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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Uma Georgina Leslie Yeverman owns a kingdom where she battles monstes and falls inlove with handsome men who carry burdens.But in reality Uma is just as lonely as the next guy across her who doesn't have anyone to eat lunch with.

Uma Georgina Leslie Yeverman is ugly *atleast that's what everyone says* ....she has no friend, she wears a hood and she could possibly be inlove with her handsome art teacher.

Unicorns with donkey tails could be all it takes to change Uma's life forever.

Table of Contents

Back when we were younger

KAITLYN Brown was that girl,pretty popular and rich.

She was the real life barbie that everyone wanted to be ....everyone except me!

My name is UGLY!!! and i bet you're like what horrible parents i have ? but not to worry,my real name is actually Uma Georgina Leslie Yeverman and believe me i have to write it that way in my
school's register.The space given is not usually enough so i have to squeeze it in as U.G.L.Y not UGLY but that's pretty much what every one calls me now.

They'll be like "hey Ugly!"and i'll be like"whad'sup"

don't judge because it's not like i'm not ugly or anything,i'm pretty much every guys worst nightmare,no one's friend,the child every grand mother loves to buys a T-shirt for that says "Beyonce sè
bâclerez" (i don't know what that means.I just hope it means "Beyonce is in the back")every easter and if you look half as i look you'll embrace your dull existence.
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Dull existence.





I live with my family in a two storey building and when i mean family,i'm talking grannies and annoying sibling and if unicorns really exist i'd think they laughed at me every sunday because every
single one of my family is gorgeous...who cursed me? i don't know but i do know some thing and what i know is that Kaitlyn Brown is also cursed.

You are probably wondering"HOW?" let me hint you.... no one talks to me. no one talks to her.

everyone takes my side during tests. she's everyone takes her side on the play ground.

Did i say play ground? yeah,i'm just nine years old but don't worry,i'll grow up quite quickly.(you just keep reading).

Everyone has a best friend. I don't. She doesn't.

Kaitlyn Brown is just like me and unicorns laugh at her too only not because she's ugly but because she's too pretty for her own good.
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Who's too pretty for their own good? Kaitlyn Brown,that's who. She's tall,blonde, gorgeous,rich,skinny, pretty legs and she's smart but *hehe* i'm smarter.

When Kaitlyn first came to my school i thought she was a unicorn's last child.

ps:last borns are usually so pretty.

She smiled a lot and said hi to everyone and could draw well.And i thought she'd be my best friend but turns out Kaitlyn wanted to be friends with pretty girls only and that's probably what cursed

I am the best friend any one could ever ask for and trust me i know. I'm funny,smart,not to tall,not to short (so we don't argue about heights) i know when to laugh so you don't sound dumb and i
pretty much learned all these from how to be a good friend from FRIEND101.

*bow my head in shame*

i've never had real friends so don't expect me to not make mistakes.I'm just as lonely as the next guy who has no one to seat with during lunch.
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Ever been in that situation? That is having no one to seat with? I haven't,not since Kaitlyn came to my school.


Me too.Every one had invited Kaitlyn to come sit with them.Even i.And she chose me.

She said "hi" and told me i had a pretty shirt*gah*. We talked about the other students and laughed about the places i've been to in my head and then we exchanged meals and promised to seat with
eachother ever day.

I was on top of the world and how i wished i could pee on the unicorns*i'm putting my foot down on that one*.

Kaitlyn Brown was my best friend*minus the best* sort of.We didn't talk during class and saved up our thinkings for lunch.We even had a book that we titled "Kate and Ugly" because she was Kaitlyn
and i was Ugly.In the book we killed princes and cursed unicorns. Slayed dragons and fref witches who were trapped in colorful places and we were happy together and made a rather silly oath that if
i ever become a guy,i would marry Kaitlyn Brown.
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I take it back,i wouldn't dare marry Kaitlyn even if the Queen unicorn threatened to make me uglier*gulp*

Kaitlyn is sooo proud,sooo pretty and sooo not my friend anymore.

She ditched Kate and Ugly ever since she became prom queen and that was like Nine years ago!! and she probably threw me out the door of her heart a day before that prom and were the unicorns sorry
for me?


