... Read Chapter

the end

SUNDAY Michael and I exchanged worried glances. “Michael, tell Sabrina why my hands are...Uh…blue.” I stammered. Michael nodded... Read Chapter

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