Party on the TTT Engine!

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Party on the TTT Engine!:


The railroad of Walled Lake, Michigan,

Is filled with many trains and engines (and clean diesels)

To run on schedule for freight cars and coaches

Full of cargo, coal, and citizens

For deliveries from wheedles

Of good trains keeping their machines in the motions


2003 marked a celebration

Of two birthday lads

Who had an extravaganza

Of a tank engine themed party

At WL station

With Winnie the pug, Patchy Jr and Sr., and friends all glad

As bringing more fun bonanzas

(Stayed out of the red tank engine’s coal placer all old and dirty)


Receiving presents of DVDs and Nintendo games,

Exploring the museum of trains throughout time,

And stepping foot safely on a metal railroad, plus an engine’s and diesel’s inners,

Gave us the feel of being with Thomas, Percy, James,

And the rest of the railway series gang in bright sunny daytime

During especially the TTT Engine cake preceded by the grilled cheese, fries, and burger dinner


All gifts and two handkerchiefs blue and red

Are still owned by us

To remember this incredible highlight

Of being in and around a train shed

And locomotives like our school buses

(Cheers to the conductors and firemen on them day and night!)


Ringo Starr, George Carlin, Alex Baldwin,

And every other significant member of Britt Allcroft’s team

Deserves endless praise

For excellent creative consulting

To British stories from the country of Gromit and Wallace,

Making engines continually produce steam

(Maybe with some aid of products advertised by Billy Mays)

And forever and ever exulting!!!!!!!

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