That day was the worst day of my life because my dress was the prettiest and yet no one danced with me,and yet no one spoke to me but still everyone laughed at me*sobs*even Kaitlyn.

She laughed the loudest and the prettiest and said to everyone"hey people! Who forgot to give Ugly her tiara but hey!,she already has her title.She's ugly."

That was when i knew my place. I didn't belong in prom,I didn't belong in the park,I didn't belong anywhere people gathered and even in church some women offered to give me lipstick*that's me*

My name is Uma yeverman and my battles with unicorns are just beginning.
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HE killed her - - - - - - - - - - - - and he was cursed to wed me.
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He was my heart.

My heart had suffered much and had refused to suffer again so it killed its hurters and those who made it weep.It killed her.

This is high school.

A place of torture and misery for some people.A place of glory and power for most people and a place for me to not be me...


I closed my book as a teacher entered the class.Mrs Baker,i thought she was resigning to go live with her grandkids and enjoy the fruits of her labour?

"class"she began as an handsome man came into the class.He was tall and dark and very well muscled.He would fit into my kingdom.I will make him a servant man sent by my to be wedded husband who
would on the way,fall very hard inlove with me and i him but nevertheless i should close my head and stick to reality and my purple horses it holds such wonders. "this is going to be your new art
teacher" "hello"new teacher said"i am Gavin and i am pleased to meet you all"and he stared at me.

Really stared.

And the unicorns cross their hooves and wait for fate to decide.
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Mr Gavin was an handsome man servant,sent to guide the female warrior to her king.

Mr Gavin stood infront of the class trying to get comfortable with the students.He looked around but not once did his gaze reach me*pity*. "why don't we start by introducing ourselves "he began"you
all know my name,i'd like to know yours"

I fell inlove with Mr Gavin the moment i saw him and even unicorns would'nt stand in my way.

"my name is Henry"the first kid said and the others continued till it got to me.i hadn't yet thought whether to introduce myself as Uma or Ugly but i knew no matter what,everyone would laugh.Mr
Gavin turned to stare at me.

His very gaze would rip me of my soul.

He walked to me and i wondered if he could see my face beneath my extra large hoodie.

Most men loved me for my body and my name.I wondered why he would love me.

"what's your name princess?"He asked with an endearment.

And prayed he did not hate me.
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My name is ugly"i said"

Take off your hoodie "he ordered"

I feared he would turn his face.

I raised my hands and took off my hoodie and stared at him straight in the eyes.

But i was strong.I conquered all.

He stared at me for long and i didn't move"what's your name?"he asked again

"Uma" i said sadly and he smiled.

And he made me weak.

Unicorns.Fair and tall. If i had wishes,i'd wish to be one.
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Lunch was the same everyday.

Except today.

Like usual,i walked to my table with my plate of food and my tote bag which contained my scissors,cardboard, adhesive gum,my colorful pens,my crayons and my kingdom.

Everyday,i write stories about my adventures during lunch.i draw pictures and paste them on my kingdom.I write poems and daydream and i'm satisfied.

I sit on my table and begin my usual work.I scoop a spoon of my macaron and make sure i don't get oil on my book.

I begin to write about me and Mr Gavin, about how his masculinity enthralls and how i feel so vulnerable infront of him.

I begin to write and my imaginations sweeps me off my feet.I am lost in my own world where i am ugly and loved and where i have no fear.

"hey"he said

And i am brought back to reality. - - - - - - - - - - - - - Orange Donkeys!!!
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"What are you doing?" Mr Gavin asked and tried to peep into my book but i closed it barely a dragon's breath

"Nothing"i answered "it's nothing"

"it's obvious it's something"he smiled"nice artwork by the way"

"thanks"i begin to gather my things"can i help you,sir?"

He stared at me for a while.

He always stared

And then he finally said "Mrs Baker said you are her assistant and you could probably be of help to me"

"yeah"i tried to smile"i arrange, highlight,write,clean. anything you want.

He stared again.

And finally said "can i see your face?" - - - - - - - And i thought unicorns were crazy.
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I gasped.

He chuckled.

I frowned.

He smiled.

"It's just"he smiled"i love your eyes"
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Uma Georgina Leslie Yeverman "he said my full name like as if it tasted like something he hadn't he hadn't eaten in a long time"pretty name.Pretty English.

