The Devil's Own.

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

William Ives is a soldier who whilst on an ordinary mission he comes across something that he just can’t explain, is it real, was it real, he just can’t tell the truth anymore, has he worked for the military for that long that he simply can’t trust what his own mind shows him, or is there a much more simpler answer to it all and that is that he is simply loosing his own sanity to a dark madness, he begins a long dark journey to find out the answers which will elude him for such a long time.

Table of Contents

Its A Tough Job For Sure.

It was just yet another beautiful morning, the sun was blazing off of the side of the Black-hawk and all the occupant's where finishing u... Read Chapter

There's No Such Thing As A Simple Mission.

As we all settled into our positions the commander took out his binoculars and started to check out the surrounding area, we were all sim... Read Chapter

Am I Crazy, I mean Really Crazy.

As I awaken from a very short disturbing sleep I lift my hands to grab hold of my head because the pain inside was so intense t... Read Chapter