Yes"i smiled"i also have an accent."and then i spoke in my trained english accent"why,do you have a thing for english girls?

Ah"he clapped his hand and spoke with a much thicker accent"i favour them.

And he stared.

And i stared.

For a long time.

Longer in my head.

"i'm writing a play Georgina"he smiled as he used my second name"i need your help"

**************** Dear Unicorns i'm sorry if i ever offended you.Please, don't make me fall inlove.

I can't risk my heart twice. Yours magical Umaine.
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"And he thought it was a frog"Mr Gavin cracked and I laugh hard.We were in Mr Gavin private office and he was telling me about a prank he pulled on a cousin the last time he went to London.Real

"you don't act.why?"Mr Gavin asked and I just shrug."i have not the face to go with it"We had been speaking together with our english accent for the two weeks now and it made me glad."but i can
act." i said"i have been mirror acting for ages.I'm good at it"

"mirror acting.What's that?"Mr Gavin stared at me in confusion and i smile

"the act of standing infront of the Mirror and acting ofcourse.Only the great ones can do it"I clear my throat and say"winds of the west.Wrath of the north,bring me back my Romeo!!"then i turn to
face him and saw that he was amazed and i grin"i can faint well too"

And he smiled.

And i was happy. - - - - - - - Tis such a good thing to be.Happy. - - - -So made the sun brighter in my kingdom.

Bright enough to blind those Unicorns.
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My mother texted me the list of things i had to buy for dinner.

It's not hardwork anyway,the grocery store was close to my school and i had a bicycle.So duhhh

I head for my locker.I'm usually the last person to leave school*last student actually(the other guys are teachers)*I put my books into my locker and saw someone*whoa there! who wants to take my
crown as last to leave*I strain my neck to see who it is and sweet mother of troll it's Kaitlyn Brown.crying.

And i felt satisfied.

Don't Judge me. Oh ye unicorns for i am but a mere Human
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I am an outcast doesn't mean i don't get to here the gossips.

dun dun dun.Ptchhh. Parapapa.

Kaitlyn Brown just broke up with her boyfriend *i never knew she was emotional*Daniel Long.Not like the guy is a big deal of some sort.He's basketball champion.Hottest guy i've ever seen *remember
i said guy.Mr Gavin is a man.My man*

Anyways,i had loved Daniel Long even before Kaitlyn did but he had chosen her over me*good thing she's the one hurt*(i'm ashamed)*i take break ups really seriously*not like i have dated or anything
it's what is inside the bracket (i'm emotional)

And i have been hurt.
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I never used the toilet until everyone was gone.

But today was different.

I walked into the restroom and i saw kaitlyn.She was crying.Again. I turn to leave and she calls me back. "wait"she says"do you have a tissue?" I shake my head.No"but i do have an handkerchief.Do
you want it?"

Yes" she sobbed" please.

I am not the bad guy here people.Here my roar.
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Normally,no one avoided my gaze.

They were either throwing insult or trying to make me jealous. *like that was getting me anywhere*

But today,Kaitlyn did.

"Anything wrong?"Mr Gavin asks as he handed me some scripts.

"My kingdom is in jeopardy"i fake a smile and sigh.Mr Gavin knew all about my kingdom and he thought i was the silliest girl ever.*i don't care.He's Mr Gavin*

"is there a troll you can't defeat?"He asks and i sigh"more likea sword i can't lift"i heave a sigh"my heart cheated on me,Mr Gavin.It refused to send my enemy to the deepest darkest"

Mr Gavin chuckled"your heart didn't cheat you did"

If he wasn't Mr Gavin,i would have killed him.
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The door bell rang and my younger brother,Benjamin,went to answer it.

"Hey"the visitor said "where's your sister"

Benjamin pointed to where i sat on a couch reading a romance novel and how i forced my self not to drop my jaw as kaitlyn walked towards me.I have no idea. "i came to return your handkerchief"she
said as she handed me the soft white material and stood staring at me as if waiting for something other than a thank you.

"Um...Uma?"she bit her not cute."can i sleep over with you?i'll be just like a fly on the'd hardly notice." *like as if anyone would not ever notice.*

Unicorns with donkey tails peed on my geography teacher and he grew a big NO!!!! on his head.

Does that answer her question???

No because i have a very annoying mother who just had to walk in that moment.... UGLY.
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Kaitlyn was wearing my dress.

I wondered if any one would notice that Kaitlyn Brown was wearing my favourite yellow dress with unicorn horns all over it but of course no one would because i wear a big hood over allmy clothes.

PS:i'm cursed*on my chest*

And besides,i haven't worn that dress in ages so,who cares? *i do*.

**************** what is making my princess frown?"Mr Gavein asks as he enters his office with a paint container in his hand.The school threw a convention every semester for clubs just so everyone
could get an insight.And blah blah blah."does she have to kiss a dragon?

More like bring back the destroyer of the unicorn skier"i say"and plus,i can kiss a monster any day"i give him my duhh-it's-Uma-remember?-i-can-kiss-trolls-look and he laughs"

"Remind me not to attend your wedding princess,i might puke."

No silly,you won't"i say undermy breath"because i'm getting married to a king and he's very handsome.

Only i'm not sure if i'll make it to the wedding because you are in the way.
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I can't..."i said"you can't love me,i'm hideous.

How dare you tell me who to love and who to love not"he shouted"and don't you ever call your self names.

Mr Gavin smiles as tears run down my face.we are running lines for the school's convention day and he wants me to be the lead actress.

"My!"he smiles"you are competition. Where were you when i tried to make a living out of acting."

Hiding some where so i don't get to make mockery of my self"i say as i clean my eyes dry"should we continue?

Not until you tell me that you're beautiful "Mr Gavin frown"i won't stand you thinking so shallow of your self.

Um..."i frown back"that's not in the script.

Uma Yeverman!!"Mr Gavin shouted and i just stare."
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Picture me people.

I have a big forehead.

Big round eyes.

Flat oval face.

Double chin.

Really flat nose.

And big lips.

My lower lip actually drops.

Rate me on a scale of one to ten.I rate myself ten!!!

**************** you're beautiful Uma"Mr Gavin says as he takes my hand"i would never lie to you.

Yes,not to me"i felt tears sting my eyes as Mr Gavin wraps me with his arms"but to my heart.
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Kaitlyn came again,my parents didn't mind. She helped in the kitchen and helped my mom style her hair.

Kaitlyn claimed she to be an hairstylist and everyone thought she was ambitious i thought she wanted to be poor all her life but considering how her parents are rich,i bet she wouldn't have

My mom moved kaitlyn and i to my elder sisters room because there were two beds there. She sadly thought Kaitlyn and i were sweethearts in school and i felt like Kaitlyn was leading her on
considering how she asked me about drama class and biology assignments and gave me juices on who was dating who and the kind of dress everyone was going to wear*burgundy*like i cared. The only prom
i've ever been to was prom nine years ago.

And i wasn't about to attend another one and risk humiliation.
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I MIGHT HAVE FORGIVEN HIM:and i didn't know it.

Mr Gavin entered the class with the scripts.I could tell the students were excited,they wanted to know the roles they would be playing and what type of costume they would have to wear.

Morning to my future stars "Mr Gavin said in his accent and i felt jealousy tug at my heart. He was only supposed to speak like that to me,not to anyone else. He dropped the scripts on the table
and i got angrier. Those scripts brought the two of us together and no one had the right to see what was inside. I gulped has he began calling out names,i didn't want him to call my name. I wanted
him to callme aside and give me my script and apologize for calling me beautiful.*sob*i'm pathetic.Pathetic and ugly.

And inlove.
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i'm ugly

He called out my name.

Guys"Mr Gavin smiled. The name ofthe play is Ugly and its about a young orphan who was not fair to look upon and was rejected by the society until the king's second son fell inlove with her and
sought to marry her. Because of the prince love for her,the eldest son who believed everything should be is decided to make the ugly lady his wife and ended up killing his brother in a duel and
thus making the ugly lady his wife." Mr Gavin sighed" what do you think about it

*it was great,he didn't have to ask*

its tragedy"a student said"the lady doesn't end up with her true love and the man who loves her gets to die at the end" The student frowned"its cruel and so not cool.She might be ugly but she has a
right to be happy duhh."

And everyone turned to stare at me.*Mr Gavin better apologize right now or we're done.*
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